The Second Sight

The Second Sight – Episode 42

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What a waste!

I fumbled out my phone and proffered it to the silent man beside me.



And what am I supposed to do with your phone, if I may ask?



Please call Nicole. At the speed we’re going I can’t manipulate the phone. Call her. Tell her about what happened to Andrew. I think he needs someone at his side.


Put it away.



What? Damn it, she needs to know, sir! Do you think she’ll forgive us if she finds out that we knew what happened to her fiancé and didn’t call her?

He stifled a yawn and rubbed a hand across his face.


You’re not thinking straight, son. You think Nicole would accept the news calmly, and then she would dress up and head for the hospital without telling anyone? Priorities, boys. Always think a step ahead. You’re not home to protect Paul, and if you give Nicole that kind of news she would freak out, and everybody would know of what happened. Have you thought about what Paul Anderson would do under the circumstances, especially in view of his present state of being?

I hesitated for a moment, and then with an angry gesture I shoved the phone back into my breast pocket. He was right, of course, as usual.

That kind of news would scare Anderson and push him into hibernation. It would likely cause him the rest of his sanity, and maybe burst his heart in the process.

A wave of despair washed over me.

I felt so inadequate, so alienated. Much was expected of me, but I was always a step ahead on the ladder of stupidity.

Matters of life and death were treated as kids’ play by me, and that would simply not do.

Once again I felt weighed down by the crushing realization that I wasn’t ready for the Legion.

It felt like one of those crippling nightmares where you found yourself rushing into a terrible form of death, and in your panic you cry out for release, for any kind of hope, where your whole body struggled for release, and where you were so drawn toward death that not even a single muscle in you would even twitch.

Funky Grounds come to life big time … yeah.

Oh Lord, please save me!

I cried in anguish, but it didn’t come out through my lips. I bled them inside my heart.

It was still dark when we got to the outskirts of Portville.

The sirens went out, but the lights still flashed as the sedans coasted through the night.

A short time later, after many turns and twists, we came to our destination.

Several billboards depicting highly exotic women had been mounted at every turn, directing patrons to the Kitty-Pussi Club .

I saw the brake lights of the police sedans flashing long before I beheld the awesome spectacle of the club. All the cars came to a halt on either side of the road, and I saw several doors of the cars opening.

I pulled off the road and got out quickly.

Already I could see the tall figure of Frost walking toward me. His lighter flashed as he lit another cigarette.

He put the lighter away and took a long drag at his cigarette, and a cloud of smoke nearly hid his face as he exhaled.



We walk from here. We already talked to the proprietor. Claims he has not seen anybody even remotely resembling Mrs. Okai, but he added that he came in less than an hour ago. He wants us to look around, but with as little fuss as possible. He wouldn’t appreciate it so much if the police cars go slamming in there. Only four of us are going in at the moment. You can come along if you want, but be reminded that your role is that of an observer, nothing else.



I understand.

I could feel the vibrations and the sickening stench really badly. I bent double almost immediately and dry-retched, holding unto the hood of the Chrysler for dear life.

Yes, the group of ominous devils could be found here!




Can you feel her?

Bonner sounded nasal because he had pushed his calloused left index finger into his nostril and was busily rummaging in there.


(heart accelerating)

Not her. The Legion. It is here.

He took out his finger from his nostril and rubbed it along the side of his trousers. It was totally gross, but I said nothing.


Good, let’s go then.

I came out of the car and helped him get out.

He shuddered as I closed his door, and I wondered whether he was just cold or he was also feeling the awful strain. Death was in the air, breathing down my neck so strongly that I could barely breathe.

He looked at me and spoke calmly, and as I spun on him I found that his gaze was hard on me.

He reached out and traced a finger down my wet cheek.



You’re still not ready. You’re perspiring. Fear. Get control of yourself, boy! It can sense your fear from the other end of the world, and once you approach the Legion with fear you’re doomed.



Just stop it, would you, please!

You’re damn well suffocating me. Let me breathe! I’ll do this my way.

We looked at each other for a long time, and I saw with shock that he was scared, so much so that he could barely move.

It dawned on me – again – that being aloof and all-knowing was in some strange way the only weapon he had, the only leverage that gave him a certain level of courage, and suddenly I regretted my outburst.


