The Undisputed – Episode 27

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´┐Ż Tisa Phiri



Days later….


Alex had managed to devise a strong defence for the girls. He requested for the records for post mortem that was carried on that man they were accusing Sali of murdering.


He disvovered according to the reports filed in, it was the overdose of drugs that had killed him. The fact that Sali never engaged in a physical fight or anything that was revealed in the report gave him confidence he was going to win the case.


He had spent several days working on the it and now he had a few hours to the next day for the final presentation in the courts of law.


Over the time he become close to Thandi whom he had to keep up to date almost on a daily basis.


Here he was waiting for her to show up with her friends as he was to guide them on the court session to take place the following day.


As he was keeping himself busy with his phone, he heard the sound of soft laughs heading his way and he turned his head in the direction, seeing the girls walking towards him.


Sali in the middle dressed in brown leggings and a loose floral blouse going upto her hips, she wore a wide smile that told him something made her happy.


Mattie was on her right side, in a short dress which was cloud blue in colour and outlined her top part before flowing flayered from her mid waist. Like always she looked more serious but with a more determined face. Her lose curled hair falling on her shoulders.


Alex smiled as his eyes landed on the woman after his heart, Thandi clad in a deep red short that cut her knees and a short sleeved checked shirt which had a bit of red too and mostly blue and black, she finished it off with flat gladiator sandals. Giving her a perfect look in his eyes. Her face was calm but he wasnt sure what that meant.


” hey beautiful ladies!” He called out zooming out of his analysis of the girls as they closed in to him.


” hey Alex!” Sali responded louder than the others.


” how are you doing Thandi ?” He asked after greeting the other gilrs.


” am okey Alex. Been busy with the shows. Your brother has been on me the past week. The thing of covering as much work as i missed the days i was off” she smiled at him.


” always hard working, another thing that draws me close to you my African queen. ” he shrugged proudly as the girls laughed except Thandi who looked down and smiled slightly.


“you never stop huh? ” she looked up at him and he smiled pulling his chair closer to her. “Until you give me a chance” he responded.


” Alright love birds, enough of the flirting. Lets get down to business its getting late” Mattie cut their little conversation.


” yeah sure” Alex looked away from Thandi.


” before you start Kelly, i have something to say” Sali spoke.


” go on dear, whats up?” He looked at Sali who sat across the table opposite him.


” well, i have good news. I have been so happy the past days and have had good dreams too” she giggled.


Alex looked lost, he didnt understand what was going on with Sali but couldn’t help feel she was confident and happy with whatever she had insinuated.


” am totally lost, what has that got to do with me?” He asked with a smile trying to be gentle.


“I know this may sound off Alex, but i have been having dreams of our case. The judge will rule in my favour, i will be set free and my girl’s charges completely droped too.” She spoke with confidence.


” oh well, that was .. i mean, am sorry Sali its just that, i don’t believe in such. I follow the facts and law thats my job. I love the fact that you are being optimistic though. Its a good thing” he smiled not wanting to demoralize them.


” well, you better start believing Alex. I know you have had a rough time finding a woman who trully loves you. Mostly you fall in love with them but none has ever loved you for who you are. You decided to stay away from women until the day you saw a picture of a Zambian model that caught your heart. Every time you saw her pics you felt calm and at peace with yourself. The main reason you rushed back to zambia to get to know her.


Your brother tells you to not get so close to her because she’s not so much of your class and her eduacation level is not that expected of the woman you need to have. But you can’t fight it even when she rejects you because your heart longs for her everyday. You feel a touch of her dark skin will ease your desires….” Sali smiled at Alex whose mouth was patted hearing a revelation of exactly what he’s been through and his feelings for Thandi.


“how , how did you know all that?” Alex asked puzzled.


” well, do you believe now?” She asked laughing this time and Thandi and Mattie smiled too.


” okey Sali that was creepy, i don’t know who told you all that but i would like you to tell me how my story ends. Cause am loosing it” he sat up looking at Thandi who shly looked down knowing what he meant.


