The Game Changer – Episode 12

The Game Changer Episode 12


� Tisa Phiri

Unknown to them, i had a camera aimed at them recording everything. Their furious faces staring at me making me want to laugh, i felt like a a villain in an action movie.

” are you going to watch us the whole night or you will tell us why we are here?” Jacob gained his voice first.

I looked at him and the other two shaking my head slowly as my mouth curved in a laugh.

I laughed loudly amd they all looked at me am sure they thought i was going mad.

” you know this bulshit is funny!” I said between laughs.

” i can’t believe this, how on earth did you guys even link up with some people to pull out such on me and every one in this current government?” I asked still smiling.

Makasa sighed,” you are crazy man? You brought us here to laugh at us or what?” He asked . He couldn’t finsih is next statement and i slapped him hard across his face.

” i asked a question you fool and i want an answer? ” i yelled.

” let me tell you how this will go down” i sighed seriously.

” i will be the one to ask questions here and all you three will do is answer them. Anything stupud and you are gone” i warned cocking my gun and holding it in my hands.

” so lets do that again, how did you get to work with the people that are sponsoring your compaigns? ” i frowned looking at them one to the other.

” Steve, come on man. Don’t take this personal, we had no idea things would turn out this bad and….”

” and what? Don’t give me that Bulshit man, am not a kid. I want details of the Person who connected you all to this game. Last time i remember we all were captains and i was the lead captain of you all. ” i paused taking in their faces.

” so thats it? You want in?” Mberere asked

I shook my head seeing their reluctance to tell me what i needed to hear so i called in my guy from outside.

” hand me the tools my boy, it seems i will have to get this the hard way” i told him standing up and folding my long sleeved t-shirt as he brought the equipments.

“Is it connected to the power?” I asked to confirm as i drew the tools closer to where the guys were tied up.

” yeah tell us what you want already man and we can all work out something here. We don’t need to go this far you know” Makasa spoke this time seeing me going to them with some tools to torture them. I planned on shocking them.

” i asked for something and you won’t tell me so this is it” i spoke as my boy got to it holding Mberere”s fingers to the tools.

” go to hell you bas***d! ” he screamed and nodded my head to indicate a go ahead to my boy.

He smiled at me and switched on the switch shocking him and he screemed in pain his voice covering the entire building. I noticed the other two figited in fear.

” stop you will ki*ll him! ” Jacob looked at me.

” well change of turns, get to him” i said pointing at Jacob.

” just one shock and he screamed for me to stop..

” the time Makasa’s turn came his eyes were pooped out.

” anyone ready to tell me what i need to know?” I sighed relaxing as i enjoyed the look of their sweaty faces.

” fine, just promise you will not ki*ll any of us, we need to stay alive man, the people of this country will not take lightly someone killing us. You won’t get away with it” pleaded Jacob.

” well, last time i checked am dead in all military records and i have nothing to lose. So, go on and tell me maybe, just maybe i will let you all leave this place alive” i smiled knowing they had more things to face before everything was over.

The next hour that followed i got to get the details of what happened years back.

Apparently the guys discovered some files accidentally which contained details of some top guys that had arranged the assisination of the President and later on tacking over of the government.

Asking why they didnt report the case to the necessary people, the guys told me they were offered a lot of money for their silence and a better future.

However, the conditions included them finding a diverting plan to make sure any suspicions leading to these guys who they called themselves patriots were over and forgotten.

They confessed they all agreed to trap me and other top ranked Generals and a minister to get a chance to live free of any blame.

From their explaination i came to know even the second trip to Mozambique was a divert plan to set me and others up.

Since the the first mission was a complete failure for them, they carefully plotted their next move involving the very guys in the middle of the fight, three soldiers willing to make to the top quickly.

According to their story they were a lot of other guys on the grounds, infact according to Jacob he was not really going to lead the nation but they were to use his face as they would govern the country in the background making all the rules.

” and why was Ackim spared in all this? He was the man in the front of taking down the mercenaries?” I asked them.

” he resigned and didnt pose as a threat anymore. He was out of the game and he was still in the dark on the real facts so they let him go” Mberere responded.

” oh just great, unfortunately I was in the middle of it though I had no damn idea what was going on” I scoffed shaking my head.

” you are saying it in plural, who is ‘they’?” I asked

” we have told you enough man and if they would find out we have told you all this and you are alive, oh i don’t want to imagine what they would do” Makasa spoke this time giving Jacob a break.

” well, tell me who they are let me be the judge of that” i shrugged casually.

” you don’t get it do you Steve?” Responded Mberere.

” we are not even the ones playing this game man, there are big guys out their some we dont even know. It’s a wagon and we my dear friend are just a small drop in an ocean, you can’t change sh*t so why don’t you just get over it and disappear” he added and i could see some traces of real fear on his eyes.

