Blood On My Hands

Blood On My Hands – Episode 5

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No one knows what the future holds, no one is sure of what the next day might bring. You might have it all today, you might think your life is all figured out but in a tick of a clock everything might come rushing down on you.

I had it all, a rich white husband, two wonderful children, money and cars. When I met Henry I didn’t have to do anything, i was a queen of his castle. He treated me with so much love and respect, never did I imagine he would ever lay his hand on me.

I stayed behind when he started physically abusing me because I thought I had a chance to restore what we had but with each minute that passed my husband was turning into a person I couldn’t recognize.

I wish I had gotten Lia arrested maybe then I could have saved my marriage. My son’s blood was crying out to me, I had betrayed him by keeping his murder a secret.

I was on my bed, rubbing my swollen arm when I heard a knock at the door.I knew it was Lia.

“Come in”

“Hey mum” She greeted as she came to sit next to me, her sight irritated me.

“What do you want?”

“I want to leave this place?”

“To where?” I asked not paying attention to her

“I want to go back to my life, I wanna go back to school, travel and live a little”

I looked at Lia not sure what to answer her, how could she be so selfish as to want a normal life looking at all the drama around us.

“The only thing you care about is you traveling and exploring life huh? Don’t you have a conscience?” I yelled

“Am I going to spend the rest of my life paying for this one mistake, I killed him yes what do you want me to do?”

“You took another person’s life, your own brothers life that’s not a mistake”

“Here call 911 and report me do it mum, if it will help you sleep at night?” She yelled as she handed me her phone

“Don’t try me Lia” I yelled tears already streaming down my cheeks

“Why can’t we just go back to normal? You guys loved Jad more than me, would you people have been this broken if I was the dead one?”

“You will not speak to me like that, you see that attitude? That’s the reason you murdered your brother”

“Yes I killed him and you know what I am glad I did”

“How dare you?” I said slapping her face thrice till she fell off.

“Look what your husband has turned you into” She yelled before standing and rushing out of my room and banging the door behind her.

I stood still, tears flowing from my eyes as I thought of how happy we used to be.


I walked into my room feeling very pissed. I resented my parents so much especially my father because he had managed to turn mum against me.

“I have to leave ,I have to find a way out of here” I said as i got into bed, dad wasn’t home as usual, I knew he would be back at midnight to make noise like he always did.

I struggled to sleep but finally I felt my body relax and I dozed off.

Laying in my bed at night I was awakened by mum’s screaming from the other room, I checked my phone and it was half past midnight.

I got out of bed as her screams of pain and terror grew louder.

“I have to do something before he kills her”

I slowly walked to the kitchen and I was horrified as I watched dad throw her around the kitchen and smash her head against the wall. She was covered in blood which was pouring from her forehead running down her face.

“Dad stop” I cried out but he didn’t stop, he kept hitting her like someone who had been possessed by an evil spirit.

I could feeel the tension building up in me as I tried to get him off her but he pushed me aside. Without thinking I grabbed a knife and stabbed him.

He fell and screamed out but i continued stabbing him. I stabbed him multiple times till he stopped breathing.

Confused and scared I dropped the knife and moved to mum’s side. She was laying in a pool of blood helplessly gasping for air.

“You are a murderer, you have done it again” She whispered as she closed her eyes.

“Mama stay with me please don’t go I will find us help” i cried as tears coursed down my face.

Afraid and disturbed I ran out of the house. With tears running down my eyes I kept running, I didn’t know where I was going to but I ran deep into the woods. We were at the farm house and the place was filled with more bushes than houses.

As i ran I came to a standstill when I noticed a figure moving behind one of the big trees. Fear crept in as a surge of adrenaline rushed through my whole body thinking of all the wild animals that could be hunting at that time of the night.

Before I could process anything my eyes landed on a massive black animal with glowing eyes that pierced through the darkness.

I trembled badly as it approached me. I wanted to run off but I felt my knees get weak as warm water gushed down my legs.

I walked backwards and stumbled over a fallen branch. The animal threw its head up and made a loud ear piercing sound before jumping on top of me.

As I powerlessly laid beneath it, it tore my clothes to pieces and fastened it’s teeth on my neck, i felt its sharp teeth penetrate my flesh and I let out an agonizing scream.

When it was satisfied it jumped off me trailing blood from its mouth as it ran off. I lay on the ground for a few minute feeling scared and weak.

“What just happened?” I asked as I touched where the beast had bitten me but there was no wound whatsoever.

I slowly got up feeling confused but before I could make a step I felt an

excruciating pain rush through my body.

It was unbearable, I cried out of pain as I felt my body transform. Before I could make sense of what was happening, the bones in my body outstretched as they started shifting and reorganizing.

My arms and legs cracked and twisted before turning into paws. Then the pain rushed to the tips of my nails and within minutes they changed into long claws.

Just then I felt a lot of pressure on my back as my spine cracked and crumpled forcing me on all fours. I helplessly cried out as I felt something grow from my backside.

The pain now shifted to my face, there was intense pain in my mouth as my teeth grew longer and shaper. My tongue became flatter and wider as my lips reshaped and pulled to create space for my new teeth. My mouth pushed out painfully as it turned into a muzzle and my ears moved to the top of my head then my nose slowly shifted before turning into a snout.

Just when I thought it was over, I felt more pain penetrate my body as fur spurted all over my body.

I screamed out again but my scream turned into a long howl. I was now a wild beast.

My eyes glowed into the darkness as I rushed off into the bushes with a craving for blood.

When I opened my eyes the next day, I was back in my human form, I was laying naked under a tree covered in blood. There was a taste of blood in my mouth and my whole body was sore.

“How will I move from here” I panicked as I tried getting up, just then I saw a woman the age of mum walking towards me.

“What lie would I tell her if she asks what I am doing naked at this time of the day in the bush?”

As she approached I felt more and more scared. What if she thought I was practicing witchcraft or something. I had heard stories of women who had been found naked early in the morning and they had been called witches and beaten up by a mob of people.

“Follow me, let me help you” She said handing me a wrapper to wrap my body with. I got up and slowly followed her without asking any questions.


To be continued…


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