” well, am sorry. Make your own destiny Alex. I cant tell you that for an obvious reason, where will the funny? if you knew how your tommorow will be? You ought to live through it ” she smiled at him and he sat back defeated.


” not fair, Mattie can you please help me out here?” He turned to Mattie.


She smiled and shrugged, ” am sorry sweetheart, thats Sali for you. The past days she has given us such theories that drive us crazy cause we were left in suspense as well” Mattie chuckled.


” okey guys lets get to the case already” Thandi chipped in with a heavy sigh.


” there’s nothing much to tell you girls, just a few highlights and we are good to go” he looked at her.


Alex told everyone what was expected of them giving them some guidelines on some of the questions they would expect. He told them not to mention anything about Sali’s powers in the courts. He emphasised they stuck to the theory of the man trying to rape Sali and her fighting to loose herself from him and he fall down dieing.


Giving their reason of not reporting of being their fear for they were young and had been through a lot. They had no one to trust with it but each other.


He even explained how he was going to use the post mortem results to their defence.


By the time they were done talking, it was past 8pm. They had their dinner there too


” sounds good to me” Sali spoke up as they started standing to leave.


” i know something good will come out of this and am proud of you Alex” she added shaking his hand.


” thanks Sali. You will all be okey and will live your lives freely” he assured them as he shook hands with Mattie to say good bye.


” Alex” Thandi called him slipping her hands in the pockets of her tight shirts.


” yes my Queen, whats up? ” he smiled as he zipped the little bag he packed the papers in.


” um am.. i was hoping i talk to you before you leave” she stammered looking at Mattie and Sali who walked to her car parked outside.


” can Mattie or Sali drive?” He asked instead looking at the girls too.


” Sali can, Mattie is still scared of the road” she sighed with a laugh.


” good, can i have the keys?” He extended his hand at her to place the keys on it.


She dropped them in there not knowing what he was up to.


” wait here” he looked at her seriously and she watched as he walked away in his deep blue suit, he was still fully dressed from his work.


” Mattie and Sali, i have a favour to ask of you. Can you drive home without my queen? She said she wants to talk to me and i got to give her the right audience he whispered smiling.


” oh well, i didn’t see that coming ” Sali responded looking back where Thandi was standing inside back at Mattie.


” yeah, me neither, she s so complicated she couldn’t tell us about this. Anyways make sure you bring her home in time Alex. We have a court to face tomorrow” she added throwing the keys she just grabbed from his hand at Sali.


” come on sweety, we have to leave now”


” be careful not to mess this up” Sali warned Alex as she walked around to the driver’s seat.


” yeah. Thanks guys!” He raised his hand and walked back to Thandi who looked at him surprised.


” what’s going on?” She asked seeing her friends driving away in her car as Alex approached her.


” well, you wanted to talk and am taking you home. We cant stay out here in the cold any more” he shrugged without looking at her face, lest she changes her mind.


They drove in silence and Alex kept stealing glances at her, as Thandi looked right ahead without moving an inch.


“Come on in” he showed her in when they got to his house.


Thandi looked around the house. The room was clean but the couch was messed up with papers and a couple of juice glasses.


” am sorry i didn’t expect a visitor, i could have cleaned up” he laughed placing the papers away as he cleared the room.


” its okey” Thandi smiled nervously rubbing her palms together.


” are you okey?” Alex asked seeing she was almost shaking with anxiety.


” am okey thanks ” she tried to relax but her nerves felt stiff.


” am not going to hurt you Thandi, i understand what you have been through but i just want you to know not all men are like your step father. You have to open up to love a man. You are too young to close yourself up to love.” Alex spoke keeping a distance from her.


” i went to see my step father a couple of days ago” Thandi started.