” you are scared of them?” I asked taking a serious analysis of their facial expressions.

” you ought to be as well man, these guys are every where you never know who is watching ” Jacob added.

” what the fu*k guys. You telling me you betrayed me just to be pushed around by some ghost people? I knew you better than that. What happened to my friends? Soldiers who were ready to fight to defend and protect this country?” I shook my head standing up.

” am glad I never got to be in your shoes because I would have been so ashamed of what you guys have become. Puppets for the bas***d you can’t even identify. This is so full of shot!” I cursed feeling irritated.

” so what now?” Makasa asked after some time of silence. I was trying to digest what they just told me. Now realising I was fighting a far more dangerous battle than I had initially thought.

I paced around trying to come up with another plan. For a moment i thought i needed the three guys to lead me and my crew into the entire system, but knowing how much they were involved, there was no way of getting them to do it willingly.

My phone beeped and i quickly looked at it.

” two wheels approaching east of the building” I read the text and walked back to the guys knowing somehow their story was paying out and someone had noticed they were all gone and was probably coming for them

” oh yeah i knew they would come. Someone has warned you right?” Makasa laughed

“Listen guys this is how we gonna play it. I will let you go for now but tomorrow before 10am I need you all to transfer some money into an account I will forward you. Fail to do it, i will publish this video and am sure your watchers will not be pleased knowing you looted them out”

I showed them the camera as i parked my small tools. ” do as i say boys and we all stay happy. Remember though that you three are still paying for your sins with me and expect me to attack at any time with your goons or not, am still coming to you” i sighed hearing the sound of the engines approaching.

” that’s it? All you wanted was money? How much?” Jacob asked as i I walked out.

” let’s see when did we first come to know each other? I stopped in my steps, ” yeah about 15 years ago” I smiled.

“Send K150, 0000 each.” I looked at them still tied to chair.

” what?” I heard Makasa wince

” yeah that or you all dead and believe me, someone from your whatever you people call them will ki*ll you first before i do” I said raising the camera up and walked out immediately hearing some heavy boots walking towards the building I turned of the lights.

Slowly i crawled to the opposite side as them.

” Ooooooh! I heard a moaning sound which I guessed was one of my snipers taken down.

” oh sh*t they got him!” I screamed to myself and quickly stepped away but another shot to my direction brought me to a stand still.

” dammit!” I drew my gun shooting back and i regretted it cause I drew their attention and they came running after me.

I took the bushes and ran as fast as my feet could take me.

” find him!” I heard a loud voice command.

I went deep in the bush loosing track of where i was.

I took advantage of the long trees and hid behind one of them as i saw their touch lights towards me.

One of them came so close to me i knew i had to go first or he would draw others to me. I pulled my knife and struck him in the neck aiming for the deadly part and he fall down gulping as blood flashed out his neck he was dead in a minute.

” quickly i moved to a different tree and went for the second guy this time drawing my gun and shooting him in the head.

” there!” I heard a guy and i took off without any further hesitation.

I could hear their heavy boots as they followed me i wondered how they got to the place.

” they probably watching their pawns dummy” I whispered to myself panting as i tried to stay alive.

Now that I had been out in the dark night for a while, my eyes had gotten acquaintanted with the surrounding and now i could see more clearly around myself.

I bend down to take my breath. Looking around for any sign of them, there was nothing it was all silent.

I took my phone and made a quick call.

” get some men to find me, i have been ambushed” i quickly spoke and turned on the tracker to enable Chama trace my location.

An hour later I was in my room pacing around.

” you shouldn’t have gone man, especially in the open like that” Jim spoke as Chama watched on.

” i needed a moment with those three and now i know the truth. What we need to understand now is that we are no longer looking at them as a huge threat. What we ought to fight is a huge cartel of rich guys and politicians who think they can run this country in their own ways. I for one can be one man but i promise you I will not rest till I see to it that the right man is in the state house.” I shrugged leaning my hands on my knees as i sat.

” how do we get to those guys then?” Asked Chama.

” well Jacob and the other two are just pawns for sure but we all know a game of chess cannot be won without going through the pawns. They are in the front and we will use them to get down to the main guys.

We need better plans and strategies ” i sighed.

” yeah we need that” they both acknowledged.

…to be continued

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  1. Hmmmmm, steve man, u jux have to b careful in ur quest oo, knw dat ur now fighting a chartel of ghosts with no identities but yours is knwn even though u seem dead to all military records.. Wish u all d very best anyways, lets ride on pls.. For me, dis is my 3rd best after Tarasha and JAILBIRD

  2. My love for crime stories eh..
    Steve, this is bigger than tou envisaged.. Be careful..
    Weldone Tisa..
    Nice story..

  3. Wow, never knew I was missing out of this action packaged story. Thanks Tisa and Oyin for uploading it. Can’t wait for tarasha tomorrow.

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