Is It A Sin?
Is It A Sin?

Is it A Sin? (EPISODE 6)

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Is It A Sin Episode 6




Mrs. Chioma, Chiamaka and Chinendu were sitting inside the building masters’ bedroom, they were all wearing averting, confused and mean faces, they all look sorrowful and they all seem to be ready to slay.

“The doctor confirmed that she is still pregnant and the pregnancy couldn’t be aborted.” Mrs. Chioma started the conversation.

“Does that mean Dr. John (the family doctor) dump us?” Chinendu asked bemused.

“Dr. John doesn’t know me; I will make him regret what he has done.” Mrs. Chioma boosted with an angry showered face.

“Leave Dr. John for now, let find a way deal with that little but old witch.” Chiamaka said with some kind of husky voice.

“Mummy, the best thing we can do now is just to eliminate her.” Chinendu suggests with some kind of sorrow expressions showing on his face.

“She can’t be killed now, but her days are already numbered.” Mrs. Chioma uttered boastfully.

“Will you spare her because of material wealth? She is nothing but a slave and if she is still in this house with that pregnancy for the next one month. Mother, I fear the outcome of this, I can’t face the Chief’s wrath.” Chiamaka uttered seriously.

“I am not sparing her because of any material wealth; it is just that I have my own personal reason for keeping her alive and the reason is brothel to me.” Mrs. Chioma screamed out loudly.

“Just remember that the gateman as the evidence showing that Chinendu is responsible for the raping which result to this pregnancy.” Chiamaka uttered angrily.

“hmmmmm… That is a fact but don’t worry I must find a way to destroy that evidence from the gateman.” Mrs. Chioma retorted.

“Play the game well, the ball is in your court, don’t play any game that will backfire on us, reason like a mother and not like a woman, remorse every step of yours from appearing to the Chief.” Chiamaka uttered as she walked out from the room.

“Mummy, am sorry has caused you a lot of trouble, please forgive me.” Chinendu said with tears in his eyes as he dropped down on his kneel before his mother.

“I know what to do, don’t worry.” Mrs. Chioma said as she walked out from the masters’ bedroom.


Mrs. Chioma in her room, she looked disturbed and confused, she is totally at sea. “That strange changes in that girl seems suspicious, Chioma, your behaviors are also rare and scanty this days, I don’t know the reason why you just hate that girl for goodness sake, I could observe from your behaviors and the bad and ugly expressions which always shows on your face whenever you sight that girl, well that is your own cup of tea, Chioma! Chioma!! Chioma!! I have called you three times; I am using this medium to beg you at the same time warned you that nothing must happen to that girl. I won’t like the situation whereas you will be begging me and I would even bother to listen, Chioma! Don’t toy with me and also run away from my wrath, you know what I can do, if anything happened to that girl even if the result from the test resulted to be positive, don’t took the law into your hand, am the head of this family, so I represents the Chief Judge of this family, when am back I will look into the matter myself. I know something must be fishy somewhere in this house. Phone me when the result for the test is out let me know the result.” Chief Nnamdi statements reechoed into her ears, her heart beats fast than normal when she recalls Chief Nnamdi statement. “Eliminating Nnena is no more a solution, sending her parking is also out of the equation. I have called the chief and I have told him that the result was malaria and she has been treated, her pregnancy can’t be aborted anymore, the doctor warned that if it is aborted it will definitely result to her death, and if she dies I will rot in jail, because the chief will definitely take this matter personal, and it is difficult for me to go back from my words, the chief is a no-nonsense man, he will know that something is fishy somewhere, he is a good researcher he will definitely find the root of this matter. Chinendu is responsible for the pregnancy, no one else, if the chief know that Chinendu is responsible for the pregnancy, he will face the punishment in which I will also share in receiving the punishment. I think the best thing for me to do is to divert this issue on Nnena’s head, she will face the wrath herself, I know what to do.” Mrs. Chioma was soliloquizing as she gave out a wicked smile.



Nnena was in a deep slumber, a strange hand was caressing her body but she couldn’t notice anything. Alas! She has been drugged. The young guy (the stranger) took pictures demonstrating they were having s-x. After the pictures the stranger dress-up and head to the sitting room.

“Done!” he signal to Mrs. Chioma who was sitting inside a pouch.

“Thank you very much, here is your payment.” Mrs. Chioma said smiling as she handed an envelope containing money to the young guy.

“Thank you ma, am out.” The young guy said as he walked out from the building.


“Mum, that guy must be professional, look at the pictures I took.” Chiamaka said as he handed the camera to Mrs. Chioma.

After cross-checking the pictures Mrs. Chioma grinned with a happy expression showing on her face.

“Nnena, this is the evidence, you will face the wrath yourself, and you can’t be forfeit from this.” Mrs. Chioma retorted laughing.


Things was going rough as usual in the family of Chief Nnamdi, Nnena has been suspicious that Mrs. Chioma doesn’t do anything even after she knew that the pregnancy wasn’t abort. She has been nice to Nnena, she neither beat nor punish Nnena anymore.

