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The Second Sight – Episode 44

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Paul, Paul! Should help Paul Anderson!

I was aware of the bright lights hurting my eyes, and I was aware of the bodies mingling around me, and of the terrible sound of the sirens that threatened to break my head open.


You b******!

A furious voice said above me, and I felt myself being pushed down into the grass again, my hands being fumbled behind me, the sound of metals clinking.


No, I could not allow that!

With a mighty effort I twisted suddenly to my right, and I found my right hand free and saw the face of a cop bending over me.

My fist flew into his nose, and he shot off me with a nasal grunt. More cops were running toward me. I shot out my legs and connected into the groin of another who doubled over with a grunt of agony.

I twisted away from another as he brought a big short club swinging toward my head. I got to my feet and slammed the stiff edge of my right hand into his throat.

He dropped the weapon and clutched his throat, making terrible gagging sounds as he sank to his knees.

But they were simply too many, and very soon they surrounded me with drawn guns.


Move, ****er, and I shall blow your bloody kneecaps away, arsehole!

And I saw from his face that he meant every word of what he was saying.

I held out my hands, palms upward, a gesture of surrender, and looked helplessly at them.


There’s a man in there – a beast – yes, a beast. You people better let me go, otherwise he would hurt the pastor badly!


Shut the **** up!

He was a burly round-faced cop, coming toward me and reaching for my hand.

He twisted it cruelly behind my back as one of his companions stepped forward and slammed a fist into my stomach.

My weakened body buckled, and as I sank to my knees it happened.

It was a spine-chilling cry of pure terror, and it froze everybody for a second.

My horrified eyes fixed automatically on Anderson’s window, and then I froze with a silent scream of despair.

The room was filled with a terrible red glow, and a man’s figure was silhouetted for a moment against the glass.

Suddenly a thick horrible figure bore down on the man, huge mouth open, serrated teeth coming down on the man’s jugular, sharp talons tearing at his flesh.

The Legion had manifested!

Paul Anderson, with a Herculean effort, tore himself free and lurched blindly through the open window, his scream a continuous cacophony of chilling terror.

I could hear other screams from the house.

All around me the cops were shouting with confusion which turned to stunned panic when the huge, hairy, horned, three-legged beast cleared the window, coming after the falling body of Anderson.

The pastor’s body hit the ground with a sickening thud, and he rolled a few feet and remained still.

The demon landed smoothly on its three legs, and reached out for the limp figure of the pastor. Its terrible eyes glowed red and its jaws were open wide as it bellowed.

The sound was a ground-shaking explosion that rendered me momentarily deaf for a moment and shattered the windscreens of the police cars.

Blindly I realized that it was a wail of triumph; its left hand was cradling Anderson’s head almost gently, as if it was reveling in the moment, and then its right hand raised and formed into a fist.

It was going to crush the pastor’s head to pulp!



**** you! Let him go! You have no bloody power to kill him! He is a man of God! Leave him alone, you swine!

I screamed and, blindly and haltingly, I raced forward.

And I began to glow as I raced toward him, and the intensity grew as I got nearer.

Its red eyes were fixed on me, and suddenly I saw that they had lost some of the utter contempt they had held in our earlier encounter.

It bellowed again, and again I heard the frustration underlying the bellow – not so triumphant now – and it raised its fist higher.


(in an ancient roar)



(furious, shrilly)

Leave him alone, swine!

I shouted, my voice shriller and more furious.

My fear was gone, and I was goaded only by sheer revulsion and an urge to hurt these ugly supernatural beings that held so much evil.

My force-field touched it, and it growled with sudden alarm. It let Anderson go and took frantic steps backward.

I still continued to run toward it, my reason gone, my mind gone, screaming incomprehensible words.

It backed up, its red eyes suddenly alarmed, and then with another growl it raced toward me, a great arm flying frantically at me. The fist hit me in the chest and lifted me bodily off my feet.

I slammed down into the prone figure of Anderson, and then all hell broke loose.

