30 Days And Thirty Nights

30 Days And 30 Nights – Episode 4

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30 Days And 30 Nights Episode 4


“Wow! You look so much like her.”


“Yes, of course I do; we are twins.” Taiwo said and looked up at him funny.


“Yes, I know,” Efe said, still dazed. “I’m sorry, I was caught off guard.”


“It’s okay,” she said and laughed a little. “My mom actually wanted me to have a discussion with you.” She added.




“So…she actually wanted to know if you are capable of supplying eggs to all our outlets across the state.”


Without thinking twice, Efe answered with, “I can.”


“Okay. I don’t have the raw figures with me right now, but I am guessing we would be needing like…” She was saying then stopped to look into space for a few seconds before adding, “Like a couple of hundreds of crates every week.”


“Okay. I can deliver.”


“That’s great. You would be dealing directly with me,” she said and handed her phone over to him. “Please let me have your number?”


“Okay,” he said and collected the phone. He handed it over after punching in his number. “My name is Mr. Efe Imarogbe.”


“Okay, Mr. Efe Imarogbe.” She said slowly as she stored his number on her phone. “You will hear from me pretty soon.” His phone started ringing, and then she said, “Yep! You just heard from me.”




“Of course you will still hear from me again…” She was saying then stopped to chuckle. “Pardon me; I was just trying to be funny.”


Efe smiled at her as he held up his phone to store her number.


“Okay…so where is your farm?”




“Oh, that’s not too far from here. Please no delays.”


“No delays.”


“Okay. Be expecting a call from me soon.”


“Okay.” He said and she walked backwards for a few steps, then turned around and headed towards her car. Efe basked in the euphoria of what had just happened for a few seconds, and then got into his car. He pulled out his phone and called his farm manager.


When he ended the call, he sat there, making some mental calculations, and thinking of his next move. When he realized how odd it was sitting in his car for too long in an unfamiliar area, he started up the car and made a u-turn right at the spot he was parked at.


He drove out of the street and right there parked on the right side of the main road out of the estate was Taiwo’s car. She was standing beside the car, looking into her phone, but looked up when his SUV casted a shadow in front of her.


“Don’t worry; I’ll get it fixed.” she shouted out. Without saying anything back, he parked in front of her car, hopped out of his SUV, and walked back to meet her.


“Mr. Imofegbe you don’t have to…” she was saying and stopped when she noticed the screwed up look on his face. “Oops! Sorry, I guess I screwed up your name?”


“Just call me Efe,” he said as he crouched beside the affected tire. He looked up at her before saying, “I guess a nail did the damage. Hope you have a jack and wheel spanner in the boot.”


She was biting her nails as she responded with, “The extra tire is actually punctured too.”





How did we get here; he thought to himself as he sat watching TV on his long living room couch with Taiwo. It was a Saturday, and she was dressed casually in white t shirt and blue jeans. Even though she was on the other end of the couch, it felt like she was right beside him the way his body reacted. All he could think about was sex. He even had an erection a few minutes ago when she had reached out to collect the remote control from him and her hand had rested on his lap for a few seconds. If not for the jeans he had on, he was sure it would have been an awkward moment.


Twenty seven days and counting; he had just three days to go and hoped something dramatic won’t happen today to jeopardize the whole task.


After he helped her change the tire a couple of days ago, they had decided to grab something to eat together and discuss business further. And since that day, they had stayed in touch a lot, blurring the line between business and pleasure after a point. And today, she had decided to come get some crates from his home egg depot, and out of courtesy, he had invited her in after the eggs were loaded in her car, thinking she would decline, but she accepted.


He was so glad when power went out. “Oops! And I don’t have any fuel left in the generator,” he said and sat up.


“Who has fuel these days anyway?” she said and got up. He walked behind her as she headed towards the door. She turned around all of a sudden and bumped into him. “Oops! Sorry. I think I forgot my car keys,” she said and then looked at him for a few seconds before putting her palm on his chest. “Oh my God!” She exclaimed and led him by the hand back into the living room.“Your heart is beating too fast.”


“It’s okay. I am alright.” He said and started taking deep breath as he felt himself going into full panic mode.


“What’s wrong Efe? What should I do?” She said, looking worried.


He didn’t say anything for a while, but just kept taking deep breaths and trying to steady his shaky hands. After a few seconds, he smiled up at her, and said, “I’m okay now.”


“No you’re not.”


“Yes, I was just scared…”


“Scared? Scared of what?”


“It is hard to explain.”


She looked at him for a few seconds with confusion on her face and then said, “Efe, are you scared of me?”


“No. Not that. I’m scared of what…of what…” he was saying then let his voice trail off, with his eyes on her.


“It’s okay Efe. I feel the same way, but it’s okay.” She said and looked into his eyes for a few seconds, before leaning in and kissing him passionately on the lips; he reciprocated for a few seconds, then pulled back sharply.


“I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. I like you very much, but I can’t.” He said as he got off the couch, scratching his head. Without saying another word, she picked her car keys from the floor, smoothened out her top, and got off the couch. “I’m sorry. It’s just that I…”


“I’ll call you about making payments for the eggs.” She said, cutting him off.


She got up, and headed towards the door. They walked silently out the house, and when she got to her car, she sighed before opening the door and getting in. Efe signaled for the gateman to open the gate, and told Taiwo he would call her. She nodded and looked at him one last time before turning around and backing the car out of his driveway.


He waited for her to drive out, and then headed back inside the house. He dumped his body in the couch, and buried his face in his hands. Just then, his phone started vibrating in his pocket. He pulled it out, and saw it was his farm manager calling. When he picked up, all he heard was heavy breathing on the other end of the line. “Mr. Akintola, are you there?”


“Sir, I have called the vet, but the chickens…the chickens are dying.”




“Yes, they just started dropping dead a few minutes ago.”


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All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Gbese re o… Kissing is also a part of sex… Even looking lustfully is same as having sex… So u better pray 4or forgiveness… God is always ready to take u back

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