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The Second Sight – Episode 48

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And still the crows came, hundreds of them, landing on the man, clutching him hard and honing in with their beaks, tearing off a piece of flesh each time.

The cops stumbled backward, their faces utterly shocked at the spectacle unfolding in front of them. For a brief moment the man was lost to view completely, only his screams indicating that he was still alive within that fury of white crows.

They moved in with hatred, violently tearing at his flesh.

The screams grew frenzied.

One cop, perhaps feeling he needed to help, stepped forward boldly, but suddenly four crows swooped on him, striking violently at his face, and when he stepped back they immediately let him go.

And within that frenzy, within that madness, I saw them!


Odd, ugly and totally gross demons leaving the body of the gay man and occupying the crows, one at a time, and each time one came out, revelling in its ugliness, it would stare at me … coldly, defiantly, victoriously!

They went on eating the man.

They would hit his body

thuccckk , and then their beaks would smash home

phoockk , and then they would pull away, ripping off a bit of body part, thraaahh …

Thucckk, phoockk, thraaah … craziness, madness!

And then, as if by some secret command they all flapped their way back into the air, circled once, and then they flew away.

The gay man’s body was lying on the roof of the car, completely covered with blood.

His stomach had virtually been cut open by the sharp beaks, and his intestines, those not eaten by the crows, spilled outward.

The flesh on his face was almost completely gone, eaten by the crows, and leaving a grinning skull-like thing that was making deep gurgling sounds from a throat that was no longer there but eaten through.

His genitals had virtually been eaten away. His body was jerking now, spasmodically, pathetically.

Two cops were turning away, vomiting violently.

The stunned onlookers were moving in now, some of them looking tentatively into the sky, still unable to believe what had just happened.

More police cars were converging on the scene, sirens wailing and lights flashing. Noise, in various forms, was everywhere; confused, freaked out.

The two cops had forgotten about me, and I collapsed against the side of the car, holding it with both hands and bending my head, hoping the dizziness would go away.

Cool fingers touched my face and gripped my shoulder. I looked up dazedly.

Jo was standing beside me, her face a mirror of concern.



Come, Yaw, let’s get out of here.

I looked at her, numb all over.



I can’t. I can’t take this anymore. I can’t face this thing. It is over, okay, it is over. s***, how many more innocent people would have to die, each death worse than the last? I’m not equipped to deal with this. No, no. I give up. You guys can lock me up, send me to jail, whatever. s***, I don’t give a ****!

I knew I sounded incoherent and scared, but I could not help it.

Whatever it was, it was done. I accepted the defeat.

It was over.

This was where I stopped dabbling in the whole spooky spiritual mess. I didn’t care what God did with His gifts anymore. I was finished, and I was out.

I had lost my father, yes, and for eternity I would go on grieving for him, but there wasn’t going to be any revenge. I was no Unblind, and I wasn’t going to kill myself trying.

This was it.

The end.

It was finished.



Come, Yaw Boat.

She gently helped me into the back seat of my car.

The two cops approached now, faces grim, brandishing their guns.

She showed her BNI badge ID and spoke to them.

They nodded and turned away.

She got in and started the car, reversing and turning smoothly.

I leaned against the seat and trembled.

Enough was certainly enough.

I had pursued the Legion relentlessly and to the best of abilities I thought I possessed. I had given it a shot, and there had been a time when I had even felt I was winning.

Those days were over.

I was done as an Unblind.

I didn’t care about what Bonner said, or even that I had sworn vengeance on the Legion for my old man’s demise. It all didn’t matter now. I had come to the end of the road, and the Legion could go hang for all I cared.

I had gone off ill-prepared and ill-equipped against a host of raw evil that had survived two thousand years. My urge to prove myself had brought untold grief and death to so many.

I had messed up big time, and my naivety had resulted in so many people losing their lives. I had no doubts whatsoever that the more I pursued the Legion the more terrible deaths would litter the streets of Portville and beyond.

