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The Second Sight – Episode 26

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He knows then that this is the moment.

He cannot put if off anymore.

He has nothing left but a little phrase that has stuck somewhere deep in his brain, tucked away for the last moment which he has erroneously thought will be postponed, but which has dawned on him suddenly without much fanfare.

…If you decide to accept the gift, all you will need to do is to confess your sins and repent of them, and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour…

Of course he has no wish to become an Unblind, but he doesn’t want these uglies to be in him, to take over! He wants to rip them apart every dirty limb by dirty limb, but that is as far as his cravings go. He is cut out to be a religious freak walking along in dark clothes chasing after retarded demons.

But will it work, in a situation where his heart is not really sorry for his sins? Wasn’t it written somewhere in the Bible that God sees into the heart of men?

If he prays won’t God be able to fathom out its hidden agenda, and by so doing turn His back on him?

Hell, His own son had been in a far deadlier situation, but hadn’t the bearded man above turned a deaf ear, even when Jesus cried out in His agony about the loneliness of being left alone on the cross? Christ, who had had no blemish on him had not been able to reach out to the Great God Almighty, how much more Boat, a self-proclaimed servant of sin, a true unbeliever with the hardest heart in the business, a man who has not repented even in the face of the crushing evidence he has been presented with?

Surely there are other young men whom God can call to serve diligently in His great army. Boat is more than expendable, isn’t he?

But he simply can’t let this happen to him without a fight!

He owes it to my mother, grandfather and father! He has to repel this thing, and if giving in to a faith he has no belief in will do the trick, then he will gladly do it.


They are entering rapidly, spreading through Boat!

He can feel the strange sensations, the explosive invasion that make his blood boil within him.

He still cannot not breathe, and the agony is so terrible that he feels his brain giving way, ready to explode from the lack of oxygen.

Yaw Boat focuses, and closes his eyes tightly, and through that agony he begins to pray.



Dear God… dear, Lord-

And that is when the terrible blows start!

Cruel, punishing blows, hard and merciless torture, hitting him in the face, in the chest and in the stomach.

Boat gasps with the shock of the onslaught, and his eyes flies open.

The horned beast is still standing, arms held out, and face grimacing as the hosts of evil beings shoot out of it and smash into Boat’s body.

Boat, in a daze, sees that Shadow-Thing has detached itself from the monster and is now delivering punishing painful blows into Boat’s body.

Blood pours out of Boat’s mouth and face because his mouth is cracked open, his face bones broken, his ribs broken, his body in such agony that he cannot even concentrate on anything except the pain.

A crunching blow to my face makes his nose spurt blood like a fancy water sprinkler, and his vision blurs. The pain is fierce and unbearable, and he forgets completely that he is praying.

He can see the evil things leaving the monster thing faster, in blurs, smashing into him, entering him in hordes!

Suddenly it dawns on Boat, through the pain, that the Shadow-Thing is beating him up so violently because the demons are scared of the prayer he has started, and they are now in a hurry to possess him completely!

That is all that it means to do!

It is beating him to pulp, interfering with his call to a God Boat doesn’t particularly believe in! He tries to continue praying, to say it in his heart quietly without making a sound, but the blows are now smashing into his head, and he has no focus as he quickly begins to become unconscious.

He is on the brink of losing consciousness, and he can’t focus!

Finally, crushed and broken, Yaw Boat stops all thoughts and abandons all efforts to pray subconsciously because he cannot not even concentrate on a line of prayer.

His body has taken enough, and he doesn’t want to fight anymore.

He stops praying.

He just wants the punishment to stop!

And then, suddenly, from a very long way off, Boat hears the enraged bellow of the Monster, and at the same time he feels the blows slackening, their effects becoming weaker and weaker until he barely feels the thuds of those fists hammering into him.

He feels the restlessness of the demons that have already invaded him, and feels their profound shock and confusion.

Boat’s puffed eyes take in the spectacle in front of him.

The monster shouts, and Boat can hear the shock in its alien voice filled tinged with fear.


(shocked, scared)


What happens next is macabre.

The face of the monster changes swiftly from the horned beast to the agonized face of Joe Boat!