“I have some bad feelings toward Mrs. Chioma, why of all a sudden she just changes to be nice to me especially when she knew I am pregnant, I think she has something irritating to do, she didn’t even question me about the father of my unborn baby, God! I pray I am able to survive her wrath.” Nnena thoughts as she return to her sweeping.



The Chief was back from his trip, he was warmly welcomed by his family, and Nnena swiftly head for the boot to import the loads the chief took along his trip. He was very happy to see his family again. He left the compound and opts for the sitting room.

Nnena was very frightened to see Chief Nnamdi, but she has concluded her mind that she has to face the wrath herself.

Nnena offer a glass of water to Chief Nnamdi, Chief Nnamdi collected the water from her and drank earnestly.

“What happen to your stomach?” Chief Nnamdi asked jokingly as the whole house was rents with laughter but he was serious and suspicious.

Nnena was very ashamed but she was determined to let the bird out from its cage.

“I was raped by…” Nnena was unable to finish her statement as Mrs. Chioma barged into her words.

“Chief, I don’t know I employed a harlot to work here as a housemaid, can you believe what Chiamaka caught Nnena’s doing with a strange man when we went shopping, Nnena brought a stranger into this house, they were having s-x, then Chiamaka caught them red-handed in the dirty act.” Mrs. Chioma paused.

Mrs. Chioma continues “I just keep mute all this while because I know if I let her know she will plan something evil against me, so I keep this from her.” Mrs. Chioma narrates as she handed over Chiamaka’s phone to the chief.

“What is this?” Chief Nnamdi screamed.


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(Light out)

.“What is this?” Chief Nnamdi screamed.


Chief Nnamdi screamed, he seems totally heartbroken, I don’t know why he seems so wide and fury, I don’t know what he saw on Chiamaka’s phone.

“What is this?” Chief Nnamdi re-echoed.

“I don’t understand sir?” I replied totally confused.

“You can’t understand because you don’t know you were caught in this dirty act, right?” Chief Nnamdi uttered with an angry looking reactions.

“Sir, I don’t understand what you are insinuating, please sir, am totally in the dark side of this whole story.” Nnena tried to defend.

“Okay, you don’t understand, look at this picture, and then defend yourself that it is not you.” Chief Nnamdi said as he handed over the phone to Nnena.

Nnena was shocked, she was totally confused, as she opened her eyes wide to confirm if it is truly her, “yes it is you.” The pictures on Chiamaka’s phone talks. She saw herself having rehearsing s-x with a man far known to her, “No this couldn’t be!” Nnena voiced out with extreme shocks. She notice the blood in her veins refuse to flow, she confirmed that her whole body has been freezes from the unimaginable breezes from shocks and tensions. She couldn’t think straight anymore just then she just collapses (fainted) in the air.

Chief Nnamdi carries Nnena like an accident victim been rushed to the hospital, “Bring the car key” Chief Nnamdi screamed with all his strength.

Obinna quickly rushed to the sitting room only to found out that the car key is no more at its usual spot.

“Where could the key be?” Obinna thoughts rhetorically.

“Obinna, can’t you find the key?” Chief Nnamdi screamed as he tried to make his way to the sitting room.

“Yes dad, I couldn’t find it at its usual spot.” Obinna retorted, still looking for the missing key earnestly.

“Where could the key be now? I left it here.” Chief Nnamdi thoughts for a moment.

“Why are you looking for the key this earnestly? To import that whore to the hospital, right? I don’t know why you care for her this much, hope you don’t want to marry her. Hmmm. You dare not, you know me, if you try any nonsense with me, I will make you know the real me.” Mrs. Chioma concluded as she sat inside a pouch.

“Please, borrow me your own car, this girl must not die.” Chief Nnamdi uttered beseeching.

“Come and snatch it.” Mrs. Chioma echoed with a negative approval.

“Chinendu, borrow me your car, I quickly want to use it.” Chief Nnamdi asked fascinated.

“My car was faulty some days ago and it has not been fixed.” Chinendu replied with a sorry but fake expression in his eyes.


After a lengthy and fruitless search for the missing key, Chief Nnamdi was very disappointed, Nnena was also at the point of death, he fear anything could happen to that innocent girl. So he thought of a substitution.

“I think I have to board a taxi.” Chief Nnamdi echoes loudly as he was trying to make his way to the compound.

“Come back darling, just collect your car key, the girl must be dead by now.” Mrs. Chioma uttered unkindly as she stretch her hand forward with the missing key on her hand.

Chief Nnamdi was very fury with anger at the same time he was so disappointed at wicked Chioma, his eyes were as red as a burning fire, he was so fury with choler and ire, and he was so infuriated and enraged. “You mean the key is with you all this while and I have been looking for the key.” Chief Nnamdi uttered with some kind of husky voice.

“Yes the car is with me.” Mrs. Chioma replied confidently as she was trying to stress the words.


Ye…ye, help me, please, somebody help me, ah-ha-ha-ah-ye-ye. Behold Mrs. Chioma was screaming in pains as a result of the beating she was receiving from Chief Nnamdi.

To be continued



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