The cops, about fifteen of them, let fly with their guns.

A hail of bullets hit the Legion, and I heard its screams of fury, and as it was driven backward it began to lose its great form, diminishing rapidly as the demons left the host … until finally the fat body of Kweku Abbiw fell limply to the ground, riddled with so many bullets that he was barely recognizable as a man.

I turned toward Anderson, and noticed the awkward position of his legs and the blood on his face, oozing freely from his nostrils and mouth.

Tears choked me suddenly as I desperately tried to find a pulse.


(wailing in anguish)

Oh, God, God, God! Get a doctor here!

The burly policeman who had tried to cuff me a few minutes ago was standing near, gun still drawn and half pointed in my direction.

On his face was fear, and he reacted in the only way he knew how: he took it out on me by stepping forward rapidly and reversing the gun deftly so that he had it by the barrel now, and brought the hooked butt crashing into my skull.

Darkness engulfed me.

Sweet, sweet darkness!

Do you remember I told you much earlier, way before the whole mess began, that I was something of a leg man, and about that little kink I had about watching women from the back, especially from the waist down – yeah, yeah, the gentle swell of derriere to the smooth calves and all?

Well when I opened my eyes and ascertained that I was spotting a splitting headache and that I was in some kind of a little comfortable bed, the next thing I saw was just that – a pair of very gorgeous too-perfect legs below the gentlest swell of femme derriere.

She was standing in front of the windows, back to me, and she was drawing the blinds.

For a terrible moment I thought it was Elaine all over again.

Those legs were an exact replica of the ones that lovely little devil had spotted, and my heart missed quite a beat.

My eyes roved up that excellently-tailored black skirt and up the clean white blouse and stopped at the long black hair gathered off the neck and tied into a pony, the long entrails trailing down her back.

I began to breathe a little easier, but I knew that if that black hair had been a bit shorter and less dense, I would have been looking at the back of Elaine, the woman the Legion prepared me to marry, the woman who had made love to me in the dark, and started all the nightmares in my life!


Carefully I turned my head.

The room was huge and comfortable but somewhat bare. Apart from the bed I could see a maroon rug spread on the floor, from wall to wall, and a sort of long table a few feet from the bed, surrounded by black high-backed chairs that looked extremely uncomfortable to me.

There was a high bookcase, three PCs sharing a square table, a water dispenser and a couple of huge, deep cushioned chairs against one wall.

It seemed to me that the little bed I was lying on was the stranger in the room, brought specifically for me.

One of the uncomfortable-looking high-backed chairs was standing beside the bed, and on the seat was a new Robert Ludlum novel – The Matarese Circle – open and overturned on the chair to mark the page the reader had reached.

And then it hit me.


The misery, despair and guilt were rotten catalysts that jerked me up as I tasted the bitter murk of failure in my mouth.

I had let him down, and I had let his family down. Nicole and her mother – and even old Bonner – had trusted me so much, and in the end I had failed so woefully.

I remembered how his body had hit so hard on the grass –

shathuud – and how it had rolled a few feet and became absolutely still.

I sat up straight, and a blinding pain tore through my head, forcing me to utter a little cry.

The woman turned from the window sharply, her hand dropping instinctively to the holster at her waist, and then she breathed and relaxed.

She moved toward me with fluid grace. Her face was attractive enough with full shiny lips and high-cheekbones, a graceful nose and a pair of bright beautiful eyes.

A beauty, but there was a kind of coldness in her shoulders, a sort of calculating precision that somehow made me uncomfortable.



Do lie down, Mr. Boat. You suffered from a slight concussion, and it would be best if you took things slow for a while.

Cool fingers touched my shoulders and she eased me gently but firmly back onto the bed. I realized for the first time that I was in a white hospital gown, and I was sure I was quite naked underneath.

A little smile touched her luscious lips.


Don’t worry, Mr. Boat, I wasn’t the one that undressed you. Professional medical staff took care of you. Your own clothes were washed and pressed, and an associate of mine would bring them back presently.


