The Second Sight

The Second Sight – Episode 46

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But I couldn’t stop.

My hands bunched up her skirt, pushing it upward until the edge rode on her waist, and I grabbed the silky panties underneath, slipping my left hand into it, and gripping her pliant buttocks.

She moaned deeply, shooting her head back so that I could kiss her smooth throat.

Somehow her blouse came open, and a perfect little deliciously-rounded breast shot out, curling invitingly upward.

I bent low, clamping hot lips on her nipple, which was hard and pleasantly roseate and tender. Her feverish fingers were working my shirt, popping buttons, and then her fingers were roving over the hairs on my chest.

My hand delved between her thighs, caressing the heat, the warmth, the wetness, the sweetness…and she moaned and bucked with primal unbridled lust!

I swung her toward the bed…and that was when the door crashed open.

Frost was looking in at me, and behind him was a terror-struck Nicole.

And behind her, looking on coldly and gripping his cane so hard that his knuckles showed a terrible white, was Charles Bonner.

I wasn’t surprised.

Somehow I had known it was bound to happen.

Slowly I released Jo.

She had a satisfied little smile on her lips, a kind of knowing look, and as I stared at her I was once again struck by a great sense of déjà vu.

Somehow she and Elaine were interlacing, and for a horrified moment I wondered whether this too had been pre-defined, whether she had known somehow that Nicole and Bonner were on their way up, whether this was also the beginning of some elaborate plan to alienate me again.

She pushed her skirt down and pulled her blouse close, buttoning up with sure fingers. She walked past me to the terrace, and I let her.

Nicole was walking toward me, her expression one of pure hurt and sheer fury.

Her face was colder than the heart of ice, and when she stopped in front of me I could see just how much I had hurt her, reflected plainly in her moist eyes.


(voice filled with revulsion)

You have the time to fornicate when my father is lying on a hospital bed almost dead? What have you brought here? What have you done to my father? We trusted you, Yaw, but all along you were just a fake, weren’t you?



I’m extremely sorry, Nic.



Nic? Sorry? Did you say sorry? Well you have a terrible way of showing how sorry you are, Yaw Boat! Where were you when my father was attacked? Were you with her? When we needed you most you were not there, and you say sorry? Maybe you shouldn’t have come here at all! Maybe if you had stayed away nothing of this sort would’ve happened. Lord, to think I felt love for you! I hate you, Yaw Boat! God forgive me, but I hate you with all the core of my soul!

I looked away from her.

I told myself that she was in uncontrollable pain; her father was dying, and she had found me in a really uncompromising situation with another woman, and that was why she was saying all those horrible things, things she would regret saying later.

But that did not wash with something deep in me.

I found my throat closing over suddenly with the painful lump of tears.

I knew that I had just lost the most important gem in my life. I wanted to fall at her feet and cry out my supplications. I wanted so much tell her how things had gotten out of hand, how I felt so lonely and scared, so inadequate … how everything I did could not stop the Legion.

I even began to reach out, but she slapped my hand away.

I sensed another movement, another presence, and when I looked up Andrew Okai was standing behind her.

His arm went around her shoulders protectively, and she turned to him, burying her face in his shoulder, and as he led her away I could see her body shaking with the depth of her tears.

Frost and Bonner entered the room fully.

Frost opened his beautiful cigarette case and winced when he found it empty.


Sorry, kid. I should’ve told you they’ve been here all the time waiting in the next room to see you. The lady wanted to speak to you so I brought her here.

I nodded numbly.

Bonner walked up to me.

His old face was not holding the disgust I had feared would be there.

Instead there was something close to real panic in the depths of his eyes, and a very silent fury.

He tapped my chest fiercely with a bony finger.


What the **** do you think you’re doing? Damn you, boy! What do you think this is? Some sort of kinky game? You’re dealing with lives here, boy, lives! Already the Legion has it in for you big time, and its fear of you is waning because of whatever filth it has against you. And now you go and involve yourself in this dirt! Why did you do such a stupid thing?


(wearily, painfully)

Lay off. Maybe we were all wrong, old man. Maybe I’m not the chosen one! Maybe there’s another Unblind somewhere more capable of dealing with the Legion.



