Blood On My Hands

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Talia Daniels hates Jaden her younger brother with passion because she feels he came in to the family and claimed all the attention that belonged to her. He was everything she ever wanted to be; an A+ student, popular among his peers, had a wonderful voice, an awesome personality and even much more.

On Jaden’s seventeenth birthday, Henry their father promises to send Jaden to further his education at Harvard University that same year whereas Talia is yet to decide what to study in the university. This further escalates the hatred, anger and jealousy of Talia for her brother.
A month after Jaden’s birthday, Talia and Jaden gets into an argument. Filled with blind rage, Talia causes something tragic. Things do not remain the same again in the family as Henry, the once loving father turns into something else entirely. This makes Talia become more dangerous and makes her takes some more deadly steps.

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Other things happen and she eventually receives a curse that turns her to a deadly monster.


There is more to find out in this exciting and intriguing story – BLOOD ON MY HANDS.


Starts on 3rd of April, 2018.

Posted on Mondays to Fridays every night.

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  1. Blood on ur hands and not mine, jealousy go kill u Talia abi na wetin b ur name sef, fire on my person.

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