As for my trouble with the BNI and the police I intended to put in a call to Leo Brand, the attorney I had inherited from my father, and let him take it up.

In the morning I would go to the hospital and see Paul Anderson for the last time, and then I would go to the mission house to get my things.

Anderson was greatly wounded, Bonner was gone, and Nicole was in the arms of a man who loved and cherished her. My efforts to tame the Legion had brought in its wake complications, and I had no stomach for more.

I was going to leave Portville.

I was done.

These thoughts ran through my mind lazily as Jo stopped the car.

It seemed my brain had stopped functioning and could only dwell on how my days as an Unblind were over and how I was giving up, and it kept playing it over and over again.

I was dimly aware that Nicole was now leading me into a plush hotel, holding unto my arm as we stopped at the reception. I was aware that the hotel was a very beautiful and expensive one – and that she was taking a key from the prim and proper front desk attendant.

I was also dimly aware that we had entered an elevator, and after a long time it stopped and we got out. I hadn’t been paying much attention but I was convinced we were on or close to the highest floor.

We walked along a red-carpeted corridor and stopped in front of one of the doors at the farthest end of the corridor. I leaned weakly against the wall as she fumbled out a key and opened it.

It was a luxurious suite, and might have cost a fortune. It was large and expensively-furnished, giving it an unreal aura.

My messed-up brain stopped its recycling of my finished spiritual battle long enough to wonder lazily if all BNI agents could afford such hotel suites, or whether she was running on a special kind of budget.

But then it went back to the fiasco of my life as an Unblind and I let it drift.



Make yourself comfortable whilst I change, Yaw. There’s a bar on your right, yes, right by the door leading to the corridor, and if you feel for a drink kindly fix yourself one, okay? I wouldn’t be more than a few minutes.

She walked towards the suite bedroom and disappeared inside.

I grunted a reply and went to the balcony.

I didn’t fix any drink. I just leaned across the railing and looked down. It was a mighty big fall from the height I was and I shuddered with fear. I had always been a little afraid of heights, and I experienced a moment of real dizziness that made me hold unto the railing tighter.

Far below me I saw what looked like a huge swimming pool; it was a splendid piece of architecture, constructed in the form of an ‘S’, and beautifully lighted so that from where I was standing it looked like something from a fairy-tale book.


Some late revellers were in the pool area.

Some were swimming whilst some just took it easy on mats and reclining chairs as they sipped cool drinks from long straws.

They looked tiny from where I was standing, but somehow the sight warmed and fascinated me in a strange kind of way. I felt oddly hot, and suddenly it seemed to me that a cold swim in the pool would really do me a world of good.

This place would suit me just fine, I thought.

She called my name softly, and when I turned she was standing just inside the room, just beyond the doorway to the balcony, looking silently at me with her head cocked slightly to the right…and for a terrible second I had a wild sense of déjà vu again because Elaine had had a gait just like that.

And she was totally naked.

I devoured her with my eyes.

Hers was a figure I had certainly seen before! Beautiful face, full luscious lips, slender neck, gentle shoulders, full firm breasts delightfully turned upward.

Her hips were slender, her flat stomach leading down to the juncture of her thighs, her pubic hair trimmed low.

She was a goddess, an ethereal angel whose destiny was linked to mine somehow.

I stared at her, my breathing coming hard, my eyes roving her face with mounting incomprehension because, despite the different hair and the slightly aged face, despite the coldness and the artificial sweetness she was trying hard to exude, she was Elaine.



The woman destined to rule the evil world with me as my queen!

Dear Lord, what is happening now?


(purring sweetly)

Come to me, my darling!

My brain fought against it, but already I was lost.

It seemed as if strong cobwebs had suddenly been thrown over me, drugging me, weakening me.

I closed the gap between us in a flash, spurred on by a heat so alien and strong that I had no chance against it after my long period of induced abstention from sex.

I reached for her hungrily, crushing her against my chest, my lips crushing hers in a deep devouring kiss. She strained against me, pulling my clothes away frantically.

