Nothing Like Love – Episode 18


Immediately he left the station,he thought of his mother’s weakpoint.And he remembered his dad,the only one that could break her backbone

His tucked his hand into his pocket as he dailed his father’s number.

Hello dad,I need your help.

Son what’s the matter?

It’s mum she. .

Cuts him short.

Am at the airport,come and pick me up so we can talk about whatever it is.

I’ll be there in few minutes.


Richard couldn’t fathom why his father smiled at his ordeal.

He had expected an an angry man scolding him for getting involved with a girl.

But he saw a smiling man instead.

His son reminded him of his love”Edna”, the girl he could do anything for then.Only a blind man wouldn’t see the love in Richards eyes. He was happy his son was inlove,she must be the reason for his change.There hadn’t been any bad report on Richard from his spy’s of recent.He was eager to meet the girl behind the turn around.


Tare ran into his hands the moment she heard she was free to go.She never expected Richard to come back for her that quick.She clinged unto him like a second skin not minding the stares they got from people around or the fact they were hugging for the second time today.

He he he Tano cleared his throat when he had gotten tired of watching the little display by the two young lovers.

They disengaged immediately.


sir,you know my mother?

you are a replica of your mother.

No doubt they looked alike. Even her mother always told her she looked like her younger version.

yes,she’s my long lost friend.

He pulled Tare into his arms as a fat tear dropped from his eyes’.


Daddy you didn’t tell me you will be coming today?

Yes dear,I wanted to suprise you but something came up.

She took his briefcase from him before asking what came up.

It was Tare,he needed my help.

What? Don’t tell me you bailed that thief out?

calm down magie,I did the right thing. You and I know you are playing pranks all because you want him to get married to Joanne.

Is anything wrong with that? I want the best for my son not some gold digger’

You should be happy his changing from his bad ways,not trying to hurt his feelings. Stop rushing things,his still young and has a long way to go.

And so? I really don’t like what you did.Now I look like a fool.

Tano gave a short laugh,before looking at his wife.

By the way dear you look beautiful’.Am tired and off to my room.

Maggie sighed in frustration,What sort of man is this?She knew something was up but couldn’t place her fingers on it.She hadn’t seen her husband smile in years not to talk of laugh.What was making him happy? she wouldn’t say a lady because he had never cheated on her.Even though they rarely spend time together,his been the

ever faithful husband.

Her mind drifted back to our they met…


You are living my son’s house today.

Mother please,just give me time..God never dissapoint those who trust in him.

You say trust? you are barren mageret.After destroying your wombs with several abortion you want my son to suffer the consequences with you.

Mother please don’t do this to me.

Don’t you dare,I am not your mother.And you cease to be my daughter imlaw today.

She threw her belongings out that cold night’

Don’t ever show yourself here again,your marriage to my son is over.

After lodging in an hotel,she decided to visit a nearby bar and forget her provlems.

There she met him,drinking.She took a seat beside him and ordered for her own drink.

After watching him for sometimes,she discovered he was crying’.Maggie thought it was rare for a man to cry so she took the courage to start a conversation forgetting her own problems.

Why do you care?

Am just concerned mr man,why are you crying? I have a bigger problem but still keep my feelings locked up.

Tano felt she was bold,only few ladies could ask a crying man questions.

My girlfriend was taken from me because am poor’

is that it? that’s a little bit childish you know. if it concerns you why am here alone.

I was thrown out by mother inlaw because am barren.

And who cares? was his response before he slumped on the chair.

She discovered he was heavily drunk,and hadn’t even paid for his drink.

She paid for his drink before taking him to the hotel she lodged with the help of the cab man

though she was charged heavily.

Their friendship grew beyond their own expectation,he was a good listener.

Few months after their meeting he met a friend of his who gave him a huge amount of money to start bussiness which brought so much profit. They did a courth wedding and left yenagoa to forget their past.

She wiped the tears that fell when she remembered the day she met her son.

Because of her predicament she turned to a regular visitor at the children’s playground. Watching them play and praying for her own breakthrough.

That particular day was children’s day which made the park crowded.she sat at one corner admiring the children,before the explosion. It came as a shock,no one had expected it.

While running away from the place,she saw a little boy crying in the midst of the crowd,no one seem to look at him.She picked the toddler and ran away’

She had planned to look for the owners of the baby when everywhere get calm but as days turned into weeks she felt so connected to the child and decided to keep him’

Fortunately her husband had gone for his first contract abroad,so she was left alone with little Ri’.Knowing he would force her to return the child to the owners she lied she adopted him.

Tano was excited about having a child and didn’t bother to find out about the adoption. He gave him “Tare”.The name he had planned with his lover Edna to name their first child.

She started having reasons to live when she had Richard’


Tano smiled happily when he recalled the events of the day.He was getting close to seeing his Edna again,Tare had told him all he needed to know about her parents and had promised to take him to were they lived the next day as he insisted. He never for once thought she could be so close.He just couldn’t wait to get a glimpse of her again.He couldn’t wait for tomorrow….


Everywhere is a mess,I can’t let you sleep here tonight let go to my place.

Don’t worry,I will do some cleaning.

Come on Tee,it’s been a long day and you are tired. I will get someone to do it for you.

Why are you doing all this Richard?

Do you really wanna know?

sure.That’s why am asking.

It’s because I love you. I know you wouldn’t take this serous but I really do,I never thought I could fall inlove but ever since the day I almost ran into you on the road,I couldn’t get you out of my mind..and am asking for a chance to prove my feelings for you….I might not be the best but I will try… he said making her heart beat faster


cuts her short

But I am flirt right? yeah I am but I will be willing to give that away if you consider me worthy to date you.

Tare was short of words.Was he willing to do all this for her?

Please say something,anything atall Tee…

Richard…I wish I could but I don’t know what to say.

It’s okay,I understand.But it wouldn’t stop me from proving to you am a changed person.I will do anything to win your love.

Shall we? she said trying to change the topic.

Yeah,let’s get going it getting late already,you need to rest you have a date with my old man tomorrow.

Come of it Rich,am just taking him to my parents.Not a date.

Can I tag along?

If it’s okay with your dad.

Sure it that means I’ll be seeing your mum again.

Maybe she will punish you for capturing her daughter’s heart this time around.

What do you mean?


I heard that right’…I mean that part of capturing her daughter’s heart,does it mean you are falling for me?

Don’t get your hopes up, it a no.let’s get going.

She took the lead feeling embarrassed of what she had said while he walked behind her.

Story continues.


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