30 Days And Thirty Nights

30 Days And 30 Nights Episode 6

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30 Days And 30 Nights Episode 6


Two Days to D Day


It was a Sunday, a day he spent mostly indoors. After church service, he drove straight home, pulled out his jotter and started doing accounts for the week. He fell asleep at the dining table and was awoken by the ringing of his phone. Caller ID showed it was Kehinde calling. They had exchanged numbers the day before, but he wondered why she was calling. He checked his wrist watch and saw it was 12:05pm.


“Hey what’s up?” He said after picking the call.




“How are you doing?”


She whispered something to someone before saying, “Are you home? We are actually close to your house?”


“What? You and who?”


“Actually, Taiwo dragged me to church today, and we are on our way to the restaurant to pick up some things.” She paused to say something before continuing with, “She told me your house is actually on the same road with our joint.”


“Yes.” Efe answered and processed what she was getting at in his head.


“Okay. Cool. We would like to stop by.”


“Okay. That would be cool.”


“By the way, this is totally my idea; Taiwo wants you to know that.” She said and chuckled.




“She’s driving.”


“Okay. So where exactly are you guys?”


She went silent again and then came back with, “She says we are a few minutes from your house.”


“Okay then, let me come outside then.”


“Okay. See you in a bit.” She said and hung up.


He slowly dropped his phone on the dining table and was lost in thought for a few seconds before shrugging and getting off his seat. He looked back at his living room, and he thought it was neat enough. He grabbed his shirt off the chair he was on, wore it, and headed out.


Susan, his Alsatian came running to him when he stepped out of the door. He walked towards the backyard, and the dog followed, till she noticed he was heading towards its cage. Susan turned around and made to run, but Efe grabbed her by the collar strap and pulled her into the metal cage.


As he approached the house gate, Moshood, his gateman came out bare-chested from his small living quarters by the entrance. Someone would mistake him for a body builder but he was just a hardworking vulcanizer. Moshood asked if he should open the gate, but Efe asked him not to bother. He stood there for a few seconds, sweat visible on his six pack chest, and then walked back into his room.


Efe knew it was only Sundays Moshood had to spend with his girlfriend and didn’t want to disrupt what he felt was going on in that little room right now. The man was a few years older than Efe, and had been working at the house for years, hired by his parents before they passed. He was more or less like family.


When Efe stepped out of the gate, they were just getting to the front of his house. He shot them a quick smile before turning around to open the gate for them to drive in.




Kehinde stepped out of the car first, looking around and admiring the well tended gardens on both sides of the driveway; a quality Efe had maintained after his parent’s passing several years ago. He chuckled when Taiwo stepped out. They were dressed in identical white lace iro and buba, with silver colored gele on their heads.


“It was Taiwo’s idea o! She wanted to prank one guy in her church.” Kehinde said. Taiwo just smiled.


“And how did that go?” He asked. He was standing behind the Corolla’s boot now, with Taiwo on the left side of the car, and Kehinde on the right; both girls adjusting their clothes.


“It was hilarious.” Kehinde said in between laughs.


“Okay. Let’s go inside and you can tell me all about it.” He said to Taiwo, turned to Kehinde with a smile before leading the way to the house; no hugs or handshakes.


“Oh! You have a dog?” Kehinde said as Susan started barking. “Hope the cage is locked?” She said and held on to Efe’s arm. She quickly let go and went behind her sister, who seemed a lot more relaxed.


“The cage is locked, don’t worry.” Efe said with a chuckle. He opened the house entrance door and stepped aside for them to go in. As they walked past him, he caught a whiff of their individual scents, and a sensual feeling took over his whole body. He stepped in after them, locked the door behind him, and took a deep breath before proceeding to join them.




They started out telling him how they had played a prank on the guy from their church that was always bugging Taiwo. They seemed excited as they narrated how he had reacted after following Taiwo to the ladies, and while standing outside for her to come out, Kehinde walked up from behind and tapped him. He freaked out and ran off. Taiwo usually went by her middle name, Tope in public, and he hadn’t known she was a twin.


As they sat on his couch, in identical clothes, talking and laughing, at some point it was hard for him to tell them apart. Kehinde had the high pitched voice, Taiwo had the lower almost hoarse sounding voice, but deep down they were essentially the same person.


They went from talking about the prank to talking about superstar musician, Drake and how he gave away a million dollars to charity earlier on in the month. Taiwo said she would like to start a foundation that gave back to the community, and Kehinde said she would like to marry Drake. She said she had always wanted to date a white boy, and Taiwo corrected her, saying Drake was half black, half white. She said ‘whatever’ and walked over to his dining table to pick up a bottle of Jack Daniel he had been taking before he fell asleep earlier.


“Can I mix this with my juice?” She asked Efe with a mischievous smile on her face.


“You’re free.” He responded, and she walked back to the living room with the bottle, uncapped it and poured a little into her glass of juice. She was about to recap it, but stopped to pour for her sister. Taiwo shook her head, and Kehinde turned to Efe; he nodded and she poured a little into his cup.


She poured the drink in her cup a few more times as they continued to have discussions about any, and everything. They were on the long couch, and he was on the single seater perpendicular to them. Around 3pm, Taiwo received a phone call from their mom, and they had to leave. He was having so much fun and wished they could stay longer. As much as he liked Taiwo, the combination of both of was so much fun.


When they got outside by their car, Kehinde suggested they take a picture together. Efe was in the middle, Kehinde on the left, and Taiwo on the right. He held up his phone in the air and was about to take the picture when Kehinde asked him to wait a minute. She slipped her arm around his lower back, moved in closer, and pouted her lips. He looked into the phone screen to check Taiwo’s reaction and she didn’t seem to care. He guessed she knew her sister was tipsy.


Taiwo moved in closer, casually rested her arm on his shoulder and smiled for the camera. He waited till the camera got a clear view of their faces and then pressed the capture button.


© Kayode Odusanya


All Rights Reserved.



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