The Undisputed – Episode 28

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© Tisa Phiri

A week later….

Mattie sat outside on the small varander lost in thoughts. Her heart was bleeding and her mind still clouded with painful thoughts.

She went back to sone days past.


The court case for the girls was over, as planned Alex passed them through the court session with experties and determination. Presenting every detail of his findings. The issue of witchcraft he called irrelevant according to the law, justifying the death of the man with the post mortem results of the result of death being drug overdose. He defended the girls of hiding the truth given the circumstances of their lives and the fact that they were all minors who were unguided and alone. After all this, the judge rulled in their favour and dismised them declaring them free of all charges.

The girls were beyond excited. They jumped, hugged each other and cried tears of joy after the judge left. It was a happy moment for them which was however short lived.

Immediately they walked out, accompanied by Alex, Joe and Kelly, they held a min celebration at the apartment.

” excuse me babe, can i see you outside?” Kelly had called Mattie aside.

” of course Kelly” she sighed standing up and following him outside.

” what is it ? You dont look yourself this afternoon again.” She asked concerned seeing his facial expression.

” am sorry Mattie, but i have to go home now. I just received a call from the guard that Joy has gone crazy throwing things all over the house. She’ s breaking things in the house. ” Kelly told her.

” oh my God, i told you staying with me last night was not a good idea” Mattie frowned.

” if you have to know the truth right now my love, its the fact that i dont regret an inch making love to you last night. It was the best moment of my life having done it with your concert. So please don’t ever think i will regret that just beacuse that crazy woman is running mad. Come what may, am leaving her” Kelly smiled at Mattie holding her face up as he talked.

” what now?” She asked looking into his eyes.

” am going to see her, i already signed the papers and Kelly who is my lawyer called her to sign too. After warning her of how complicated the issue would be if she refuses, Kelly manged to convince her to sign them and she was supposed to park out yersterday. The more reason i spent a night away from home.

I made love to you as a free man my babe” Kelly chuckled still holding her face.

” so stop feeling guilty of anything,” he added .

” well am worried about you and the truth is that i don’t want you to leave me alone here. These love birds are busy with each other and…”

“Say no more babe, come on, lets go together. Am just going to make her leave my house and all will be well. You can remain outside in the car when we get there” he smiled pulling her to the car.

” but Kelly, wait, i have to say bye to the girls ” Mattie stepped back a little.

” well, what are mobile phones for?. Dont disturb them now, you will give them a call on our way” Kelly pulled her away.

They drove to his house chatting and laughing. Mattie somehow felt bad about his divorce and what people would say about her being with a married man after his divorce, but he kept assuring her.

She recalled the previous night, when he knocked on her door. She was already in her night gown. ” what are you doing here Kelly?” She asked him.

He didn’t say anything, but pulled her into a kiss. He murmered something about him being free finally but she was already lost in passion as he pulled her to her bed. That was the same night Thandi went with Alex.

In minutes they were tangled in her bed and thats how he spent the rest if that night with her. Now looking at his smiling and happy face as he addressed her made her feel whole again. She wondered why she so much loved him when in actual sense she was supposed to hate him.

” stay here am coming” Kelly spoke bringing her out of he thoughts as they drove inside his yard.

” yeah be careful” she sighed receiving the kiss he elwas planting on her lips.

She watched him walk to the front door and could hear Joy’s voice screaming and throwing things inside as he opened the door. Her heart skipped when she heard Kelly’s voice shouting and yelling some minutes later.

” put the gun down Joy!” She heard Kelly’s voice and a gun shot followed afterwards, immediately she stepped out of the car.

As she went to te door she kept hearing Sali’s voice in her heard, ” you are going to be happy because you will have part of kelly with you. But i don’t see him around you for long.” Mattie had tried to figure out what Sali meant but she couldn’t.

Now she felt a grip of fear cloud her heart at the thought.

” hahahaha ! oh so you decided to embarrass me further by bringing this maid to my house!” Joy yelled seeing Mattie walk in on them. She was holding a pistol aiming at Kelly, threatening to ki*ll him.

” Joy i said stay in the car dammit!” Kelly yelled with fear in his eyes.

” i heard the screaming and the gun shot.” She murmered scared at the sight of Joy’s face.

” well, am going to finish this after all. You thought i will let you go free after promising me forever? I could have forgiven you if that jerk Ian didnt dump me for another woman. After telling me he loved me for years. But you see, i can’t just have nothing. Atleast i had something with you Kelly in this pathetic marriage. I had people’ s respect and all the money i needed. Now that you dumped me too, am going to make you pay!” Joy yelled angrily.

” please Joy lets talk about this, put the gun down” Kelly tried to beg.

” oh yeah! Now you want to talk Kelly, i begged you not to divorce me but you didn’t listen. Well why not ki*ll the cause of all this right now” she turned the gun at Mattie.

” stop this Joy, think of your child” Mattie cried.

” stop talking stupid! Stop talking !” Joy screamed at her holding firm the gun in her hands.

” Joy please! ” Kelly moved slowly towards Mattie as she kept bickering and crying over all the things which had gone wrong in her life.

” okey, okey i will not ki*ll her if you tell me the truth right now” Joy sighed calmly.

” okey?” Responded Kelly.

” if i let her go? Are you promising to leave her and stay with me?” She asked smiling.

Mattie looked at Kelly and nodded her head to him. ” say yes” she patted her lips looking at him, seeing how serious and pissed Joy was.

Kelly shook his head at her like saying no i won’t.

” yes he will Joy, i won’t allow him near me i promise ” Mattie cried instead before Kelly could respond.

” you are not saying it Kelly. You are letting her lie to ne and this ends now!” Joy pointed a gun at Mattie and before mattie could realise what was going on she fired the gun.

