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The Second Sight – Episode 38

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I turned, still on my knees, and grabbed her around the waist.

I pressed the side of my head tightly, violently, desperately against her tummy. I was trembling badly, and her cool fingers touched my face and neck, and then she took my head and pressed it gently against her warmth.



It’s okay, Yaw. Everything is fine.

I held her for a long time until my heart stopped pounding and my shivering stopped, and then I got to my feet slowly.

I couldn’t look at her, not without her seeing just how deeply I had come to care for her.

I reached out, patted her right cheek tenderly.



Yaw –



No, Nicole, not now!

I said as gently as I could, and hurried away from her.

I went straight to my room and locked the door, and then I did the most sanest thing my heart was telling me to do.

I knelt by the side of my bed, clasped my hands in front of me, closed my eyes… and prayed as I had never prayed before.

I opened my heart out to the Almighty Creator above.

I poured out my fears, my soul, my wants, my weaknesses.

And then, quite exhausted, I fell unto the bed and slept.

But there was a calm warmth in my heart since that day.

Bonner filled in the days by teaching me how to use the awesome power I was suddenly endowed with. After the massive shock had worn off, and after my soul-baring prayer, I wearily accepted the fact that I was different, and that somehow my life had altered its course. Nothing would be the same for me again.

I could not even live a normal life.

I didn’t want to dwell too much on what would happen to me because I knew that somehow, despite the power I had, my life would never be completely happy. I was limited by it, and would spend every single day of my life trying to live with it, to control it.

The fact of the matter was that I didn’t believe any human should be given that much power. In itself it was a lethal weapon that could lead to self-destruction.

I was beginning to understand why so many Unblinds had fallen by giving in to the most basic of sins and thus allowing holes in their otherwise impenetrable armours.

We all knew the Legion had come for Anderson, and had been scared off by my presence. At least that was how Bonner put it, but I didn’t buy that completely.

I had seen those eyes, and they hadn’t looked scared to me. That vile thing had been prepared for a confrontation, and somehow I knew deep down within me that soon it would turn its fury on me and try to usurp my influence and then move in for the kill.

Two weeks dragged by after the deaths of Andoh and Bruno.

My days were spent always close to Anderson, but it wasn’t a particularly satisfactory arrangement for me because Bonner told me that if the Legion was scared enough it could leave Anderson alone for weeks, months or even years, and when I was not around it would come back.

I didn’t want to spend ages as the spiritual guard of a pastor who had lost his mettle. I could grow old just shepherding him around, and I didn’t like that.

I reminded Bonner of the demon which had tracked me down to my hotel room in Jackson Peak. I told him how somehow I had been guided by the strange power within me to track it down to Samantha Gaisie and dealt with it.



And your point is?



I think I should go out there and look for the Legion. I think it is pretty useless following Pastor Anderson around. You said it yourself. The Legion could be out of Portville right now, not intending to come back pretty soon. If I do have the powers you’ve been espousing, then I think I can track it down and put all of us out of this misery.


True enough. I’ve thought about that myself, but right now the congregation needs Paul. He has to prepare for the Christmas conventions. He needs to see them, and receive them when they visit. For the last couple of months they have had to do with junior pastors, and already we’ve heard tales of their impatience and their worries. You kill a church that way, son, if you allow the flock to thirst and hunger for a leader. No, please stay with Paul. He’s only confident when you’re around, a sad fact, I know, but that’s how it is. You have to be patient. Things will work out fine. If, and this is a strong if , mind you, the Legion does not put in an appearance by the time the conventions are over, you can go after it.


But do you think the Legion could come before that?

His gaze was direct and strong and unwavering.



It hasn’t left, son. It is still here. It will make its stance here because it sensed your fear the last time you met. It is stalking you now.

And that was that.

It wasn’t really a surprise to me because deep down I knew it, and had unconsciously accepted that inevitability. I was rapidly and unequivocally approaching that final cataclysmic explosion … and I was horrified.

And then there was Nicole.

The feel of my face against her flat, firm belly had been like an indelible mark on my face.