Stop your drivel and concentrate! You fool, we’re never wrong about things like these! It is just your inability to let go of your damn decadence! Forget about what’s between your damn legs and concentrate! First it was Nicole, and God knows I was scared enough about that but I hoped with that kind of clean love something good would come out of it. But now your soul is lustful, and believe me, it doesn’t matter how much God loves you or how much power He’s put in you, but when you sin – fornicate – God turns away, and you would be left to deal with those damn demons on your own! That girl shouldn’t be near you! Get rid of her. She’s one of them, purposely sent to weaken you up for the kill.

I buttoned up my shirt with angry jerks of my hands.

I met his gaze, and slowly I felt the coldness welling up in me, the heat mounting, and the fear crystallizing.


She’s just an officer from the BNI, old man, just a f****** law officer! Why don’t you give me some rope here?


(harshly, angrily)

Because there’s no f****** rope to spare! You’ve entangled yourself to the neck, and you’re dead meat! You should know better!

I lost it at that point.



Just leave me be! I’ll deal with this in my own way!


(quietly, sadly)

Then you’ll die.

He turned away from me.

His gait was slow and pained, his old shoulders sagging.

He gripped his cane tightly, and silently he offered his arm to Frost.

They headed for the door, and in that moment of despair I almost cried out to him.

Paul Anderson was lying on his death bed, Nicole was finding solace in the arms of Andrew Okai, and here I was losing my only ally in a fight I had lost all guts for.

True, he had been hard and unrelenting, and sometimes downright overbearing, but he had always been there for me when I needed him.

He had taught me more about my gift than anybody else, and had filled the vacuum in my life, the empty space where my father had been.

He was more than a mentor and a friend. He had become a soul mate, and seeing him going away from me was more than I could bear.

He stopped at the door and turned halfway, still being supported by Frost.


(softly, voice unsteady)

Paul is almost dead, you know. The Legion would prefer Paul to live a life of misery, confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. That’s what I think. You, on the other hand, have done to it what no other Unblind has ever done. You hurt it, and on some occasions you gave it real terror. I think maybe we don’t need you anymore, Yaw. The Legion has done its worst, and for now Paul is safe.



What are you talking about?

But I knew what was coming, and it drove terror into my heart like daggers.

Bonner’s voice was steady and controlled, but it was tinged with that strange sadness.


The only person who needs a real Unblind right now, son, is you. You’re next, and unless you get rid of that girl and really get yourself in God’s books again, I’m afraid you could be dead by morning. It would be a slow painful death because they would take special delight in cutting you down to size for all the terror you’ve given them. Remember, the horde of demons that form the Legion never ever forgive!


It was that ominous, and it was that menacing.

It even caused the taciturn cop to wince slightly.



Hey, hey, steady there, old man! Are you not stretching the boy just a little bit too hard?



I’ve had my say.You know where to find me, Yaw.

Yaw … not son.

Something was lost, and I knew how bad it would be to get it back again.

The cold reached out and caught my throat.

Savagely I tried to fight off the panic and the fear but to no avail. There was a rustle behind me, and there she was standing in front of me.

For a brief moment I saw the fire in her eyes, the terrible embers of the wrath that had engulfed her, but then they went all soft again, and she smiled at me.



So, what’re you going to do now? Are you going to throw me out because the old man says I’m the Delilah to your Samson, or are you going to let me help you?

I paid no heed to her as stepped round her.

It was somewhat absurd to think she was a tool as Bonner had said. I could have seen it if she were one of them. She was nothing but a sinner, and now that I had lost it all she would come in handy.

If Bonner were right – and I believed he was – then I needed to find the vile thing before it plucked up enough courage to come after me.

The door opened onto a wide corridor, and straight ahead was the elevator.

When I entered it she breezed inside and stood very close to me. As we were taken silently down she reached out and curled her left fingers around my right hand and squeezed warmly.

I returned the squeeze, and after a moment we turned toward each other and smiled painfully.

I wondered if I saw the faintest glitter in her eyes.

I wondered if it was compassion.

Or something else…like triumph, like achievement.

Sergeant Jules Asomani lived on Townsend Street.

It was a small neighbourhood, not plush, and not dirty either.

The houses were built almost in straight lines, row after row, separated by bumpy little streets. There were trees and hedges, not so well-kept, but managing to give the area a little class.


Most low-ranked cops live here. Used to be a really nice place. It was initially set up as a government housing project aimed at providing comfortable lodgings for professionals – nurses, teachers, you know – but ended up in private hands, and was seized up by most cops.

