Blood On My Hands

Blood On My Hands – Episode 12

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Five months later.


“I made it to second year” I smiled as I looked at the transcript.

“Congratulations Talia Daniels” The academics chairperson said

“Thanks madam” I smiled as I walked out of his office.

“I wish I have someone to celebrate the victory with” I thought before getting into my car.

I spotted Tamara and Geo walking in as I drove out, they held each other’s hands and looked like a perfect couple.

“You won’t be happy that long” I said as I drove out

The past five months had been tormenting for me, I had literally begged Geo to take me back, I had humiliated myself in so many ways just so he could notice how much I loved him but he had made it clear he didn’t want anything to do with me.

The worst part of it all was that I had to see them every single day acting like a husband and wife while I was hurting badly.

“I loved you at some point Talia but your possessiveness pushed me into Tamara’s hands, what I share with Tamara is special so stay away from us” He had told me so some time back

At that point I had wanted to strangle him to death but I loved him to much to kill him. The one I was going to deal with was Tamara for crossing paths with me.

I had decided to monitor her during the five months,I wanted to touch her where it hurt the most so I had people following her, giving me information about her life and every little detail about her.

I wanted to attack her when she least expected it. I had come to find out she had a little child whom she adored so much though not many people knew about his existence, she had the child during her high school days, she usually spent her weekends with him.

“Such a cute little thing, it’s sad you will have to pay for mummy’s sins” I smiled as i looked at the photo in my hands.

I had become more strong during all these months, I was eating more meat than usual to satisfy my hunger. I had devoured more people because only human flesh quenched my thirst.

As Cleo had pointed out, I was easily angered and violence was the answer to my problems, I didn’t want anyone provoking me. I took away who ever stood in my way expect for Geo and Tamara because I had something special in stock for them.

When I stayed for too long without meat i would get sick, I usually felt like I was suffocating. I had lost my sense of reasoning so if I needed to survive I had to eat more and more meat.


Geo and I walked out of the office and we couldn’t help but smile at each other. We had both cleared and now we just had to wait for our graduation.

“Congrats baby we made it” He said lifting me up

“This calls for a celebration you know”

“I know my love let’s get out of this place”

He drove us to his place and prepared lunch for us, we ate quietly till Geo decided to break the silence.


“Baby” I responded surprised that he was calling me by my name

“Marry me” He said

“Marry you?” I laughed thinking it was all a joke

“I am serious”

“Oh my God you are serious?”

“Yes we are done with school I have a job, I love you and you are carrying my child there is no point in waiting”

I looked at him not sure if marriage was the right thing at the moment, I wanted to get a job, get stable, travel the world and do all sorts of things before committing myself to him but I loved him and I had also discovered I was pregnant a month ago. I had not told anyone about the pregnancy expect for Geo because I didn’t know how my parents would react knowing i already had another child with a different man.

“Say yes” He whispered as he got down on one knee removing a ring from a small box which was under the couch.

“Yes I will marry you” I blushed

“You will?” He smiled as he slipped the ring on my finger.

We spent the day making plans for the future and when it was getting late. I told Geo to drive me home because mum would be bringing my son over.

When we got home, he kissed me goodbye before driving off.

“Mummy” I heard my son call me when I walked into the yard

“Baby boy” I smiled as I carried him

“Hey Monica” I greeted mum’s maid

“Hey, auntie told me to drop him off she had an emergency”

“Have you been here for Long?”

“No we just got here”

“Okay come in” I said as I unlocked the door

“I won’t be staying for long” She said

“I thought you are spending the night”

“No auntie has a meeting at home tomorrow morning and I need to be there to carter for the guests”

“Oh mum and her church things” I smiled

“So how long is this midterm break of his?” I asked pointing at my son

“A week”

“It’s going to be a long week” I sighed

“He is a good kid”She said

” I know, but he is trouble sometimes” I smiled as i looked at Thabiso whose eyes where now fixed on the TV.

“You will manage”

Monica left after sometime and it was just me and Thabiso, I loved my son so much he was the reason I had worked so hard for my degree. I wanted to get a stable job so I could give him the world.

I remember just how angry mum had been when I got pregnant in my final year of High School, she had vowed to stop sponsoring my education but as you know mothers she soon forgave me and I continued going to school.I gave birth a month after my exams and went to University the next year while Thabiso stayed under mum’s care.

She had spoiled him rotten, sometimes I felt jealous looking at how inseparable they where. Mum had rented me the house I was now staying in so I could be near school, she didn’t want Thabiso to be a hindrance in my education.

At least now my life was getting back on track, I had my baby near by, a second one on its way and a man who adored me.

I was also glad that Talia had finally backed off, after making all her useless threats she had gone extremely quiet.


Sorry for the mix up in the previous insert, I meant Tamara when I wrote Florence. I hoping to end the story on insert 20, predictions for the next insert are welcome, let’s not ghost around.


To be continued…


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  1. Well, I’m keenly watching. Talia has lost her humanity so, she is capable of doing anything without remorse. I just want to see how her end plays out. Hope it is very gruesome

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