Is It A Sin?
Is It A Sin?

Is It A Sin? (Episode 13)

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“Mr. Collins!” I said in a low and serene voice.

“Nnena!” the young man replied shockingly.

The Old man and Clara were mixed-up; they were totally confused because they don’t know how we got to know each other.

Lo and behold it was the ghost gateman that I sense he was dead {hope you guys remember Collins?} “Mr. Collins!” I screamed with joy. 


Mr. Collins and Nnena hugged themselves firmly, they were so excited to see each other once again, Nnena couldn’t help, she just broke down in tears.

“Nnena! You are really a big girl now, I really miss you.” Mr. Collins whispered and they disengaged.

“I really miss you sir, I learn that you were killed, my mother narrated everything to me in my dream and I know she can’t be fake, but how did you survive?” Nnena asked with a teary eye.

“Your mother can’t be fake she is always there for you whenever you need her service, I know she doubt we could see each other maybe that is why she narrated everything to you, well how I survive was a long story… {sigh}… I was shoot by those assassins, I don’t know how their bullets penetrate into my body because I have the charm that restrained bullets from penetrating into my body, well this is how I survive…” Collins paused.




“Many people were looking at the assassinated victims (the bikeman and Collins), the pedestrians all walks to the scene so as to witness what was really happening at the scene, the bikemen and some drivers all park their means of livelihood to puck nose on what was happening just then a well tinted BMW 2016 model just park ahead the scene, the rich man came down from his car as he walk to the scene, on getting to the scene the story change what he saw made him dumbstruck.

“Collins!” the rich man shouted.

Lo and Behold it was Chief Nnamdi, he hurried to the scene as he cuddle me, he bang my chest for me to notice him, he hold my hand firmly then he realize my hands were still warm, he looks into my eyes and our eyes collided at the same time, he was quite happy, he begged some male sympathizers to help him to carry me into his car, they help him with the task mention ahead as he speed off to the hospital, all thanks to God that I was able to recover from the injuries and wounds after two months in the hospital, I was later discharged and the Chief was so happy for me and that was how Chief Nnamdi save me like a God from an unexpected peril. Later on he gave me his card and he told me I should meet him at a guest house, he warned him to live where I won’t be seen or notice by Mrs. Chioma. I got to the guest house early than imagine, I called the chief number but it wasn’t going through, I later found out that the chief is dead and he dies of poison, since then I have been living with my father {pointing to the old man}.” Collins narrated as he broke down in tears.



Nnena was dumbstruck and shock when she heard that Collins knew that the chief is dead and he dies from poison, she wish the land could just ingest her, but it seems the land is not ready for the task, Nnena drop on her kneels beseeching.

“I am the one that serve him the tea but I swear to almighty God, I can’t poison him, he really mean everything to me, why will I murder him, Mr. Collins please trust me am not the one that poison him.” Nnena replied beseeching.

“I really trust you my dear, I know you can’t poison the chief, I know there is something fishy somewhere, I think am interested in this and I have to see by myself the true side of all the whole episodes of this story.” Collins concluded as he was unhooking his hunter’s attire.

“When are you going on your journey so that I can make the necessary preparations?” Collins’s father (the old man asked).

“I don’t that is necessary the wise one, I have Mr. Collins and Clara, I think I don’t to be fortified anymore.” Nnena replied the old man question.

“Nnena!” Collins and Clara screamed in unison

“Well I think that is the nice decision (directing his statement to Clara and Collins), when are you going for your revenge?”Collins’s father asked

“After my last revenge we will go so that I can join her avengers.” Clara barged in.

“When are you going on your last revenge?” Collins asked as he was examining the animals he has hunted.

“Tomorrow!” Clara said



She dressed in Black-Black like those of Ninja Assassins; she was busy buckling her boots when Nnena came in to meet her.

“You can’t be allowed to enter bus going to Abuja like this na, can’t you see how you dress?” Nnena whispered to Clara.