Mattie was stunned confused as the loud gunfire rung in her ears she closed her eyes with fear. She was almost sure the gun had landed on her but when she opened her eyes to look, there was blood all over her clothes but she didn’t feel any pain.

Her eyes went to the floor and she was stuck with shock seeing Kelly’s body laying down in a pool of blood. He was dead.

” oh my God you killed him Joy!” She screamed crying as she bent to shake him.

” Kelly wake up please,” she shook him but he was gone.

” you did this you fool, if you had not taken him away from me he could be alive!” Joy cried pointing her finger at Mattie her other hand still holding the gun.

” you are mad ! How could you!” Mattie yelled blood all over her hands as she held Kelly’s dead body.

” no, no. You are going to Prison for killing my husband Mattie, yes” joy stood straight wiping tears from her face. ” you will pay for everything” she smiled wickedly.

Fortunate enough for Mattie, the police rushed in at the scene. And immediately ordered Joy to drop the gun. She assumed the guard called them after the first gun shot.

Mattie was still in shock as she watched them lead Joy away in handcuffs and pulled out Kelly’s dead body to the open van.

” oh my God! Sweety are you okey?” Thandi and Sali ran towards her immedaitely they reached their. She had made a quick call to them and the four of them came rushing. Joe ans Alex were talking to the police.

” he took a bullet for me, he died because of me. I should have pushed him away from my life. Maybe he couldn’t have died like this” she cried as her friends held her.

” its all my fault, its all my fault ” Mattie sobbed without control.

” stop now Mattie, Kelly loved you and we all know how much he followed you around. Stop blaming yourself for this sweety, its not your fault” Sali held her closer.

” we have been through a lot already. I was just beginning to be happy, but now he’s gone. I swear if i knew she will ki*ll him i could have stopped him from ever seeing me. Oh my God, i miss him already” Mattie sobbed heavily as her friends cried with her too.


” Mattie! Mattie!” Thandi called out bringing her back to her senses.

” Mattie come on, its been over a week now. You cannot keep like this sweety, he wouldn’t like to see you like this. He’s gone and its time you started living normal again. ” Thandi sat next to her as she kept her gaze on the floor before her.

” am okey Thandi” Mattie spoke softly.

” no you are not sweety, you barely take care of yourself, you cry almost all the time and won’t go back to your business yet. ”

” what do you want me to tell you. He died because of me. He could have…”

” okey stop now Mattie, ” Thandi scolded cutting her short.

” stop blaming yourself for that man’s death. He loved you no wonder he took a bullet for you. Am sure wherever he is he would want you to live a happy life and not put all the blame on yourself. Joy is in jail serving a sentence for killing him and thats it. So come on and eat something now you need to be strong” she added patting her hand.

” i miss him so much. I never loved anyone the way i love him” Mattie shook her head.

” i know my love, i know. Now come on lets get you inside. We love you too and we are here for you. I promise it will get better” Thandi tried to smile.

2 months later…..

Sali was busy trying out the dresses for her wedding, they had agreed to get married with Joe after the case was over.

Even though, Joe’s parents seemed reluctant to accept her. They had no choice with their son insisting he loved Sali.

” how is this?” Sali walked out turning around for Thandi and Mattie.

” wow! Thats a perfect dress for you sweety. It fits you perfectly. ” Mattie stood up turning Sali around for a better look.

” really? You think so too?” Sali smiled looking at Thandi.

” ofcourse, it gives you a tight look sweety i love the way your b**bs are lifted. Joe will go crazy seeing you!” Thandi smiled at her.

” well its settled then” Sali looked at the sales lady.

” excuse me” Mattie rushed out making her friends look at her as she ran to yhe ladies room.

She came looking pale and weak.

” Mattie sweety, whats wrong you look pale” Thandi asked walking towards her and before she could answer she fall down collapsing.

” Sali come see Mattie!” Thandi called out to Sali who was taking off the wedding dress.

” what happened? ” Sali rushed to them panicking.

” i don’t know she just walked in looking pale and the next thing she falls down” Thandi panted.

” come on lets lift her to the car, we need to take her to the doctor immediately” she told Sali.

” she’s been too stressed of late” they told the Doctor after arriving at the hospital. They sat waiting as Mattie was being attended to.

The doctor walked out later on and called them in. ” is she okey?” They asked worried.

” she’s still a bit weak but she’s okey,” the doctor responded.

” what is wrong with me Doctor” Mattie spoke up as she lay on the bed.

” i have been feeling nausea of late, and i feel so weak” she complained as Sali held her hand sitting on the bed with her.

” not to worry, you will be okey. The test results shows you are 8 weeks pregnant, that explains the abnormal feelings you have had.” He smiled at her.

” what did you say?” Mattie sat up shocked.

” i said you are pregnant Matilda.” The doctor repeated calmly with a smile.

” no ways!” Thandi raised her voice.

” Doctor, can you just say the truth cause thats not possible” mattie spoke tears forming in her eyes.

” why not?” The doctor asked her.

” i can’t get preganant cause i was told my womb was damaged and i would never have kids” she told him.

“Well i dont know who told you or what happened but here is the test results from the lab and i can assure you its accurate.” The doctor sighed.

” I told you Mattie, You won’t be with Kelly but he left a part of him in you. That child will be a way of God giving you back what you have lost so far” Sali smiled happily.

” my God am pregnant, do you guys know what this means?” She shouted tearly.

” i have my Kelly back, oh God he’s come back for me ! He’s part of my life forever!” She exclaimed laughing with tears in her eyes.

” of course he is now. Am so happy for you Mattie. Its been a while since i saw you laugh. You deserve this miracle ” Thandi said excited.

To be continued



  1. Oh my Mattie, am so so happy for u bt sad dat Kelly is not there to see u this happy,bt all same, nice one writer.

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