If the days were bearable it was because she was there. I loathed the mornings when she had to go to work, and craved the evenings when she returned home.

Sometimes she came straight to the church where I would be with her father, and sometimes I met her at home.

There were times when she was unreasonably late – when I assumed she was with that incorrigible Andrew Okai – and I would fret with childish jealousy.

I had almost come clean with her one day when we had been together in the garden, one sweet tangible night when I had almost crushed her against me and confessed my inner cravings to her.

I had felt a little awkward in her presence, with her so close and me remembering how soft she had been, how lovely, how so ethereal she looked.

She had taken me out briefly on some evenings, showing me some of the delightful sights of Portville. She even took me out one weekend to some of her favourite spots where she had frequented as a child.

One night, after everybody had gone to bed, I had been feeling stressed out.

I had tossed in bed restlessly, my soul a reluctant spirit that refused to be stilled. Finally I had gotten up, pulled on a pair of jeans and a cardigan and walked out.

I was now in the room Andoh had occupied, which was almost directly opposite the master bedroom of the Andersons.

It had been Bonner’s arrangement, and we had all accepted it. Three doors down the hallway was Nicole’s bedroom. I could see faint golden light seeping under her door unto the dark hallway.

I wondered if she was still up or had fallen asleep without turning off her lights.

I had wandered downstairs and found myself finally in the garden.

I entered one of the summer huts and sat down on a comfortable chair. It was a huge circular cane chair with a soft hollowed cushion in it. I stretched out, and as the cold seeped into me and the air caressed my face I found myself relaxing, my anxiety melting slowly.

I closed my eyes and found sleep lulling me into a comfortable place. I allowed myself to be caressed, welcoming the enveloping cocoon until …

Jasmine … the scent of jasmine.

Her .

I fought my way up from the nice place my brain was now dwelling in, and opened my eyes drowsily.

She was standing there, wearing a huge latex coat that hid whatever she was wearing underneath. The garden bulb cast a soft glow on her awesome features and as I stared up at her she looked like an angel.

We stayed like that for a long time; she standing there staring at me wordlessly, me lying there and gawking.


(softly, gently, passionately)

You’re beautiful.

Her expression was inscrutable, and for a while longer she stood there staring down at me.

Finally she moved forward, dragged one of the cane chairs next to mine, took off her coat and sank down gently into it.

She was also in jeans and a heavy sweater. She curled up in the chair, just inches from me.


For a moment I found it hard to breathe.

I was overwhelmed by the effect she had on me. The tension between us was as electric as it was totally exhilarating. The ache in my heart was such that I wanted to turn and sweep her into my arms and never let her go.

This feeling was not like any I had ever had.

With Elaine I had been more attracted by her incredible physical beauty, and a great urge to flaunt her, more as an asset than anything else.

Owning a woman like Elaine would have brought its perks and egos, more of a shoulder-high tempo, but with this lady, I was beginning to understand a whole set of longing, needing, wanting and craving for permanency.

It was kind of bad, because recently it seemed she was always on my mind, and my heart just craved to be merged with her.

I trembled, but it was not from the cold.

And then she moved, one of her hands reaching out and taking mine. I curled my fingers around hers.

The touch was … powerful!

No words, no other gestures, no other body contacts. Just our interlaced fingers, tightening around each other, relaxing, tightening, clasping, holding, moving.

And as my heart raced I knew…I finally knew!

The monster I had ran from all my life, the evil I had dreaded and convinced myself I would never be a victim of … had finally found me. I was lost. My heart and my days would be for her forever, if she wanted them.

What was that feeling? An overwhelming urge to be by her side for eternity, to hold and cherish, to protect and caress, to make her happy forever, to see her smile all the time.

Elaine would have been a trophy…

Nicole was a life…

That was a most dangerous moment because just then I almost swept her into my arms and confessed what I felt for her.

If it was love, then for the very first time in my life I was in love. I had stared into heaven, and I was addicted.

It would be her … for eternity.