It was immediately submerged by the demon, but a minute later Joe Boat’s face appears again, contorted with great pain and torture!

Joe Boat’s eyes are bulging, his cheeks exploding out, red angry veins standing out on his face!

The horn explodes out on top of his head, and his lower jaw changes into that of the beast, but his nose and eyes remain unchanged.

His whole body seemed to tremble violently with the effort, and when Boat is beginning to think his father’s whole face will explode soon, but suddenly Joe Boat lets out a fierce scream of torture!


(anguished, tortured)

Noooooooo!!! Leave my son aloooooooone!!



But with another scream Joe Boat forces his way through, and his head emerges in its entirety, although he still has the body of the beast.

Mercifully the agonizing pain leaves Boat’s throat and he begins to cough uncontrollably, as more blood pours from his mouth.

He is so battered that he can barely comprehend what has happened as I stays in that semi-delirious state, caught in a terrible limbo between reality and hallucination.

He seems to hear a voice from a very long way off, and he sees his father’s lips moving urgently, screaming.



The agonized voice of his father finally forces the cobwebs away and Yaw Boat looks up, looking at his father weakly through the slits of his swollen eyes.


(weakly, tearfully)



(shouting, weeping)

Pray, son, pray! It is your only chance! Repent now, Yaw! We can do it. I feel their fear! Pray, godamn it, pray son!! Come on, son! I forced them down but they’re coming back! I can’t hold them off much longer! Come on, you damn fool!!

Perhaps it is the insult, and perhaps it is the agony he hears in his father’s voice, but it finally penetrates to Yaw Boat that somehow, by some miracle, his father has done the impossible: he has somehow managed to force himself back on the demons, and through sheer will he has reigned supreme, holding them back so that his son can breathe and pray!

It isn’t supposed to happen, of course.

He has entered into a contract of death with the Devil, a contract that gives no room for negotiations, a contract that is sealed and delivered in blood.

Joe Boat is supposed to be the docile host, the container that has housed the evil beings for so long, and has begun to develop rust and thus must be replaced; he is supposed to be the brainless sheep, led by the nose and unable to question.

And yet, somehow, that sheep has developed fangs, unknown to the abusive manipulator. Somehow, Joe Boat has been able to force his way up and bite for the first time, catching his masters by surprise. He has gone against the rules, and has totally abrogated part of the contract.

That is unacceptable, and the consequences can be just as deadly.

Somewhere in the madness that is in Boat’s brain, he finally understands this sacrifice his father has made, and also understand that it is the only chance he is going to get.

This is what a father’s love is all about.

This is the ultimate sacrifice.

And then, finally, after all the agonies and all the fear, Yaw Boat finally understands that he is a pawn, that he is helpless… and that he is a sinner that needs a saviour.

And at the point of helplessness, at that point of death, at that point of seeing a loved father suffering so much, at that point of knowing he is a powerless pawn in the hands of an atrocious collection of demons, Yaw Boat finally makes his choice…

And his heart is at peace, and he believes…

Painfully at first, filled with sincerity, the words pour out from his soul, written in blood and delivered in love.

He feels moisture on his face and realizes that a new feeling is moving through his body, a heightened level of understanding that he has hitherto not believed he is capable of having.

He sees that his father is beginning to lose the battle.

His eyes are turning a terrible red, the crown of his heard beginning to pout.



Dear father God. I am a sinner, sure, and I don’t know a whole lot about this repentance stuff, but believe me, dear Lord, I’ve seen enough, and now I believe. So please, come on, I believe in you, man, and I believe the Lord Jesus died to save my sins… yeah, it sounds good. I can’t say I love you profoundly, but I guess that will come later. I don’t really understand why you allowed Christ to die on the cross when you could just have killed the wicked humans and left the good ones and let us start all over again. But I’m being honest and sincere here so that you know my heart. So I guess later you’ll let me understand all about why Christ died. My heart is ready for you, so come and stay in there with your son and the Holy Spirit. Deliver me, and use me, Father God. Amen.

Is it enough?

Was that even a prayer?

Boat doesn’t know, but it is the most sincere talk he has ever had with God, and he believes every little word of that prayer, and he indeed means every word.