” why?” Alex looked at her with curiosity


“I wanted to start over Alex, i lived my life under he’s shadows. Scared of thoughts of him everyday i was going crazy inside. I have to work with the public who expects me to be smiling everytime. You are right, i needed to stary healing and over time i realised as long as i was still scared of that man and what he did to me i wouldn’t achieve that. ” she explained trying to contain her tears.


” so what happened ?” He moved closer now and was glad she didn’t flinch away.


” i found him, as always he wanted to start speaking ill of me saying he heard stories of me posing naked in magazines and that i was just a prostitute now.” She told him recalling the details of her visit to where her step father was back in the shanty compound.


” i was so mad at him i felt like grabbing his neck and strangling him to death thanks to my friends who had accompanied me.


I however told him my pains, i told him how much i suffered in his hands in front of the cops and victim support unit. I had to and i felt bad i had no remorse when they led him away for a sentence in prison after he agreed to the charges levied against him”


” wow, Thandi i don’t know what to say” Alex sighed when she was done explaining her face covered in tears.


” i hope you feel better now” he added.


” yeah i actually do. Even though that will not bring back part of me that i feel was lost back then, am just glad he will some how pay for his sins” she shrugged.


” thank you for telling me this Thandi. To be honesty i didn’t expect it, but am so happy you decided to let me in on this. ” Alex told her with sincerity.


” i only have one more thing to do though. ” she stood up making Alex face up to her.


” what’s that?” He asked


” i want you to tell me the truth. Was there any truth in what Sali said?. What is it you feel for me?” She asked him without letting go of the sight of his eyes.


” yes Thandi everything Sali said, even though i still dont understand how she knew, plus many other feelings are held up here in my heart for you. I have not been lucky with love and i was hoping you might be the one to help me end this search. I love you Thandi even when it hurts you push me away, i still feel i have to fight and endure more till you see that truth in me” he smirked without moving from his position.


” well, one more task to do then we will decide what follows” Thandi spoke pulling down her short as Alex watched puzzled.


” i want you to tell me the truth Alex, i have never looked at myself down there in years and today i want you to look at ke and tell me if am damaged or not. I fear you will run away for seeing the damage i feel that man did to me. So please be honesty with me and tell me. If i am damaged then please run away from me. I know the HIV testing i did was negative so this is my last test” Thandi cried removing all her clothes and remaining nude standing in front of him.


Alex looked at her as she closed her eyes patting her legs and standing straight before him.


” oh my God!” He let a scream making her open her eyes quickly .


” what? Am i…?” She panicked expecting the worst.


” what is it Alex ” she asked as he stood to her.


” oh my Queen, you are perfect. You are the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever seen. You are perfect everywhere!” He smiled rubbing her cheeks.


” are you sure?” She asked him.


” am 100% sure Thandi. You are… oh God, you are making this hard for me. I want you so bad now.” He whispered placing his lips on her cheek bone.


Thandi looked at him so close and for a moment forgot her fears. It felt right being so close to him. She had never anticipated that day to come when she would get that close to someone.


Alex pulled her closer not breaking his gaze from her eyes. ” Are you okey?” He asked slowly sliding his hands on her back..


” yeah. I think so, it feels so good when you do that” she smiled


” when i do this?” He asked sliding his hands gently again.


” are you sure of this Thandi, can you do it with me tonight or…” he was almost asking but she pulled him back into a kiss.


” promise it won’t hurt” she whispered breathing heavily as her emotions raised.


” i promise, Just tell me when you feel uncomfortable i swear i will stop” he whispered back lifting her to his bedroom.


After some minutes, he held her face, ” thank you for allowing me to be part of you Thandi. I love you.” A smile curved on his mouth.


“Did i hurt you?” He asked.


” no, i had no idea there was such goodness in the world. Whatever you did i loved it and i don’t feel scared anymore. ” she smiled drawing her forefinger around his face.


” do you love me?” Alex asked her.


” Alex, i …i .i” she stammered.


” its okey, don’t tell me now my queen. I don’t want to push you.


” thank you Alex. ” Thandi sighed kissing his lips.



To be continued


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