In the harsh light of the morning however I realized that what I felt for her was pretty hopeless because she was for another man – a more suited man, if I should be frank with myself.

Okai had two normal eyes; heck, the only abnormal thing the guy would ever see was his own shadow … plus, he was an heir to an empire, and probably a very romantic kind of guy. He would always be home, present when she needed him.

He wouldn’t be looking over his shoulders all the time, or shudder with fear anytime he saw demons partying in town. The Unblind’s life, I was fast beginning to realize, was a hard and lonely one, and I just couldn’t tie her down to it even if, in the most remote of chances, she agreed to be with me.

I stared reality in the face: she and I had no future together.

If I really loved her, then I would have to spare her that horror. She couldn’t go down the same path her mother had trodden. Like an exotic bird her true beauty and strength could be seen when she was soaring free in the sky, and not confined by the sharp edges of a cage.

As painful as it was, as unbearable as the consequences might be, I knew that the best thing to do, if I really wanted her to be happy in life, was to leave the waters untouched.

Her life would follow its chartered course – the one she was obviously used to – which would invariably end in marriage to Andrew Okai.

So we held hands, and later walked back to the house holding hands, and parted with deep looks at each other, but we were both silence, probably coming to the same conclusions.

I watched her walk to her room, and I entered mine, and my heart had never been so lonely.

Oh, Love…how bitter can you be sometimes!

Another Sunday came by.

It was time for church, and I smiled a little ruefully as I got dressed. Who would’ve thought a day would dawn when going to church to really worship and praise that divine God above would fill me with such tingling anticipation and urge?

But it had really happened.

The hours I spent with Bonner and the literature he forced me to read revealed things I had never known about God. Not very long ago I had thought the

Gospel was some sort of nonsense spewed out by crazy zealots.

Not so now; I knew better, and I appreciated the silent little truths that had always confused me but which I had never really paid any heed to. Truths like how the world came to be, who created the absolutely wonderful sea that stretched from continent to continent?

Just believing that the world evolved sounded good, and put to rest a whole lot of crazy questions that otherwise would have driven mankind mad.

Now it made perfect sense, and I craved to learn more. Each day at church was a revelation. I came to realize that I loved the worship sessions the best.

They were moments of great bliss, similar to climbing a hill slowly and then cresting it and finding a wealth of breathtaking grandeur spread below. I loved the highly-charged songs, the deep meditation and the total proclamation of the might of an unseen powerful figure above.

Nicole rode with her mother and brother in their Lexus whilst I used my Chrysler. Anderson was in the backseat whilst Bonner, as always, sat in front with me.

As usual I helped Bonner into the seat, and just as I closed the door Nicole approached me from the main house.

She looked absolutely stunning in a simple white dress – the type that looked so elegant and simple but in truth were quite expensive pieces of art – and her hair was pulled back in a ponytail, exposing the amazing planes of her face which was proof of the perfect symmetry of her features.

Her makeup was slight, but then again she didn’t really need makeup. She was one of those few women who were naturally beautiful, and always dazzled whether they were waking up from a deep slumber or dressing for a great function.

She handed me a huge, black shiny Bible.


(softly, smiling)

I think it is time you owned your first Bible, Yaw Boat.


Thanks a lot. I really appreciate this.

I took the Bible, reveling in the tingling pleasure of her fingers touching mine as I took it from her.

It was a perfectly normal thing to do, I guess, one Christian giving another a gift, especially a Bible.

There was nothing to it, really, but it meant a lot to me.

It meant so much to me that it kind of caused one of those painful lumps in my throat – the kind of lump you got when you watched a tear-jerker of a movie with the girls and you didn’t want them to see you were dying for a good cry – yeah, and I felt all confused and suddenly sentimental.

For a moment our eyes met, and locked. Space was undefined and time stood still. It was a charged moment that threatened to sweep us along with its powerful tides.

I whispered – or tried to whisper – her name, but then she stepped back and put a gentle hand on my right upper-arm.

She held it there for a moment, no gripping touch, just her lovely little hand on my hard big arm. I wanted so much to take her hand and kiss her palm and the insides of her elbows, or some silly thing like that.