My hands rove over her, mauling that delightful body.

This was the Yaw Boat I knew, the decadent soul, the fornicating little commander!

She was moaning now as her hands rubbed me feverishly. She had somehow gotten her hand down the front of my boxers and taken possession of that raging part of me, expertly fondling and dragging me toward peak desire.

It was a moment of wanton lust.

Harsh, bestial, untamed…

We kissed and strained against each other, caught up by a desire so strong and so sinful that I pushed her to the floor. I fell on her, my rigid organ hot against her stomach.

She reached down, grabbed my turgid member and brought it the entrance of her jade heaven.

She was ready, and I lunged brutally into her and began to pound her hard. The passion rose, catching us and refusing to be reasoned with. She groaned and moaned against me, raising her hips off the floor to meet my thrusts!

She moved against me, flowed through me, and when I closed my eyes I was suddenly thrown back to that night it had all started, that night I had made love to a woman –Elaine – in the dark and had not known it was her!

It felt just like that now, for a moment!

It was Elaine all over again!

I opened my eyes with a little cry of horror, slowing down my thrusts as I looked down at her, and in the depths of her face I saw those eyes, and I knew they were the eyes of Elaine!

There was no doubt about it!

Shocked, suddenly scared, I almost withdrew from her, but she drew my head down and clamped those sweet lips on mine.

She turned me on my back, reared up, and then she slipped down sweetly on my length.

She threw her head back and gripped my chest as she started a most fabulous ride that took my breath away and booted my fears out of my chest!

We groaned together and sought together. It was the most intense love-making I had ever had the sinful pleasure of having. It wasn’t love, but simply a bestial expression of a terrible statement.

She was a violent twisting mass around me, goading, loving, manipulating.

She was a spirit, giving me pleasure as I had never known before. She was on me, under me, in me … a sinuous angel from the devil, writing a song that baffled the mind, a poem that humans failed to comprehend.

I was the putty in her hands, and although my whole soul cried out, I was past the land of the clean. I had welcomed the sordid life I had been living.

We continued like that for a lengthy time span!

We were all over the room – on the floor, on the sofas, on the tables, against the walls, on the bed.

She was insatiable, and when I screamed and collapsed, bringing things to a blissful end, she would always be there, teasing, touching, sucking, and bringing me back to life … and to lust.

Until finally I could not take it anymore.

We both screamed and clutched each other painfully and violently as the earth shook for both of us.

And then I slumbered.

Like a stupid little log.

Soul decadent … decadent soul!



Whatever had a beginning certainly had an end.

And, of a truth, whatever goes around, comes around.

And when I woke up Hideous was perched at the foot of the bed looking balefully at me.

You remember Hideous, don’t you?

Of course you do, that load of rotten green demon, the one with the bloated, pus-filled, worm-invaded, three-fingered, webbed hands. That vile thing with the rotted neck and dripping shoulders, that same ugly and scary demon with the holed-out head and squiggly worms for brains.

The same little piece of s*** with the busted, dripping eye.

Yes, that vile demon with the gill-like things on its neck and the thousands of wriggly squirmy things on its forehead…my one-time protector who had saved me from the gun of Bob and caused that same unlucky fellow to hang himself from the broken windscreen of a truck.

Yes, Hideous was back with a big bang, perched comfortably at the foot of the bed, regarding me with that single pink eye filled with hatred and loathing.

I wasn’t much surprised, though.

I had fallen from grace, and I had fallen hard. Bonner had warned me about it, but I guessed there were times when things sort of just took a natural course, and there was nothing anybody – or

anything – could do about it.

Slowly I reached out for Jo Mintah, but of course her part of the bed was empty, and as I struggled to a sitting position and realized I was still naked, she emerged from the bathroom, fully-dressed in a fetching white dress, exquisitely-designed to fit her like a dream … and she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

And of course she wasn’t Jo Mintah.

