Blood On My Hands

Blood On My Hands – Episode 8

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” Lia” The scream pierced through my ears and I instantly jumped off Tamara, I was no longer bleeding but my heart was still beating fast.

“I am sorry” I whispered

“What are you?” Geo asked

Tamara was shaken by the whole experience I could see her trembling as tears fell from her eyes.

“What have I done?” I thought to myself as I stood still while Geo helped Tamara out

“Baby” I tried talking

“Lia stop, just stop” He yelled at me

“I am sorry my anger got the better of me”

“I will take Tamara home now” He said without even looking at me

I quietly got my bag and walked to my car,I didn’t know what happened to me but if not for Geo’s screaming I would have bitten off Tamara. I felt this burning desire to just rip her to pieces.

I drove home at high speed , I just wanted to lock myself up.

“Lia you are back?” I heard Racheal call out when I got into the house.

“Not now Racheal” I yelled as I got into my room

I locked my bed room door and immediately called Cleo.

“Talia” She answered excitedly


“Have you been crying?”

“I almost bit off someone today, how do I get rid of this stupid curse I want to have a normal life” I cried

“Talia I told you, the curse can’t be reversed what happened?”

I took a deep breath before explaining what happened at Geo’s house.

“You see the reason I told you to stay away from relationships?”

“But I love him and he loves me too”

“Talia you are possessive and that is not a good sign”

“I was just trying to protect what is mine”

“Drive over to the farm tomorrow, the full moon will be out in the next few days, your transformation is close”

“Cleo I have a life to live okay?”

“Talia quit being stubborn”

“Whatever” I said before hanging up my phone, there was no way I was driving back to that evil farm.

I spent the next two days locked up in my room, I didn’t know how to face Geo, I loved him so much i would kill for him.

“That love will be the death of you” Cleo had kept telling me the other day but I had been too stubborn to listen to her. Cleo was just being jealous of me just because I found love.

“Talia you have to leave that room now” I heard auntie Helen bang on my door on Thursday morning

“I will leave when I want to for now just let me be I yelled back”

“Talia?” She called out

“Can’t I have some peace in this house?”

“Come out now” I angrily walked to the door and unlocked it


“You have been locked up for two days aren’t you going to school?”

“I am sick”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing I can’t sort out myself is that all you wanted to ask?”

“Talia this attitude is uncalled for”

“Can you please leave me alone?”


“Leave” I yelled and she instantly ran off

I walked back to my room and slammed the door behind me. I spent the day sleeping but later in the evening I woke up feeling terribly hungry.

I walked into the kitchen looking for something to eat but nothing interested me till I saw some raw meat. I grabbed a knife cut of the meat and instantly started chewing it, normally I would have found eating raw meat disgusting but at that moment I was enjoying it, I didn’t notice someone was watching me. The more I ate the more I craved it.

“I’ll Lia my God what are you eating?” Racheal asked making a disgusted face.

I immediately stood up and rushed to my room without answering her. I walked to my batbroom and started brushing my teeth. As I brushed i noticed my teeth were quiet sensitive a bit longer.

I freaked out as I walked back to my bed so I could take a nap but I felt uneasy, there was a strange sensation in my bones.

When I got my phone to call Cleo, i saw some hairs in between my fingers.

I called Cleo’s number twice but she didn’t pick up, so I got a bag and packed some clothes before sneaking out of the house.


I stood still for a while trying to make something of what I had just witnessed.

“Who eats raw meat?” I asked almost vomiting

From the time Lia moved in with us I had noticed how strange she was, firstly her eyes usually glowed when she was upset, she couldn’t control her temper and her eating habits where unusual.

I had also noticed how she could sense when someone was talking about her, it’s like she was into magic or something.

After asking her why she was eating raw meat she uncomfortably rushed into her room without answering me. So I told myself I would monitor her every move.

Mum had gone out for the evening and my two sisters where visiting so it was just me, her and the maid in the house.

I sat outside trying to get some fresh air when I noticed Lia walk out of the house with a bag on her back hurrying as if someone was chasing her. She didn’t notice me so as soon as she got into her car and drove off, I also got into my mine and slowly followed her behind. It was a a bit hard to keep up with her because she was driving at high speed.

After driving for over an hour I found it strange that she parked her car in the middle of no where. She got out immediately and walked into the bushes.

I got out of my car and also followed her, I needed to know what she was hiding. She speed off into the bushes almost flying.

What I saw next shook me and I screamed out of fear.

To be continued…


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