Jasmine is her!

Her perfume was a gentle caress that dulled my resolves, and for a wild crazy moment I feared I might give everything away.



Let’s go to church, Yaw.

And with that she turned and walked to the Lexus.

I wanted her back!

I wanted her that close, that sweet. I wanted to undo her ponytail and let her hair flow free, and I wanted to hold her close and bury my face in the crook of her neck and shoulder for hours.

I carefully got into the Chrysler.

Already the Lexus was pulling out. My hands were not quite steady as I reached in the back to put my new Bible on the seat. I jabbed at the ignition two times before I got the key into it.


(with a chuckle)

If you love her that much just go ahead and tell her so.

I swirled on him, startled.

His lined face was calm and knowing as he looked at me.



What in the name of ****ens are you talking about?



Oh, come off it, you pretender! Everybody can see you love her. Stop deluding yourself and admit you’re in love with her.

I could feel the heat rising up around my neck as I looked furtively into the driving mirror, trying to see how Paul Anderson was taking it all.



For a senior man of God I must admit you do have a one-track unclean mind. You should know she and Andrew Okai are going to get married.


Bonner gave me an odd look and shook his head, his expression one of contempt.


Birds***. Andrew Okai is a pampered little sissy who can’t clean his own dripping nose even with the hide of an elephant.

I looked at him, startled, and then I heard Paul Anderson laughing softly in the backseat.

I joined in after a moment, and before long we were all guffawing with such mad intensity that after a moment it began to scare me.

For that particular point in time the Legion was forgotten, and all the horrors took backstage. What prevailed was the hilarity of an ancient pastor using a curse word to describe his fellow human being, and it triggered off a bout of carefree abandonment and a total period of mirth inside the car.

I had never heard Paul Anderson laugh, and the deep pleasant tones of his voice in laughter was a moment of triumph, albeit a little one at that, but still a triumph over the constricting fear of the Legion.

Maybe he felt it too, because his preaching in church that day was with a different spirit, and it reached out to the hearts of the congregation.

I heard from snippets of conversation how they described him that day. They were happy – and relieved – that their pastor was back with a ‘new anointing.’

Perhaps the only sore point that day was Mrs. Shirley Okai, Andrew’s mother.

The old hawk had somehow gotten it into her ancient head that she could get me if she tried hard enough, and she seized every opportunity to make a play at me.

It seemed she had informed three or four of her equally ancient friends, and to see them all sitting in a row with their false giggles, fluttering eyelids and shaky voices they believed were sexy, was something rather terrible to behold.

Not that they were that old; no, in the past I had bedded women who could have been twice the ages of Shirley and her cronies. They dressed well, and had aged well. They were the type of women who pretended to be Christians because they wanted the respect that went with it.

Alone however, their lives were different, filled with one obscene episode to the next. That sickened me, and that was what made Shirley Okai so repulsive to me.

And yet she would not give up; her harassment was consistent and sometimes so blatant that I felt utterly nervous around her.

Sometimes I was sorely tempted to cut her down cruelly and burst her little bubble – that was something the old Yaw Boat would have done without the least compulsion – but I was aware that doing that would’ve marred the excellent relationship she enjoyed with Anderson and his wife, and of course Nicole.

I had tried on several occasions to be firm with her, but it seemed she didn’t know how to give up, and she only always came back for more.

There was this wonderful garden just behind the main church building. It was a beautiful garden, and they had done a great job keeping it neat and mature.

The feeling one got upon entering it for the first time was an overwhelming sense of blissful peace, and thereafter a sublime feeling of being welcomed.

The flowers were exotic and their combined scents were gentle fragrances that seduced one’s senses and provided a gently caressing touch on the brain. It had a small pond that was always kept clean, and which often had huge white ducks swimming in.

Most Sundays I always wandered into the garden after church. These were occasions where Anderson and Bonner for one reason or the other would be in a closed-door meeting with their church elders and ministers.

That Sunday the old man told me they were meeting to discuss Andoh’s death and a date for his burial – among other matters, of course.

