The Jailbird – Part 70


� 18+ SNVL
� Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

Sergeant McBaiden has taken hold of Chris’ arm and is leading him away.
Chief Inspector Cuger is following with his hand still on the butt of his gun.
Judge Ossom has closed the file and is preparing to stand up.
Mommy? Should I do it now?
Effe, heart beating, shifts her body for Junior to stand up.
Now, Junior, my Prince, go!
Suddenly the shrill voice of a little boy startles the crowd, and the Judge looks up to see a little boy running down the walkway towards the front.
(weeping, screaming)
All eyes turn to him.
Junior rounds the table and approaches Chris, who has now stopped and is looking at Junior with horror all over his face.
Dear Lord, Champ! What’re you doing here? You shouldn’t be here!
Junior wraps his arms around his father’s thighs.
Don’t leave me, Daddy! Please don’t leave me!! Please, please!!
Get the boy away from here! Please!
Cuger holds Junior’s arm and tries to wrench him away roughly.
Without warning Chris spins and crashes a foot into Cuger, and he flies back and smashes the floor heavily.
Sergeant McBaiden, suddenly scared, steps back and pulls out his gun and aims it at Chris’ head.
Eyram and Effe have both come near them now, and both are weeping.
Danso gets to his feet grunting with pain, and he has drawn out his gun and approaching Chris with evil intents in his eyes.
There is a shocked silence in the room, and the television cameras are capturing it all.
Judge Ossom shouts suddenly.
Hey, hey! Put those guns away! Put them away immediately!!
The two policemen exchange looks, and then they look at the Judge, and they reluctantly holster their guns.
Alright, Effe and her sister, kindly take your seats, now!! Are you responsible for this sh*t, Effe? I swear that if you are I�m gonna lock you up too!
Effe hesitates.
Your Honour-
Sit down, Lawyer! You too, lady!
Effe nods, turns on rubbery feet, and goes back to her seat. Eyram reaches out and touches Chris arm as her tears flow, and then she turns and goes back to her seat.
Junior moves forward again and wraps his arms around Chris’ thighs again, and he is still crying.
Hello, little man. Please look at me.
Junior looks up at the Judge.
You’re a very very very bad man! You’re taking my Daddy from me!
Judge Ossom’s face becomes sad immediately.
He gets up and slowly walks out behind his dais and walks down to join them.
I’m really sorry, young man. Please what’s your name? I’m Ossom Annor.
I’m Chris Bawa, Junior.
Judge Ossom holds out his hand.
Pleased to meet you, Junior.
Junior shakes his head violently, still weeping.
I don’t wanna! I don’t wanna shake your hand! You’re mean to my Daddy! You wicked bad old man!
Judge Ossom sighs.
I know you�re really hurt, Junior, and I understand you love your Daddy. Will you be okay if I allow you to speak to your Daddy for a few minutes?
Junior looks at him hopefully.
Yes, please! Oh yes, please! Can I?
The judge smiles sadly.
Yes, Junior, go ahead.
Junior steps back and wipes his face with the back of his hand.
Chris’ hands are still handcuffed behind him, and he drops slowly to his knees and looks at his son.
He cannot take this.
He is a hard man, a warrior, a fighter who has never had it easy in life, but his one weakness is his son, and he cannot take it when his son is hurt.
Junior moves forward and throws his arms round his father’s neck, and he weeps bitterly.
Hey, hey, Champ. It’s okay, my boy. You gotta be brave for me, son. If you’re not strong Daddy cannot be strong. Remember our motto?
Dom spiro spero, once we breathe we hope!
Yes, Champ! I’ll always love you Champ, but you gotta be strong for me now, otherwise I’ll have no hope.
Junior stands back and looks at his father. He speaks in a soft lost voice.
You promised me, Daddy, that you will never ever ever leave me! You broke your promise to me Daddy!!
(face torn)
No, no, no! Champ! I’ll never break my promise to you! You know that! I’ll never do that!
Then why’re they taking you away? Why did you do this bad thing and they’re taking you away again? Why, Daddy? Why??
Many in the spectators are weeping now.
Judge Ossom shakes his head sadly.
Jesus, Mr. Bawa! Just look at how you’ve broken your son’s heart! Are you proud now? You disgust me!
Junior turns harshly on him.
Hey! Don’t insult my Daddy!!! It�s between us, Senior and Junior! Please don�t let me tell my Daddy to Goju your face!
The Judge smiles sadly and holds up his hands.
Chris takes a deep breath, and then he grits his teeth and speaks gently.
Listen, Champ. You need to go home now, please. Later you can come and see me, and I’ll tell you everything, okay? I promise.
No, no, no, Daddy! I want to know now!! Tell me now! Why did you break your promise, Daddy? Don’t you love me, Daddy?
I never broke my promise, son! I’ll never break a promise to you!
So please tell me what happened, Daddy? Please, okay, please please please please please plea-
Okay, alright, Champ. You remember the day Mommy was travelling and she said goodbye to me?
Yes, Daddy. I left with her. She dropped me at school.
Yes. Well, immediately you left with her, Steve came to see me.
Uncle Steve? He’s a very bad man. He wants to marry Mommy. The other time I heard him telling somebody on the phone that if he and Mom gets married he will let me go and stay with Grandpa and Grandma.
Effe’s face expresses deep shock.
She gets up and approaches them.
Yes, Mommy, Uncle Steve said that!

JAILBIRD continues


The next episode will be posted in the afternoon.

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  1. Try and bring this story to its end, and save us this suspense coupled with embellished exaggeration. Don’t make it lose it savour. We love it. Well-done

  2. Ooooohhhhhh and wat in devil’s fcuked name are all dis suspense suppose to mean nah.. Pls bring it on ASAP, aint got all day goddamnit.. Lols, mind me not fellas, its all gud, awaiting 14:00hrs to cum for d nxt episode..

  3. ooooooooooh what’s this ooooooooooh.
    It’s so so dwarf .
    God used the little kid and set ur son free please.
    God of diminute.

  4. Inarguably the shortest episode of this great story so far..
    More secrets to be revealed..
    Bravo Aaron..
    Great story…

  5. Habaaa this is far from.. I it Pls there must be a repost of episode 70, because this is too short.
    Common nice work thou….

  6. The darkest hour is near, Chris. I am very sure that relief is just around the corner for u even when things now appears at the blackest dawn. Junior ur saving grace, I know that, and I’ve kept it in mind.

  7. This is a big conspiracy btw Abaaba & Steve bt all of them ll reap what they sow cause The case ll be reopen That one is for sure.
    Chris have suffered I’m pitting him. sorry is temptation of life u ll come out of it.

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