It has come from his very depths.

Boat can barely keep his eyes open, but he sees enough to notice that his father’s face has become one huge map of perverse insanity.

It keeps changing shapes, flicking from one hideous enigma to the next. One second it will be an unbelievably thin and long head above a snake-like neck, the gaping mouth stretching from the floor almost all the way to the ceiling.

And then in another second that head will shrink to the size of a tennis ball, the eyes sticking out grotesquely, almost popping out, only supported by thin membranous muscles, and then it will swell outward to gargantuan proportions.

And within that rapidly changing face his father’s countenance keeps emerging once in a while – sad, agonized, wailing, tortured.

It is enough to drive any man crazy; but it simply breaks Boat’s heart.

In the craziness of his agony tears well up in his eyes, and slowly trickles down his cheeks.

Finally Joe Boat’s spirit is overcome, and the physical ugly beast appears.

Huge, horned, hairy, webbed and infinitely evil.

It growls in that rumbling ancient way which shakes the foundations of the building. It does not have its red eyes now, but the terrible abyss ones.

Its shoulders are hunched, angry, and ready to unleash terrible repercussions.

When it speaks there seems to be fire burning somewhere deep within its gullet, tiny flames that leap towards the roof of its throat, filling its mouth, and puffs of smoke emerges from its ears and nostrils.




Yaw Boat stops weeping.

His cold eyes drill into the ugly monster.

Fear is no longer a part of his emotional make-up.




Only fury!

And a terrible urge to hurt that thing bad!

A tiny growl escapes Boat’s own throat.

He surges forward, expecting Hideous’ tentacles to hold back, but he finds he is free, and when he looks down he sees Hideous slinking slowly towards the ceiling of the dome, its face turned away, trying to curl itself into a smaller shape.

Yaw Boat is not aware of what is happening until he feels a strange sensation all over his skin.

He holds up his arms slowly and sees the blood disappearing from his arms, and the deep inner pain in his chest from the blows he has received has already disappeared.

There is a tingling on his face and on his lips.

A face that had been puffed up badly from the terrible beating, and lips split in several places from the incessant blows.

He feels no pain in his lips, and his face feels fine, refreshed.

He touches his lips… no blood, no pain!

Miraculously, his body is healed!

Every little crack, every ache of pain, every drop of blood… has been replaced!

He holds up his hands higher still, wonderingly, looking at them with fascination.

There is something different about his skin; something so wrong… something so fine!

It seemed to glow from within, becoming so clearer, much silkier, so much alive… so divine!

Yaw Boat stares, marvelling, wondering what it is.

I isn’t normal…

A moment later he knows!

I was glowing!

His own force-field finally.. and it is absolutely the best he has seen so far!

It is dense, thick, undiluted… sizzling with energy, forbidding, dangerous!

He is home dry!

The tide has just gone down, and surfing season is over, Legion-Baaaby!

Boat slowly looks up!

Hideous takes one look and then it gives an agony-filled screech of fear and smashes into the ceiling and disappears.

Yaw Boat smiles nastily, wickedly.



Run, Hideous, run. Don’t worry, I’ll find you, Hideous, oh yes, and I’m gonna show you a few things!

He can feel the clamour in his breast, the terrible din of frightened souls, and then a moment later all the demons that have entered his body come crashing out, and Boat can hear their fear, and feel their panic, their stench, their wails of terror.

They floated around, screaming, burning from his force-field, whimpering pitifully, and then they crash back into the parent host.

Yaw Boat smiles.

It is a nasty smile.

They have fled from his body, and now it is his turn to teach and to invade.

He hears the whimper.

It is sharp, filled with shock and despair.

He looks in the direction of the sound.

That monster is still there, the mark of the beast blazing horribly on its beastly brow.

Its eyes are changing rapidly again!

Whereas at first it had seemed as if each pair of eyes wanted to be the supreme one and stay, now it looks like each is trying to get away and hide! The beast’s look isn’t so pompous now.

The fear oozes from its body in droves.

Its shoulders are hunched as if against a terrible cold. It is not advancing anymore. It is slowly creeping backwards like a thief which has just been caught with a hand in the jewel case.

