30 Days And Thirty Nights

30 Days And 30 Nights – Episode 3

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30 Days And 30 Nights Episode 3



A week had gone by and he hadn’t heard from the owner of the fast food joint. Although the experience he had at the place was a great one, it was just small success, and he thought something would have happened since then. He was waiting for that magical moment when something would happen to change his entire life, but it hadn’t happen yet and this was already a week to the end of his task.


The Olusho never really gave him the specifics of what would happen, so he couldn’t tell what to look out for. Yea, the ten crates he had sold two weeks ago was something out of the ordinary the way it happened, but he thought he would have experienced something bigger after that; like how it happened in the movies.


“One week to go.” He said out loud even though he was the only one in his 5 bedroom abode. Margaret had stopped calling him. He guessed she had gotten the message that he was no longer interested in getting back with her. As much as he liked spending time with her, and how much he liked the mind blowing sex they had, the time away from her had made him realize that they had very little in common. She liked the fast life, while he liked to take things easy. She loved to club, while he liked staying home watching movies, or making chicken barbecue in his backyard. She was 8 years younger than him, they definitely didn’t want the same things right now.


He turned off the TV and headed out. The news of the Herdsmen killing was getting too redundant he felt like puking any time he heard about it. He stepped out the door, into his compound, and his Alsatian, Susan, came tail wagging to greet him. The paint on the walls of the house was worn out and he focused on it as he took a crouching position to rub his dog’s head. He had plans of refurbishing the whole house, but he had been financially incapable for a while now and the thought of that made him feel bad.


“Woof!” Susan barked and ran off towards the backyard. A couple of rats had been a pain in his ass for a while now, and he guessed Susan had spotted one of them. He was about heading towards the gate to view the expressway when his phone started ringing. He rushed back, and as he was about to enter the house, he stopped for a second to look at Susan chasing something around the back gate.


He reached his phone in time to pick the call before the line went dead. “This one that this man is not picking up, I hope he won’t disappoint us o!” He heard a familiar voice say on the other end of the line when he picked up.


“Hello ma!” He said.


“Ehen! Thank God. I’m the one…”


“I know ma.” He said, cutting her off. It was hard to miss that voice, especially when he had been expecting the call for a while now.


“Oh! Okay. So, the thing is, we need…” She was saying, and then stopped to ask someone beside her how many crates they need, then she came back on with, “We need 50 crates, how soon can you deliver?”


He did a mental calculation before answering with, “About thirty minutes.”


“Okay. Please don’t disappoint us.”


“I won’t ma.”




There was always at least hundred crates of egg in the store at the back of his house for old customers that come around every once in a while, so getting fifty crates for the woman was no problem. He had dropped off forty five crates at her fast food restaurant, and now he was on the way to the woman’s house, with one of their cleaners.


He didn’t usually handle delivery this way, but he believed that series of small events would probably lead to the big magical moment he had been waiting for, so he didn’t mind dropping off the eggs when she asked him. “Slow down sir, we will soon turn.” The skinny middle aged woman said. It was weird hearing her refer to him as ‘sir’ when he was positive she was at least ten years older than him.


They got off the express way onto a dirt road, and then drove for a couple of minutes before taking a right turn into a quiet street. “That’s the house. You can park anywhere.” The lady said and, pointing to a cream colored duplex, a few meters away from them on the right. He brought the SUV to a halt in front of the building gate and turned off the engine. “Please sir, you will take me back?” The lady asked as she unfastened her seatbelt. It was more like a rhetorical question. Efe nodded. She got out of the car, opened the back door and pulled out the crates of egg.


The gate was opened before she even got to it. She went in and he was about to pull out his phone from his jeans pocket and go through his messages when he heard the sound of a car horn. He shifted the rearview mirror so he got a good view of his right side, and he saw a white saloon car backing out of the house. He turned the key in the ignition, moved out of the way and parked in front of the next house. The car pulled out, was driving off at first, but slowed down and parked on the other side of the road a couple of meters away from him.


Although he hadn’t gotten a good look at her that night, he recognized her immediately she dropped from the car. There was no way he could miss that body; real curvy and thick. But she was wearing glasses and dressed very casual today. When it was clear to him she was coming over to see him, he dropped from the 4Runner, and straightened out the black denim shirt he had on. She was wearing a white camisole, brown colored skirt suit, with brown pumps too match.


“Hello sir.” She said as she approached him.


“Hey, how are you doing?” Efe said with a smile on his face.


She smiled back at him and said, “I guess you’ve met Kehinde. I’m Taiwo.”


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