Her ordinary black hair was gone, replaced by a rich flowing shiny mass that glittered on her shoulders. Most of her slightly altered features were gone too, and she was now spotting her real face, her real amazing beautiful face.

I had been right.

Josephine Mintah had disguised herself so well, helped by evil illusionary artists, no doubt. She was her true self now. All the disguised parts were gone.

She was Elaine.

My Elly!

I wasn’t much surprised here too. You remember how Jo Mintah had made me feel sometimes that I was with Elaine? Why, they were one and the same. The slightly altered features, the dark hair, had all been a grand illusion.

But the legs had been there, the great legs!

Lord, how I had enjoyed running my hands on those legs last night and cupping those nice buttocks.

Of course I realized that somehow I had been betrayed again, and that I was in some kind of deep trouble.

One thing was for sure: I had obviously not lost my gift as a seer, but the powers that went with it were completely gone. I was back to the crazy days when I was a victim of their manipulations, unable to do anything to stop them.

I was no longer glowing; I had lost my force-field.

Yes, I had dabbled in evil, like Akua Bonsu, the woman I had saved from Frank Styles.

Now I could see it all too clearly.

The step-by-step manipulation to alienate me from Bonner and the source of my power, the elaborated plan to plant in a Jo Mintah to complete the rest of my downfall.

And crazy, crazy me!

I had ignored Bonner’s warnings and like a docile sheep had allowed myself to be led to the guillotine.

She stared at me, and her forehead blazed out the number of the beast: 666!

Her face was beautiful with an inner happiness.

Elaine was convinced she had won me over.

The scales had now been righted, and she was no doubt convinced that we were back on course!

Her eyes roved my face, and I saw her hands balling-up. She tried to speak, but her lips trembled and quickly she looked away.


I could hear voices in the outer room, the living-room part of the suite.

Her head turned apprehensively toward the doorway, and a moment later the giant came through the doorway, hesitated, and then fixed his hate-filled eyes on me.

Samson Basoah, of course.

You remember him too, don’t you?

Samson Basoah was father’s one-time trusted chauffeur. The man I had always known as Uncle Samson, one time even loving him more than I did my own Dad.

The same big powerful man with the ugly scar on his right cheek and the bald head. The man who had had the chamber of horrors under his bed.

The last time I had seen him he was holding a chloroform against my nostrils in that terrible evil ritual in the secret room beneath his bedroom.

He was dressed in an impeccable black tuxedo now, and as he entered the room his grim little eyes never left me. They were black with the depths of his hatred.

He came right up to the bed and looked down at me.

For a long time he didn’t speak, and then his jaw moved, and he leaned slightly forward and spat into my face. I felt the warm disgusting thing on my face, and I reared up in the bed, filled with a vicious fury immediately.

I was almost off the bed when he back-handed me across the face. It felt like being slammed by a moving train – he was that big, he was that strong and he was that mad.

I was slammed back into the bed, feeling the sharp pain on my face, fighting the dizziness that assailed me. I felt warm liquid running down my nose, and I knew I was bleeding.

I grabbed one of the pillows and rubbed my face against it, wiping off the blood and the spittle.



You stinking piece of s***! Look at the damn mess you made of everything! a****le, what have you achieved apart from hastening the death of your own father?

Samson Basoah spoke through clenched teeth, his bunched-up jaws grinding so badly that I was sure he was going to vaporize them.

I sat up in bed again and smiled at him.


At least I avoided that damn mark of the beast on your bloody forehead, you little ****!

That got to him. I didn’t know whether it was the thing about his mark or the pun about the female genitalia.

Whatever it was I saw death in his black eyes, a hatred that went beyond the soul, emanating from somewhere far nastier.

His right fist was drawn back as he rushed the bed.

This time I was expecting it, and this time I was ready for him. I swung my head away from his blow, and I could feel the power behind that punch as the air rushed past my face.

My right hand was honing in, fore and middle fingers extended, hardened, and I jabbed them hard into his eyes.