Boat notices something strange about that beastly face now that it is devoid of its arrogant haughtiness, and is shrouded with unrestrained fear: it looks very old.

It is withered, wrinkled and ancient. It can barely look at Boat, but its gaze is turned sideways now, its head darting round and round, frantically trying to seize any weapon it can use against Boat.

Again Boat smiles…

He knows that it isn’t a very pretty smile.

He can see the despaired fury within the fear in its eyes, the look of the bully whose sweet has been taken away by a bigger bully.

It hates to let go, and by losing a new kind of dangerous hatred is borne; a hatred that will be fed on, and will never let go until the foe lay vanquished.

It was a feeling Boat also knows well because it is reciprocated.

He doesn’t bother to go near the monster.

He just raises his right hand and points a rigid finger at it.


(harshly, angrily, vengefully)

Time’s up, demons.

It tries to growl, but what comes out is a whimper as it scurries backwards, bringing up sharply against the throne.



Be still, demons!

Boat is astonished at his calm and the new voice of authority in his voice. He is so exhilarated as he feels the power and the authority sizzling deep within him like a low-noise power generator.

Finally there is no reason to flee again; he has absolute dominion of those terrifying principalities.

It is time for them to do the running for a change.

But Yaw Boat is not ready to let them do any running!




But it is lame, and weak, and just a blow of receding strength.

It won’t give up, though. It sto look defiant, but Boat sees that it can’t look him in the eye, and that after his commands it to be still, it indeed remains absolutely still.

It obeys!


(shocked, exhilarated)

I’ll be doggoned!


(trembling, unsteady)


This time the voice is the trembling unsteady voice of a very old man, and it makes Boat tremble a bit.



You’re coming out of my father’s body, demons. Your hour has come, dude, and I’m gonna mess you up big time!

When it speaks again the voice is a multi-voice horror that sound like a lot of women, men, children and beasts speaking at the same time.

It is a terrible sound that makes Yaw Boat pause with sudden trepidation.

Its eyes are looking wild now, and it begins to pace the floor rapidly, looking everywhere but Boat’s direction.




Yaw Boat points his hand at it and opens his mouth to speak.

The beast shrieks loudly in that multi-voice, and it echoes and reverberates off the walls, all pretence over.

It is now darting around in circles, wild and dangerous, desperate and agitated.

Boat can see the fire not only in its throat but in its eyes now.






Hold still, you vile-

Suddenly it stops running and faces Boat squarely.

It is snarling now, teeth drawn back to reveal hideous yellowed concave fangs, and deep within its gullet that crazy inferno still burns.

A phlegm-like nauseating glob now oozes out of its nostrils, a mixture of green and yellow stuff, and it has a strong appalling smell.

Suddenly it does the unexpected!

Its face retreats, and Joe Boat’s face emerges.

Joe Boat apparently didn’t realize he is going to be presented to his as a sort of countermove in this game of death because he doesn’t pretend to hide his expression, but allows Boat to see his face as it really is.

And it is a face filled with insensate agony, twisted out of all proportions. His eyes are huge, almost bulging out of their sockets, and his tongue is lolling out, enlarged and inflamed. His face is all bloated, thick veins sticking out angrily.

His mouth is agape in a soundless wail of tortured agony.

That look of torture on his father’s face tears Yaw Boat’s heart, and freezes him with terror and a feeling more intense than compassion.

Yaw Boat’s confidence disappears like a puff of dust!

In its place is the sudden rush of fear for his father!

His whole body vibrates with the depth of his terror as he tries to fathom out what kind of pain can make his father look like that.

Suddenly the face of his father retreats, and the evil demonic beast is superimposed.

The monster growls with bestial rage, this time in the booming voice of the sewers that Boat knows so much, its three-fingered hands bent into enraged claws, its eyes the wicked ones of the abyss.




To be continued…

© – Agyeman

All Rights Reserved.



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  1. Yeah Boatyard i told u dat u will definitely overcome, u see, dat’s 2 show u dat there’s power in dat name Jesus and had it bn dat u stand ur ground Boatyard they won’t v succeeded in killing ur dad anyway dat serves him right for him to v chose to deceived d children of God to dat extends, good job my brother man .

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