The Jailbird 2

THE – Explosive Action Thriller

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The is going to roll…

Chris Bawa is back!

He is The Jailbird in an explosive action thriller!

You’ve never seen Chris like this before!

He is not coming with tears this time…but with his fists and with guns!

He has been in prison for ten years!

His four friends betrayed him and sent him to the wolves.

A corrupt prison Commander wanted him dead, and for ten years pitched Chris in the deadliest, most savage death matches.

But Chris has survived…

Now he is coming back to the town of Little Rock with a vengeance…someone is going to pay for making him spend such a horrendous time in prison!

He was convicted as a young man, filled with the spunk of life…and he is returning as a hardened man with fire brimming in his heart!

And he is out now, and back in Little Rock where he finds the only woman he had ever loved now married to one of his brothers, and the town which had once embraced him as a hero now wants him dead.

They hate him in the town, and they do not want him to stay, but no one is going to drive Chris out before he gets to the bottom of the mystery, before he finds out who had betrayed him, and why he was betrayed!

There is not going to be any mercies shown, no punches held, no bullet spared, as Chris sets about finding out the truth and meting out his own brand of justice and revenge in this explosive action package…

Armed with a set of deadly skills and a gun at his waist, and with bullets chasing him and death waiting in various forms in every turn, Chris’ fight for truth and ultimate revenge rages on in this Western-style thriller that explodes with action.

And then there are the two women…

Both passionate, both strong in their beliefs…

One has betrayed him, and yet doesn’t want to let go…

And the other is incredibly beautiful and mysterious, with a rare ability, and has set her eyes on Chris!

Filled with incredible action, betrayal, intrigue, death and romance, THE takes the Western cowboy genre and ratchets it up into a most breath-taking ride that will leave you craving for more!

Chris Bawa has never been this deadly, this angry, and this charming….

THE premieres right here on Monday, April 23


By -Agyeman

All Rights Reserved.


Author’s note: is NOT a continuation of the first Jailbird. It is a completely different story with different settings. It is only named because in this one too Chris Bawa came out of jail from the beginning. Just another twist of that ‘out-of-jail’ concept.


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Next Episode

28 Replies to “THE – Explosive Action Thriller

  1. If it is gonna be as interesting as d first one I sure would love it but you didn’t tell us if it will be posted daily or some picked days……God help you more wisdom

  2. I don’t think this part 2 will be interested because all the person involved in Chris jeopardy get deserving sentence….. So it’s very wrong to say it get part 2. The only thing the writer will do is just to manipulate or twist the story

    1. Do you people read and understand at all, the writer said it isn’t a continuation of the first JAILBIRD and you are still here blabbing rubbish. Some people brain sef

  3. Hello FAM! For some reasons we won’t start this story on Monday as expected. It’ll take some few weeks for us to start posting and we would announce when it’s time to begin.

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