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Unforgivable – A Story By Oyin Young

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This story was written sometime ago, I decided to share it today as marks 2 years on MArch 24


© Oyinloye Oluwatosin Emmanuel


Today makes it three years since I cancelled my marriage with Greg and I’ve still not been able to get over it. It wasn’t my first relationship nor was it the second, Greg was the third man I dated but it was in the relationship with him that I gave everything I had for; my soul, my body and my dreams. But in that same relationship, I experienced what may continue to haunt me forever.

Greg was a perfect gentleman, he was the man of my dreams. When we met, I thought I had met the man I would spend the rest of my life with but I was wrong, Greg wasn’t a man. I can’t still explain how I fell for him, maybe it was because of his gentleness and calm nature or his dexterity in the use of words, I can’t still tell.

Greg was a “like” gentleman indeed, he treated me with so much respect and always made me proud to be called his girlfriend. He gave me no reason to ever think that I wouldn’t get married to him. The best way I can is to describe him as an Angel in human form.

Three months into our relationship, I got to know his parents and all of his siblings, his friends and even some of his colleagues at work. He introduced me to everyone as his fiancée who he loved with all of his life. I took him to meet my parents a month after and we began our marriage plans immediately.

We fixed our wedding date and invitation cards began to go round town. Our families and friends were excited that the lovers were eventually going to seal their union, even they had seen our love and could not compare it to any other. Two weeks to our wedding, I moved into his apartment so that we could easily prepare together.

I had always suspected his low sexual urge. He never seemed to get excited whenever I touched him at sensitive parts of his body and he never had sex with me all through our relationship. His excuse was his commitment to his faith, he said he had vowed to keep himself clean until marriage. I had no problem with that, in fact, I was excited; I was about to marry a man who was committed to serving God.

On a Saturday afternoon, exactly a week to our ceremony, we were finalizing some plans when I received a call from my Dad and he informed me that he was around the area and wanted me to help him with something. I explained to my fiancé and excused myself, telling him I was going to return by eight pm that evening. He understood the situation and saw me off to the gate. As I stepped out of the gate, I could hear him playing with his beloved dog, Creamy. He and Creamy were best of friends. He had told me how Creamy had been his beloved companion for years. So even though I hated dogs, I had to love Creamy because I loved Greg.

I got to meet my father where he was but he told me plans had changed and he wouldn’t need my help anymore. We spent only some few minutes chatting and I returned to my fiancé’s apartment forty five minutes after I left. I decided to give Greg a surprise, I had stopped by at a restaurant to get his favorite snacks. I walked into the house gently and tried my best to walk without making any noise.

I began to hear some strange sounds as I climbed up the stairs.

‘Oh Dear! Hard, Hard, Hard. I’ve missed you so much and I regret ever deciding to get married to a woman.’

I was shocked beyond words, that was Greg’s voice. My bag slipped from my hand and rolled down the stairs as I proceeded up. I got the shock of my life when I got to the entrance of Greg’s room to see the door opened, he was standing there groaning in pleasure with his trousers and boxers pulled down. He was sweating as he thrust in his manhood through the backside of the dog Creamy.

I felt like death was there to take me. I couldn’t control myself and I screamed out loud. Greg stopped immediately and turned to me. He was shocked to see me and was vibrating all over. He quickly pulled up his trouser and knelt down to beg me, pleading with me not to tell anyone what I saw.

He told me that he couldn’t explain himself; he felt no sexual attraction to ladies like other men. He said he loved me truly but couldn’t see himself having sex with anyone apart from Creamy. He lamented on how he had been trying to change it but couldn’t and how he almost ran mad during the one week I spent with him that didn’t give him time to be with Creamy.

I was not going to take any of it. I couldn’t stand it. How was I going to get married to a man who wasn’t sexually attracted to me? How would I marry a man who I caught having sex with a dog?

It took me less than fifteen minutes to pick my belongings. He tried to beg me to stay, claiming that he still loved me and that I could help him fight it but I refused. I knew I would never be able to erase what I just saw from my memory and it would haunt me forever.

The wedding was called off even though I’ve not been able to explain to anyone why I couldn’t continue with the marriage. Till today, I still curse the day I met Greg and I’m still scared of falling in love with any other man.


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  1. He’s bn possessed with some wicked evil spirits, is only God who can help him and again if u truly loves him as u said u can help him fight it, though is nt dat easy, they said love covers multitude of sin, so d ball is on ur court.

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