I felt the spongy softness of the eyes taking the hit, and he let out a blood-curdling yowl and grabbed his face with both hands as the fiery agony no doubt knifed into his eyes.

I was off the bed in one fluid motion, and I slammed a hard fist against the side of his meaty neck. He went down, grabbing lamely at the bedside table.

I knew that he wasn’t out.

He was as strong as Hercules, and if I didn’t get out of there he would overpower me in a minute. I gained my feet and rushed toward the door.

Last night my clothes had come off in there, and unless Jo or Elaine or whoever she was had moved them, I expected them to be there.

I burst into the room, searching wildly, and just as my eyes fell on my clothes – they were neatly folded on a white settee – I saw movement from the balcony area of the hotel, and I looked up.

To say I froze would have been understating the issue a bit.

I was absolutely paralyzed.

There was a man on the balcony alright.

He was Andrew Okai.

His trousers were black and neat, his white shirt even neater. It was open at the neck, showing a bronzed chest with tiny little hairs.

His hands were behind his back, and his black shoes glittered as he entered.


(with a dangerous smile)

And where do you think you’re going to, you little b******?

On his forehead was the dripping mark of the beast, and his eyes showed a blazing inferno – deep amber with little blues licking atop the flames.

His lips were corked to one side in a disdainful little smile.

The Legion had found a host again.

It was funny; I had pursued this group of vile demons for a long time.

There had been a time, shortly after my father’s death, when all I wanted was to meet the Legion and exact my pound of flesh. But here we were, the demons and I, and the only thing I wanted to do was flee.

I knew I couldn’t take them on now.

From the moment I came to Portville to the time I had seen a naked homosexual being eaten by a bunch of vile crows, they had contrived to lead me on their own path, and by allowing myself to be seduced by the Jo/Elaine woman I had let them gain the upper hand, and I was lost.

My powers were absolutely gone; hell, I wasn’t even glowing in their presence again.

I looked at my clothes, and then judged the distance to the door. Elaine had come out of the inner room, but I doubted if she would do anything to stop me.

I could hear frantic movements in there, and knew that very soon Samson Basoah would be unleashing all his fury on me.

Well damn the clothes!

Drastic situations called for drastic solutions. I would flee to the door and go out naked.



Oh, poor, poor, Yaw! You don’t really believe it is going to be as easy as that, do you?

He spoke from the balcony, but the next moment he was standing by the door leading outside.

I whirled, baffled. I had never seen anything like it before. Before I could come to grips with what was happening he disappeared from the door again and promptly appeared on the settee, sitting sideways, legs crossed elegantly, smiling a secret pompous little smile.



Go on, put on your clothes. You look absolutely disgusting standing there with your balls hanging out like that.

Samson came in then, brushing angrily past Elaine.

He sighted me and walked toward me slowly, deliberately, fists balled.


(shaking his head)

No, Samson. Not now. Later, maybe.

For a moment Samson hesitated.

He was too consumed with anger and hatred, and he wanted to take me apart so badly.



Sit down!

Although his voice was low, it was nevertheless a whiplash, a command that allowed no arguments.

Basoah stopped suddenly, and although his eyes still blazed at me, he obeyed. He walked toward the door and sat down on a high-backed chair; he kept his eyes on me though, unwaveringly.

His antagonistic attitude, however, was the least of my troubles.

I was scared, real scared, and it wasn’t because of any of their actions.

What was getting to me were the words Okai had spoken earlier.

No, Samson, not now!

That was what struck my heart with total and uncontrollable fear.

I dressed slowly, my brain racing, seeking for a way out, but I saw none. I felt so alienated from anything good, and I knew my fling with Elaine had done that to me, just as they had intentioned.

For one wild moment I wanted to fall down on my knees and pray earnestly to God, but the doubts were crushing hammers that mocked me, eroding the little embers of hope and faith in me.

When I was done I remained standing, and stared down at Okai.



So, all along you were in on this?


To be continued…

© – Agyeman

All Rights Reserved.



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