I went to the garden, partly because I knew the Legion could never strike Anderson in the house of God, definitely not when he was surrounded by so many good Christians.

I sat down on a narrow wooden bench facing the pond and watched the ducks.

I pushed all thoughts out of my head and enjoyed the day. The atmosphere was serene and peaceful.

On the opposite side of the pond two aged men were sitting on the grass, sipping orange juice through tall straws.

Behind them was the huge swimming pool which had a sort of metallic barrier around it; Nicole had informed me that the barrier could be electronically lowered.

No one ever swam in that pool; it was reserved for baptismal rites.

After a moment I became a little tired of watching the ducks and breathing in the wonderful sight of the garden, and I tilted my head back on the bench and gazed lazily into the sky.

Far into the skies indistinct birds soared majestically, and for a crazy moment I was assailed by a poignant urge to be free of all my troubles. I wanted to soar high into the clouds and never come back to earth.

Many minutes later, when I was beginning to doze, my nostrils were suddenly assaulted by a heady kind of perfume, strong enough to be a man’s, and then, quite suddenly, I felt slender arms going around my neck, and then she leaned over my startled face and planted wet slobbery lips on mine.

Mrs. Shirley Okai was on the scene.

My first reaction was one of great annoyance and instant revulsion. I wanted to pull her down unto my knees and give her a good spanking.

The feeling was so strong that I found my right hand traveling upward, catching hold of one of her arms and tightening on it.

I had known a girl once, a long time ago, when I was in secondary school sixth form.

I couldn’t remember her name, but she had been a real ugly one. Her skin had been bad, her face worse, and her body as lean and straight as a beanpole.

She hadn’t helped herself any by her constantly scowling face. People had sort of given her names, bad ones, and secondary school life had been an awful experience for her – or so I thought.

To me she had looked really innocent, and I had pitied her, and tried to be her friend just to make others lay off her.

She had been innocent, until she got me into her apartment on one pretext or the other. Maybe she had convinced me to help her out on the delicate issues about a history topic.

I had been a good student, and history had been one of my best subjects, and I had been a sort of authority on it. I had felt sorry for her somehow, and had followed her into her apartment.

She had locked the door and removed the key, but I hadn’t been bothered because I could’ve broken her into two with a snap of my fingers.

She had offered me a drink, and before the glass was half empty I had known she had done something real bad with that drink.

My vision had started blurring, and my words had been dragged out as if someone had stuffed wool into my mouth. I hadn’t been completely out, though, and I had actually seen her dragging me to a bed and hauling me on it, and in my drooling slurring condition I had wondered at the extreme strength she had packed in those skinny arms.

She had taken off my clothes and tied me up, securely, spread-eagled on that damn bed, and I hadn’t been able to do whit about it.

She had done a lot of stuff with me that night. Funny thing was, my brain and body rejected her, even in that kind of stupor, but that single part of me that mattered most had responded to her gentle touches and caresses.

Naked, she had looked even worse, and I had noticed that she had not looked at my face throughout the whole sordid experience.

Whatever she had laced my drink with might have been something awfully powerful, because I stayed in that semi-coma condition for a long time. Time and again she had concentrated on that part of me, getting it hard enough, then straddling me and riding herself to her obscene pleasure.

Even when she was in that intense state of orgasm she had controlled herself. Her body would go rigid, she would throw her head back with her eyes closed, grasp her non-existent breasts and tremble violently, letting no sound emerge.

She would then get up, sit on the bed and look at my deflated organ, never taking her eyes off it, waiting for a few minutes, and then beginning all over again.

At last, when she was quite tired, she had opened the door, untied me, and had left the apartment quietly.

Somewhere in the morning the drug had finally left my body, and I had gotten up groggily. I got dressed and left her apartment.

No one had known about it, and I hadn’t seen her again until a week later. She had gone about her business as usual, as ugly as always, as scowling as ever but by then I had realized that mixed with my revulsion of her was a certain level of fear.


To be continued…

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All Rights Reserved.



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