Are you two coming along or not?

Silently Bonner offered his arm to me. I took it and gently guided him toward the open gates.

Frost walked toward his men and spoke briefly to them.

Some quickly melted into the shadows, going into the wooded area bordering both sides of the street. Some also took vantage points around the huge gates.

Frost flashed his badge at the security men in the security booth and had a few words with them. One got on the phone, spoke rapidly into it, nodded a few times, and then they lifted the huge electronic metal bar blocking the entrance.

I saw that their hands were never far from the guns holstered at their waists, and their expressions were cold and calculating.

Thugs of the highest caliber, and efficient killers, if the need arose.

We entered quickly, and I found myself drinking in the majestic view of the Kitty-Pussi Club .

The first thing that hit the eye was the use of colored lights and glass to create an atmosphere of complete magic.

The drive-through was simply magnificent, and the grounds were mostly green grass and statues made from a glassy material. There was also a man-made lake that flowed gently and meandered gracefully through the grounds.

There were four evenly-spaced flat-topped buildings. Arrow stands directed visitors to the car park, game hall, restaurant, guest house and entertainment center.

Frost, who had been walking ahead with Kweku Abbiw, paused long enough to look over the heads of the two deputy detectives following them.



Which way, Mr. Mystic?

Abbiw asked before Frost could speak.



Kweku, cut out the bulls***! Where do we go now, Mr. Boat?

It would’ve been a pretty dumb sort of question because I didn’t know the place, and wasn’t familiar with its layout, but the pull was suddenly there.

It dragged me forward just as surely as a magnet would have drawn a nail.

The pull…

Just like in the Samantha Gaisie case!!

I walked past them and headed for one of the buildings; my heart was thudding fast as the adrenaline coursed through me.

My steps began to quicken and Frost began to hurry up too just to match my pace.

I knew the Legion was waiting!


Abbiw, of course, had thick stumpy short legs and soon began to run to keep up.


He’s headed for the Entertainment Center.

I was almost running now, trying hard not to throw up because of the strong sickly stench of the beasts.

The Entertainment Centre was a huge building, extremely flat and broad. The grounds were awash with exotic lights.

Four heavily armed bouncers stood on each side of the broad glass doors and watched us with cold eyes as we approached. Frost flashed his badge again, and one of them gestured toward the opaque glass doors which slid open soundlessly as we approached.

The area just beyond the doors was filled with obscene statues and gargoyles made from the same glass-like material I had seen earlier.

I paused with shock as I looked around, so scandalized that for a moment I wanted to break them all to smithereens.

One showed Jesus Christ sodomizing his mother Mary. In others a great haloed being – God, it was evident – was engaged in a homosexual orgy with the angels. A painting – this one hanging above another opaque door in front of us – depicted Jesus being tortured in the anus by the Devil and his cohorts.

This place, indeed, was a den of sin, a hellhole of debauchery, a place without inhibitions. A dirty place, not fit for people with sensitive religious beliefs.

To our left was a huge swimming pool, and around it were soft mats lying end to end. Almost everybody I saw around the pool was nude.

The mats were mostly taken up by couples engaged in various stages of sex.

Most people, however, were standing around cylindrical transparent glass enclosures in which extremely young couples, lesbians and gays were engaged in heated sexual acts, exotic lights flashing on their smooth oiled bodies.

People were grouped around the enclosures evidently according to their sexual preferences.


(with revulsion)

Jesus! How could such a place be allowed to exist?

Frost’s group had stopped.

Only the Chief Inspector looked at the spectacle with stoic cursoriness, but the rest, especially Kweku Abbiw, gaped with sudden wanton depravity.

The fat man’s face was suddenly awash with sweat, and as my eyes went low I saw the telltale little bulge in his crotch.

And then I saw them … the return of the uglies!

They were hovering high on the ceiling, bunched together, a terrifying sight of monstrous beings – terrible teeth, elongated and bulging heads, hate-filled eyes, crooked and slimy limbs, multi-colored sheens of evil – all gathered up there, hissing and meandering, coiled around each other.

It had been a long time since I set eyes on any demon, and to see a gargantuan collection up there, just above my head, bulging with sinuous evil, was more than I could take.