We cruised slowly along one of the streets, marking off house numbers.

She was driving my Chrysler for two reasons – her reasons: she loved driving, and she knew Portville more than I did.

No 406 Townsend Street was surprisingly one of the well-kept houses on the block. The house looked bright, maybe recently painted. The driveway was hedged by exotic plants.

When she parked the car we saw a fenced off area to the right, and the sheen of water. I smiled wanly. The sergeant even had a decent swimming-pool. There had been an extension to the building, and more trees had been planted.

There were three cars in front of the house – one van, one pickup and a classic sports car. He had taste, and he obviously earned just a little more than the average sergeant.


Seems our man enjoys some appreciable profit from his extra activities.

We mounted the marble steps to a huge excellently-crafted mahogany door with a brass knocker, which might have been odd and ludicrous in any other environment, but which looked at home on that door.

It was late evening, a time when most lights would have been on, but Asomani had all his lights off. A thin yellow stream filtered through under the door anyway.

From within came the faint sound of guitar music.

Jo raised the knocker and banged away loudly.

We waited for precisely one minute, and then she repeated it.

No one showed.

She took the handle and pushed downward. The door eased open silently. She drew a snub-nosed automatic from her holster and entered cautiously.

She paused so suddenly that I almost ran into her back. She uttered a silent moan-like scream and stood rigidly. I looked over her shoulders, and my own breath caught in my throat.

It was a huge living-room.

Dimmed lights recessed in the wooden ceiling cast a subdued glow on everything. There were no chairs or tables. The floor was covered with a thick woollen rug, and on it were small foam-stuffed mats.

On the walls were paintings – mostly of animals and plants. There was a huge flat-screen television and a games console that looked like a Sony PlayStation 3.

Little low glass-topped tables were against the walls, and there was a small beautiful bar against another wall.

On the wide floor, on the little stuffed mats, were naked men engaged in a homosexual orgy.

I counted about eight of them, and I saw that most of them were muscular and powerfully-built. The room reeked with stale beer and cigarette smoke, and this was evidenced by the heaped ashtrays and the empty canned tins.

A few of them peered at us coldly, but most continued their frenzied thrusts, sucks and moans.

A door to my right opened and a grotesquely-dressed man emerged with a laden tray of food. His painted face, feminine wig, and gyrating buttocks were in perfect contrast to his great height and width.

He could easily be close to seven foot, and he got the type of bunched muscles that almost made him a giant.

He had clamped his genitals tightly between his legs, giving the illusion of a female’s genitalia. He paused at the sight of us and wiggled his eyelashes at me.

He bent down, setting his tray down and then posing sexily at me.


(purring sexily)

What a fabulously dishy man you are! Would you like to have me in your arms?

Jo was quivering just a little bit.

She might be a tough girl, but she wasn’t quite prepared for the terrible sight confronting us, a sight made even more terrible by their complete disinterest in our presence.

I began to speak, but then I felt the tingling, the awareness that was becoming all too familiar, and the overwhelming stench… coming from the open door leading off the sitting-room, suffocating me!

The Legion was near!

I started to move toward the open door, and then one of the huge men stood up from the floor, withdrawing himself from a slender man kneeling in front of him.

His erect p**** glistened in the low light, but his face was devoid of all emotions as he looked at me.


You take another step toward that door and I’ll brain you.

He spoke in a soft drawl that nevertheless managed to carry menace.

I ignored him. The urge was too strong, and I had no control over it.



Get out of here, Jo, now!

I pushed the man-woman out of my way and approached the door.

And then I felt the rush of air behind me just a moment earlier before Jo’s warning cry.

Acting on pure instincts which had served me well in my former life of drugs, sex and violence, I dove for the floor, rolling first on one shoulder and then spinning on my knees.

My quick reflexes saved me from the huge club which the mean man had swung at my skull. Had it landed I would have been brained, no doubt.

He grinned, and it was not a nice grin. The club was a baseball bat, I saw, and he hefted it now in both hands and swung it gently.


Good move, kid! Told you I would brain you, didn’t I?

I could see that others were now untangling themselves from the bad holes they had been buried in, and I knew that I had to put them out of the equation quickly and brutally otherwise I would be in real trouble.

They were still flowing in the cobwebs of passion, and they were naked. The advantage – if any – was on my side for the moment, but would not last long.

To be continued…

© – Agyeman

All Rights Reserved.



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