An associate, professional medical staff, and all the other trimmings. Well I would like to know where I am, who you and your associate are, and what I’m doing here.


All in good time, Mr. Boat –




Pardon me?

She said, quirking one beautiful eyebrow.


Call me Yaw. The Mr. Boat stuff has never sounded right to my ears.

Again that little smile.


Alright then, Yaw.

She said, and again I looked up sharply at her.

For a moment, just a crazy little moment, she had sounded so much like Elaine that fear had coursed through my heart again, but then she smiled, and I realized how silly I was being.

She leaned across me to straighten the pillow, and for a moment she was that close, and smelled that good.

Some faint perfume – strong enough to tantalize but soft enough to prevent choking – washed deliciously over me. Her face was that close … soft, beautiful, glowing and cold.

She glanced at me as she straightened, and that soft smile split her lips again.

She pressed a knob beside the bed and a moment later the door opened and a plump housemaid in a blue uniform came through.

My nurse spoke rapidly to her in Spanish, and the maid nodded and left the room.

She picked up the Robert Ludlum novel and sat down, crossing her legs easily and for a moment my eyes were drawn to the space just below the hem of her skirt where her creamy thighs touched.

s***, I didn’t need this at this time!

A voice was screaming in my brain.

Not now, not when I needed every ounce of purity I could get. This was not the time to pursue vices I thought I had left behind and would never revisit.

My fight with the Legion was bad enough, and I didn’t need to dirty myself now. She was extremely attractive, and she did have an influence over me.

She was affecting me in a way that was totally primitive. It wasn’t the kind of clean, total and so overwhelming thing I felt about Nicole.

There was nothing gentle in the way this strange woman affected me. She was awakening primeval hungers, stirring up a lust I hadn’t felt for a long time, and it was driving me mad.

She carefully folded a corner of the page she was reading diagonally inward and closed the book.

She dropped it on the bedside table, leaned back – a picture of real elegance and beauty – and regarded me with those lovely eyes.


Josephine Mintah. My friends call me Jo.


Pleased to make your acquaintance, Jo. Although I seem to be still waiting for answers I thought you would’ve provided by now.


All in good time, Yaw. What I can tell you is that you’re in a sterile house belonging to –


A what?


Sterile house, a safe place with secret cameras and guards and all the other trimmings that you read about. Government-owned, of course, but used by the BNI for varied purposes. First you’ll eat, and then someone will come and speak to you.

As if on cue the door opened once more, and the chubby housemaid entered pushing a small table on wheels.

Jo Mintah waited until she had left the room before uncovering the lids of the pans on the table. The sweet scent of vegetable soup wafted into my nostrils, and my stomach grumbled, reminding me that I hadn’t eaten for a long time.

She helped me to sit straight, and then she ladled some of the hot soup into a little bowl and then sat beside me.

She gently fed me the soup which had little pieces of chopped meat in it. It was absolutely delicious, and I drank two bowls.

I finished it all off with a cold glass of the best water I had ever tasted. She handed me a little cap with two white circular tablets and a large brownish square one.


Doctor says you should swallow this when you wake up. Bureau doctor, one of the best we have. Nothing was broken when that cop hit you with the gun butt, but it rattled your brains a little. These would help sort out the headaches, I was told.

I tilted the cap and let the tablets fall into my mouth and I swallowed them down with a little water.



Good boy.

She leaned forward to press the little knob at the side of the bed again, giving me a rather nice view of a golden cleavage and the rounded tops of her lovely breasts.

To be continued…

© – Agyeman

All Rights Reserved.



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  1. yaw be careful for nothing the Bible didn’t mention anything but be careful so that you won’t regret ever in the battle because women will distract you from the way of God and once you faill sorry man death is the next option so be careful so that you won’t regret ever in the battle forget about women and forcus in the way of God and once again prayers will see you through this battle. thanks bro next please

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