The Incarnate – Chapter Five (Masterminds)

The Incarnate Chapter Five (Masterminds)

Biitka didn’t need to be a psychic to know why Barrister was happy talking about Chief; He also knew Dorcas was trying to cover up the role Barrister played within the family.

“Mhhmhhhmhh! Chief?…Barrister Tay?…I knew this old man was gonna play smart. Maybe someone has to tell him am the smartest guy here in the City…Barrister Tay has to go through the mill anyway”. He said.

Biitka has all kinds of notorious guys working for him; they were loyal to him because of the pay. He pays well.

From spies to guys who can tail you anywhere you go,those who do the torturing and the killing. A big Gang he’s got there.

Milly Brown was running out of options, if Kelly has rejected her and was not in any way ready to make peace with her, she was finding it difficult to build herself around the Riches she married Chief for..

“Mmm. Why don’t I hover around Biitka, He is not married and all that”….She said to herself

She went to the living room and tiptoed to Chief’s restroom, she was about entering when the voice busted

And where do you think you are going to? That was Kelly?

Milly: Can’t I see my husband?

Kelly: Nope you can’t, by the way, why where you tiptoeing into the room?

Milly: Mmm, maybe not to wake him up

Kelly: Or maybe what?

Milly: Ah, what are you trying to accuse me of? Tiptoeing?

Kelly: Look, He is asleep, so you can’t see him

Milly: Why can’t I?

Kelly: Because I said so

Milly: Look, I will make you pay dearly for this…

Milly walked away angrily, loosing grips of Chief himself was the last thing she thought could ever happen to her…

Milly also knew Biitka has eyes for the treasure; she took up her phone and called him for the first time in months.

Biitka: Milly?

Milly: Yeah Milly, surprised?

Biitka: Why wouldn’t I be?

Milly: You could have equally called you know?

Biitka: I have visited the house a couple of times, in all, I met your absence

Milly: Yeah, was on my business trips…

Biitka: Hahahahaaa…Look, I know you don’t travel anywhere. You and I know that

Milly: Why would you say that?

Biitka: Is through me you got to know Chief, and I know you never loved him…So spare me those jokes

Milly: Oh whatever

Biitka: By the way, where are you now?

Milly: Am home

Biitka: Come over to my place when free, it’s been long

Milly: Okay I’ll try

Biitka: I didn’t say try, I said come

Milly: Okay, Will call you when coming…catch you soon

Biitka: Alright

“Yes!!! Wo gye obi girl aa ne d3,s3 y3 gye wo girl aa ne ya” Milly danced and twerked in her room knowing that, she wouldn’t leave Biitka’s house without taking him to cloud nine and back…Taking him to cloud nine means I’ll find ways and means to be his ally…With him, the hidden treasure will be ours.

Biitka has being looking for someone who will help him transports drugs abroad. Preferably a lady, and He knew Milly was a perfect match, looking at how adventurous she could sometimes be…And the girl loves money like something.

Dorcas has not being herself since Biitka met she and Barrister at the restaurant, she tried advising Barrister to leave town or better relocate until the dust settles, but the guy was just too much of a stubborn lawyer..

Dorcas: Look baby, I know him ooo; please find somewhere to hide until this guy stops tailing our every move

Barrister: Who and who is tailing your every move?

Dorcas: Hmm, look, maybe you don’t just pay attention to the cars that drive behind you, well me I do

Barrister: Ah, how do you know they are tailing you?

Dorcas: Because I know…no questions from you again

Barrister: Okay, I think I should start paying attention…

Dorcas: You better do…mtchewww!!!

It was 3:30pm when Milly reached Biitka’s place, Biitka was seated in his living room when she came in, after exchanging pleasentries,Biitka invited her over the his library for the chit chat

Biitka: I have a job for you

Milly: Mmm, which kind of job?

Biitka: A job that pays $200k for every successful deal

Milly: Tell me you ain’t serious

Biitka: Am not, Listen, it’s an easy task. It will involves you traveling abroad to deliver goods to customers

Milly: Which kind of goods are we talking about?

Biitka: Mmm…It may vary, maybe our local herbal drugs or local spices..

Milly: Ah, who will need those local stuffs abroad?

Biitka: Look, do you need this job or not?

Milly: Let me go think okay?

Biitka: Don’t keep me waiting

Milly went over to Biikta’s seat, she sat on his laps and planted a deep kiss on his lips, Biitka made no move, He sat still and enjoyed the show…Milly stripped him of his gown leaving him his boxer shorts, He lifted her into her arms and sent her to his bedroom, throwing her into his bed, He said “Do you how long I have being waiting for this?”

The large Queen sized bed was soon squeaking, followed by moans and sweats. It was a wild scene…”That awkward moment you realized your brother just laid your wife”

After the two had swum through the river flowing with honey and milk, the two agreed on a task which Milly agreed to accomplish. Biitka invited her for dinner at his regular Restaurant, and as usual, they crushed into Dorcas and Barrister.

Dorcas was surprised seeing the two together, she however didn’t behave nervous or weird, and He looked away from their table until Biitka came over

Biitka: Hii guys

Barrister: Hello Sir, nice meeting you again

Biitka: Me too, Dorcas, can we talk for a second

Dorcas: Okay, talk

Biitka: I mean privately

Barrister: Okay, I’ll leave you two now, Dorcas, I’ll call you when I get home

Dorcas: Okay dear…drive carefully

Immediately Barrister left, Dorcas looked fiercely and said

What again?

Biitka: Ohh cool, calm down lioness

Dorcas: I said what is it? Can’t you just lemme enjoy my privacy?

Biitka: Look, I told you the drugs are perfcet,I heard Chief has being able to walk by himself lately

Dorcas: And who told you your drugs did that?

Biitka: Only if you tell me you have different drugs he is taking?

Dorcas: Hmm

Biitka:Look,I only gave you the drugs because you are the Doctor, I didn’t mean any harm okay…Just feel free to give it to him, It will help him

Dorcas: Hmmm

Biitka: Yeah Hmm…Am gone…catch you later

Dorcas was out of words, He knew Biitka was right, Chief has exhibited some signs of new strength since she gave him those drugs, on reaching home, she boldly gave out the drugs to Chief, and assuring him of how comfortable He will feel.

Sena had just returned from a watch night service, she realized the light in Chief’s restroom was lit, which shouldn’t be at that particular part of the night, she also realized the door was opened, she walked slowly into the room, closed the curtains, and turning towards Chief, Her scream woke up everyone in the household.

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All Rights Reserved.

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