Clara laughs at Nnena childish statement.

“Am ready my dear {she hold Nnena on her two shoulders} be strong, I will be back in the next two hour and we will accomplish our whole mission.” Clara replied ironically.

“Okay please take care, and do gently.” Nnena said as she was heading out of the hut, she looked back but Clara where to be found.

“Safe Journey! Sweet Revenge!” Nnena said as she walked out from the hut.




She landed in front of the Senate Building, she change to be shadowy, she look at the main gate of her mission residence and she saw the outnumbered securities guiding the gate only, she sense that there must be CCTV cameras planted as a means of securities the whole Senate President Building, she thought for a while; she knew if she vanished into thin air and no one see her, the CCTV cameras will definitely see her, since the cameras were technology and it can’t be blinded like people, she thought if she made any mistake in this mission she will definitely end up been apprehended and this mission is a don’t or die. “This must be a tough mission!” She exclaimed. She stood still for a while trying to figure out how she was going to execute her mission, lately she later end up coming up with an idea that was force into her mind.

She dipped her hand inside the little bag she was backing, she brought out a small electric scissors; this scissors was attached to a tiny cable  which could hardly be seen because of its transparent colour and his tiny weight, this electric scissors has a remote control which controlled its work. “This may work.” she though rhetorically. She brought out the remote control, she set the signal and she set the electric scissor to work, she directed the cable of the scissor toward the CCTV camera that was placed infront of the Senate Building, this CCTV was extra-powered; it do scan the whole body of anyone entering into Senate President Building to confirmed that such person doesn’t have any arsenal or weapon that may harm.

Successfully, she was able to attached the scissor to the CCTV, she controlled the scissor she succeeded in cutting down the cable that is connecting the CCTV to the computer room, the CCTV was successfully disconnected, she controlled her apparatus back to herself, she kept the instrument inside her bag as she back her backpack. She was majestically into the Senate Building without been seen by any securities, she was able to enter the Senate Building successfully as she was planning how to execute her next mission into the Senate President Resident, she was still invincible as she was looking at the securities who were outnumbered, she looks at her left side and luckily for her she saw some Elect/Elect Engineering workers resuming to their duty, she invincibly straggle one of those workers to collapse and she dragged her to a corner, she change into the uniform of the Elect/Elect Engineering staff, she knew if she remain invisible and she was trying to make her way into the Elect/elect engineering department, though it may be successful but she knew she will be detected by the CCTV  cameras and that will definitely alert the securities. She restore back to be visible and she join those Electrical Engineering Workers, she was able to made her way into the Elect/Elect Workers department, they were Seven inside the Department, she pretended as she was one of them so to avoid suspicious, she was query by one of the staff and she was able to defend that she was a new staff, she show her ID card to the staff, what surprise me is that her passport and the whole ID card contain her genuine information; don’t forget she was supernatural, she was thinking of a way to disconnect the whole senate building light, later on she saw some rare cables attached to a big box, the box was locked, her mind told her to disconnect the cables and that means she will be able to succeed in her mission. Luckily for her, it was break time, all the seven workers walk out from the office as they opts for the kitchen to eat, she swiftly execute her plan by disconnecting the rare cables and all the light in the whole building went off, she thought for some time as she came up with an idea to disconnect all the CCTVs in the whole senate building, she change to her normal assassin uniform as she transform back to be invisible, she walk into the computer room of the Senate Building, she was still invisible and no one could notice her, she could have opt for disappearing but she knew if she vanish at a spot she will be landed visibly and that won’t help but implicate her the most. All the workers of the computer room were grumbling and ranting, they were suspicious that something untold was about to happen, it is rare for light to went off in the Senate House and it is not restore within 20 sec, it is over 5 minutes now and the light hasn’t been restore. Clara enter the computer room without been notice by a single worker, she succeeded in disconnecting the whole CCTVs within a twinkle of an eye, now she her next mission is to execute her main mission {THE SENATE PRESIDENT RESISDENT}    



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