Nothing Like Love – Episode 19


Vanessa had gone to the grocery store to shop for the week.Her eyes fell on the tall chocolate skinned guy clad in a red fitted tuxedo.No doubt he was as cute! after picking the items she needed she walked out in a slow pace but after praying for a miracle from heaven.

Hello miss

He heart flustered. ..was he coming for her? she gave her best ladylike smile

Emmm…..hi am fred,you are friends with Mitchell right?

Yeah..What’s it?

Have been crushing on your friend for something now…Please can you help me out? he said with pleading eyes.

You must be sick.

she increased her pace as she walked away quickly’

how dare him? he knew Mitchell’s name but referred to her as miss. Why does mitch has all the good things to herself’


Hey bae,you’re here already…Mitchell said to her friend with all smiles.

Yeah…you are all smiles?

Yeah. .guess what?

Spit it out not good at guessing.

come on just try’

Am not in the mood for trying

What’s wrong V? is anything bothering you?

As much as they had misunderstandings she still cared about V’.

It nothing chell I just have a slight headache that’s all,she lied

sorry V,take some panadol okay’

So what’s making you happy?

It’s Frey…I just received another parcel from him she said happily.

That’s the third one for today…your guy got so much money to spend.

His just proving his love….she said rolling her eyes like the beauty queen she was

Okay….so much for showing affection. Am off to the kitchen she said carrying the items she bought.

Mitchell sighed in confusion,something was definitely wrong with Vanessa she just couldn’t place her fingers on it..


Are you really sure you still wanna do this?

Yeah Rich…she said giving him a fake smile.

Tare was scared…Richard was going to know where she lived today..was she ashamed of where her family lived or scared of the fact Richard’s feelings for her might change


So you are studying business administration?

Yeah sir..I love business.

Tano smiled. .if only his Richard was interested in business like this,they had been chatting since the journey started and he found her quite interesting.

A message flew into Tare’s phone. .

“dad is stealing you from me” she smiled after reading the text from Richard’

“no one can steal me away from you” she replied as she closed her eyes after checking on the old man who seemed to have fallen asleep.

Does that mean you’v fallen for me? he replied with similes.

She didn’t want to reply him…she just wanted to close her eyes and think of him instead

Richard stole a glance at his sleeping father and soon to be girlfriend’

They were both sleeping, he closed his eyes in an attempt to sleep too.


You are not going anywhere today,what sort of man are you? common 50naira salt you cannot provide.

Edna please keep your voice down,neighbours can hear you.

Let them here..neighbours come and here oooooo,my husband is the poorest man on earth.

She raised her voice..

Please calm down,make use of what we have today..please.

She could see unshed tears in his eyes but that didn’t bother her.

I am not doing that,what sort of husband is this? just ashamed of you,I curse the day I married you isaih.I wish mother was here to see the mess am in now.

Isaih stood transfixed, she had hurt his ego but what could he do? she was right..maybe he is actually the poorest man on earth.

She released her grip from his trouser when a range rover parked in front of their flat.

Her mouth flew open when she saw Tare and Tano came out’

Tano…. What’s was he doing here? how did he find out?


She went on her knees immediately. .Please forgive me,I never meant to keep it from you.

What are you talking about?

Isaih had to come in..

Tare is your daughter.


I thought you already knew,seeing you two together Edna said

I don’t understand Eddie please explain.

I was selfish,I married her knowing she was carrying your child please forgive me.

What’s going on here? Tare spoke for the first time.

His your biological father Tare,am sorry I kept this away from you all this while.

Mum what do you mean?

Richard came out of the car…when he sensed all wasn’t well.

What’s going on? he asked no one in particular.


Maggie watched quietly from where she parked her car.Fortunately the compound wasn’t fenced making everything easier for her.Out of curiosity she had followed her husband unknown to him.

Why was her husband so interested in this thief of a girl? involving her precious son Richard’

She couldn’t take it anymore not when the skinny looking woman knelt down in front of her husband. ..she got out of the car as fast as her legs could carry her’


Mother are you part of this too? or is this one of your tricks.

Son what are you talking about? I just got here.

Maggie what are you doing here? Tano asked suprised.

I followed you,I had no choice.You’v been smiling since yesterday which is usual.

The same girl you treated badly is my biological daughter.

What Oh my have been fooled all this while.You cheated on me with this thing…she pointed at Edna who stood like a log of wood.

I never cheated on you,mind the things you say to her.Tare is the product of the love I once had. Edna conceived her before I even met you.

What do you mean by she conceived before you met mum.

I….I….don’t mind him son.,he doesn’t know what his saying let’s get out of here.

Tell him the truth Maggie. .he deserves to know.

Mum please tell I not your child? am I adopted please say something. sorry Richard. I love you so much..i..

She broke into tears

Mum this isn’t time to cry,what’s going on? it’s my life we are talking about and I deserve to know.

I will tell you but not here she said when she had composed herself.

She walked to her car,while Richard followed her quietely with so many thoughts running through his mind.


Promise me you will forgive me? she looked at her son with tears in her eyes.

I will’ he had unshed tears in his eyes too’

I was barren till I found you.Before I met you there’s this playground I had intreast on,I always visited to watch children play.

So how did you find me?

It all happened july 13, I can never forget that day.

But I always celebrate my birthdays on July 12.

part of the reason son..because that was the day I found you.A bomb exploded and everything went astray,you were on the floor crying..and I couldn’t leave you alone. so I carried you and ran away’

What about my biological parents?

I don’t know anything about them son and am very sorry.I should have looked for them but I fell inlove with were so cute as a child. Am sorry I should have done the right thing

Richard couldn’t hold it anymore as the tears fell at ease.

He opened the door and left despite the fact his mother was calling after him.

He just wanted to be alone.

Story continues…


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  1. season of revolution.
    go look for your biological parents and you will surprise that Mitchell is your blood sister

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