Blood On My Hands

Blood On My Hands – Episode 7

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I stood up from my chair and slowly walked to where the two white caskets where placed. The room was filled with people from all works of life who had come to pay their last respects to my parents. I couldn’t wait for it all to finish so I could get back to my life, I had lost so much in the past two years but life had to go on.

“Farewell dear parents” I whispered as I stared at their faces, they looked as though they where just sleeping. I felt sorry for mum, she didn’t deserve to die like that but I wasn’t remorseful for what I did to dad, he deserved it.

I wiped a little tear that had broken free before walking away. It was the day my parents where being buried I was lucky not to have gotten arrested for murder once again. The maid had come to my rescue by explaining how my father used to beat mum. I gave my statement as well which was in line with what she said.

The conclusion was that she stabbed him before dying, what killed her was the amount of blood she had lost. If someone had come earlier mum could have been saved .

I had informed all our relatives and we decided to hold the funeral at the farm house where they would be buried.

Silent cries filled the room as people walked out of the church so they could finally escort my parents to their final resting place.

“Who would have imagined my family would all die in the space of two years” I thought momentarily before getting into Cleo’s car

“Are you okay?” She asked as she started the engine so we could go to the burial site

“I am more than fine”

“You are a strong lady”

“I have no option, the world doesn’t have space for weaklings” I smiled as I fastened my seat belt

I noticed she was staring at me in an usual way.

“What?” I asked getting uncomfortable

” Nothing” She said

“Okay let’s get going, we need to get this over and done with”


I glared at her one more time before driving off, her attitude was surprisingly amazing, she had just lost both her parents but she wasn’t at all shaken.

I had expected to see her weeping, but her eyes where dry, no tears had fallen from them during the whole funeral.

“What kind of a child was she? What kind of relationship did she have with her parents?” I thought as we neared the graveyard

I had decided to stick by her side so I could teach her one or two things about werewolves. She was still in denial and it was my duty to make her realise that the curse was real and the sooner she accepted the better for everyone.

I felt guilty for infecting her with curse, it wasn’t my intention but I couldn’t bring myself to tell her I was the one that bit her that night.

After I had transformed that night I ran into the bushes seeking for blood. I was expectating to run into a vulnerable wild animal but instead she happened to be in my way. To quench my hunger for blood I bit her and ran off

I ran off knowing I had infected her with curse hence I came back the next day to help her out knowing how powerless she could have been after her first transformation.

My curse was hereditary I was born with it and as I grew up I learnt to live with it, I had used my power for more good than evil.

But despite me being a good werewolf people still judged me, people still distanced themselves from me once they knew what I truly was.

I felt a tears threatening to fall off as I remembered how my husband, chased me from his house taking my two daughters from me when he got to know I was a were wolf. It was then that I decided to buy a farm and settle in a place where I could be free.

“We are here” lia announced disturbing my thoughts.

“Okay” I said my voice almost breaking

“Cleo are you okay?”

“Yes” I whispered before following her


Five months later

Life had taken a great twist for me, I couldn’t have wished for more. Being my parent’s only surviving child I had inherited almost everything they owned. Dad’s elder sister auntie Helen had taken up the responsibility of looking after me. I had wanted to be under my own care but my annoying relatives didn’t see it fit hence I was now living with her and her three children.

Monday morning I woke early because I had a morning test. I was now in University studying for my degree in Business Administration. I had made quiet a few friends at school and I even had a boyfriend.

I walked into the bathroom and took a long cold shower, making sure to scrub every part of my body because it felt itchy.When I was done I lotioned my body before wearing a short sleeveless dress and purple boots. I finished off the look with a little make up.

When I looked at the mirror I couldn’t help but see my mother in me, with each day that passed I was becoming more and more like her.

I walked out of the room with my car keys and books. I had bought a new car the previous month something bigger.

“Morning Lia won’t you have some breakfast” The maid asked handing me a cup of coffee

I grabbed the cup of coffee from her hands and poured it on her head.

“The next time you call me Lia I will do more than that” I yelled as I walked past her

“Talia you don’t have to treat her like that” Racheal my cousin said

“Shut the **** up Racheal” I yelled before banging the door in her face. I drove to school listening to Rihana’s man down. As soon as I got there I noticed my boyfriend Geoffrey talking to a girl. They where giggling as they talked.

“What nonsense?”

I walked over to the them feeling pissed, I was a very possessive girlfriend, i didn’t like ladies parading themselves around my man.

“Baby” Geo smiled when he saw me

“Hey” I smiled wrapping my arms around him

I gave the girl a deadly stare and within a few minutes she was out of our sight.

“What was that for?”


“The look you just gave Tamara?”

“Whose Tamara?” I asked rolling my eyes at him


“She has to know you are mine” I smiled as I leaned in to kiss him.

He walked me to class before going to his class.I felt lucky to have such a hank all to myself. Cleo had warned me against getting into relationships because according to her they brought nothing but heartbreaks, well she was wrong because Geo made me happy, I couldn’t imagine him breaking my heart.


The first day I saw Lia I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was, I had made it a point to pursue her till she was mine. I did all I could till I managed to make her my girlfriend and that’s when the trouble began.

Lia was possessive and very controlling with each day that passed I was slowly losing interest in her. Her jealousy tantrums were getting on my last nerves.

“Just let this girl go?” my best friend had advised after noticing how ugly her behaviour was

“We have just been together two months won’t that looked like I used her?” I asked worriedly

“Man the girl is a psycho” He had warned me but instead I thought I would give her the benefit of the doubt by sticking by side a little longer and now I had had it with her.

I was home working on an assignment with Tamara when i heard a car drive in Tamara was one of my classmates and my study mate.

“Expecting someone?” She asked

“No maybe its Benny” I responded

I had talked to Lia that afternoon and she said she wasn’t feeling well so I wasn’t expecting her but when my door opened and I saw her enter, I knew I was in for a lot of trouble for having Tamara at my place.

“What is she doing here?” She asked as soon as she saw Tamara

“You won’t greet me?”

“What is she doing here?” She yelled loudly

“We are working on an assignment”

“Can’t you do it from school or something?”

“Talia stop being unreasonable”

“Unreasonable me?” She yelled, she moved to the other side of the room, grabbed a glass and threw on the wall.

“Control yourself” I said holding her hands, I could feel her heart beat faster than normal, her eyes glowed red as if possessed by an evil spirit and within a few minutes she was heavily bleeding from her mouth.

“Talia?” I screamed in fear

“She is bleeding” Tamara yelled

As I held her, she yanked herself from my grip and pounced on Tamara and started hitting her. The way she jumped off was weird because she literally flew out of my arms.

“No Lia”I cried out as she was about to bite her neck.

To be continued…


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  1. This Is A Grt Work U Have Here, I Would Like To Point Out A Few Things I Felt.
    1. Talia killing her Brother n Dad and not feeling any guilt or serving any punishment, making it look like its a normal thing.
    2. She kind of feel too proud among other things and this things are making me lose interest in the story. But then again u are the writer and i gues u knw wat u are doing. this is just my own opnion thanks.

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