What’re you looking at on the ceiling? s***, you look as if you saw the Devil himself up there instead of just plain ceiling and lights. What’s biting you?

Frost’s cool voice cut through my terror, and I turned around with difficulty.

He was also staring upward, and he turned and looked at me

I ignored him as I turned desperately toward Bonner.

The old man had turned his shocked eyes away from the physical depravity of the cylindrical glass enclosures, and he was staring at me with a veiled terror of his own.



What is it, son?


(in a fierce whisper)

The uglies, gathered above our heads! What’s wrong, old man? Why aren’t they fleeing now? Why aren’t we glowing?



They know something we don’t, Yaw. They have a foothold in your armour. They know something about you we don’t. The fact that they aren’t attacking you means they’re still afraid of you, to some extent.


(confused, scared)

And the fact that they’re not fleeing from me now?

He dropped his eyes and sighed.


Same thing. They think you’re not strong enough to harm them.



What the **** are you two talking about?

Both of us ignored him.

Bonner started to look upward, his face tense.

Suddenly he began to glow – a terrible and glorious sparkle that almost blinded me. I shielded my eyes with a forearm thrown up instinctively.



What is it now?


You’re glowing!




I looked upward – and the crazy mother****ers were fleeing!

They fled from the ceiling, crashing into the bodies, disappearing into them, hammering out of the enclosures, their ugly faces terrified.

I began to make a sound. It wasn’t a giggle or a laugh. It was something primate, something born out of ecstasy and fear at the same time.


(smiling crazily)

They fled! The mother****ers fled.


What in the name of Hades is the matter with you, moron?

He asked in a high-pitched voice, dragging his eyes from their feasting long enough to witness my little nervous breakdown.

I opened my mouth to say something rusty to him, and then the stench came, buffeting me so badly that I gagged.

I dry-retched a couple of times, the dizzying hot scent assailing my nasal tissues so strongly that the resultant terrible bout of coughing and retching almost drove me to my knees, and then the adrenaline was flowing, the inner Unblind taking over my actions.

I burst forward, pushing Frost away and approaching the sliding doors.

It was in there!

That vile Thing was there, waiting!

The doors slid open and I charged forward.

Behind me Frost cried out, but I barely heard what he was saying.

The interior was large and cool, the lights dimmed. The music was something soft and classical, some sweet combination of wind instruments and a leading piano, playing quietly in the background, accompanying the moans and slurping sounds of people making love.

The sound seemed to emanate from the walls, and I wondered if hidden speakers had been fixed into the walls.

I could make out a long bar, stretching away on my right.

It was manned by at least four barmen, all extremely good-looking, all with long hairs and dressed in white silk shirts open at the neck.

All the high stools were taken, and every single space was filled. On my left was a jutting terrace, and up there was a DJ with his musical machines.

He was leaning forward, hands deftly working the turntables, his face shining with sweat and highlighted by the coloured lights dancing across his features.

Straight up was an extension of the terrace, but it was covered with opaque glass, curving outward. It was probably the office of the proprietor.

All around me bodies were milling up against one another, reaching out and groping, all attention focused on the large dais ahead which was slightly raised off the floor.

It was the only brightly lighted place in the room. It was furnished with red velvet and silk, extending from one end of the room to the other.

People didn’t even notice I had made an entrance. All around me the sick heavy breathing of sinful lust hemmed me in.

Clammy bodies filled with heat were wriggling impatiently all around me, and I could see by the rhythmic thrusts and gyrations of some of them that they were openly making love.

They were being goaded by the spectacle on the dais, and I saw at a glance that the heavy sounds of sex coming out of the speakers in the wall were coming from the dais.

On it were two naked men. They were heavily muscled, and they were naked. One was lying on his back, straddled by a sinewy woman, also naked.

She was moving up and down on his p****, her sloping breasts swinging hard with her momentum.

Her head was turned into the groin of the second man who was standing beside her, head thrown back in ecstasy.

His right hand was holding her head, pulling it fully against him, and I knew with a sickening heart that she was performing fellatio on him.

The woman was Shirley Okai.


To be continued…

© – Agyeman

All Rights Reserved.



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