Nothing Like Love – Episode 17

Episode 17

Mum meet my very good friend and namesake �Tare�

Maggie just waved her off.

Please excuse us young lady i want to talk to my son alone�

Tare felt bad, but Richard�s pleading eyes melted her.

Who is she? she asked immediately Tare left.

Mum she�s my friend. she is very nice,you will get to love her when you know her.

Come on son,that lady isn�t the kind of girl I want for you.

Mum,please don�t judge her by her appearance.

Fine,who is her father? what position does he hold in this country?

Mum what does that have to do with you?

I want to know? Look son am not angry if you flirt around at all,as long as you will marry Joanne the daughter of your father�s billionaire friend.But that cheap thing you call a friend is nothing but a golddigger�

Richard stood up angrily in an attempt to walk away from her.

You dare not move Richard,am still talking here.

Mum I won�t let you dictate my life.

She shaked her head angrily,what has gotten into Richard? she saw the look in his eyes.Only a blind man wouldn�t see they are filled with love�

Richard would never be friend her.Never.

She moved closer to him and smiled mishevously�placing her hand on his shoulder.She apologised.

Am sorry son, I shouldn�t have said that.

Mum,you know I hate it when we have a misunderstanding.

Am I forgiven? she asked innocently like a child.

yes but please don�t say such again.


They moved over to the sofa and sat down disscusing how they�ve have missed themselves.

Don�t worry mum, my exams are approaching.we can take a vacation to paris just both of us.

Nice idea son,I hope you won�t b�ck out thisnnmnnn time?Remember the last time you said am becoming old and boring to travel out with�

Richard almost laughed his ribs out.

You are my ever young mother,I will go anywhere with you.

She smiled happily before raising the alarm

I can�t find my purse�

What did you mean mother? it just the two of us here�

Richard I can�t find my purse and I mean it.

Mum,let�s look for it.He said and began searching.

did you find anything?

no mum,maybe you left it in the car.let me go and check.

2minutes later he came back without finding anything.

I couldn�t find it mum,maybe you left it at home.

No,I brought it here.That girl must have taken it.I knew she was upto no good�

mother! Tare would never do that.

Why are you so blinded by stupidity? I know a thief when I see one.Take me to where she lives.

No mother,I won�t do that.

You dare not disobey me.

But mum,why do you hate her for no reason,just let her be please.she�s no thief.

Am waiting Richard,it either you take me to where she lives or you choose between us.

Richard followed her quietly with confusion written all over his face.

Tare didn�t need a soothsayer to tell her Richard�s mum hated her.she felt really bad about the way she had been treated which made her restless.

The door flew open and Magie walked in

She of more of confuse than suprise,her eyes met Richard�s who turned away immediately. She knew all was not well at all.

You cheap theif,how dare you? The next thing Tare heard was a resounding slap on her face which kept her mute for 3seconds.

Richard pulled her away from his mother with anger burning through his eyes.

what was it with this women and her face?Her mother had slapped her calling her a flirt and now Richard�s.

Mum what�s the meaning of this embarrassment?

She�s a thief Richard,stop fooling yourself around.

Just then four policemen walked in.

That�s the thief,she pointed at Tare.

I don�t know what you are talking about,I didn�t steal anything. Tears had started streaming down her eyes.

Should we search around ma�am? the skinny looking policeman who seemed to have done 100days fasting and prayer asked�

And what are you waiting for? useless man.

Are you still standing,he said to his men who started searching the apartment immediately.

Is this your�s ma�am?

yes it�s mine.I told you Richard she�s upto no good.

Richard I don�t know anything about this please believe me. Tare pleaded.

shut up you criminal,you�v been cut redhanded but still maintain you didn�t take it? then how was it found in your handbag? the skinny policeman shouted.

Richard just kept mute.

Move it,he shouted at her,after handcuffing her


She had cried till the extent she couldn�t open her eyes properly.Why did Richards mum despise her so much? she was poor but was raised well. who would believe her? no guy would believe a girl over his mother! Oh Richard,she had lost him forever.

The most frightening thought was how she would get out of the cell,the place stinks she could barely breath with her inmates smoking.

Someone wants to see you the potbellied policeman said not to anyone in particular.

Me? Tare asked hoping she was the one.

Yes you. I wonder wetin that fine bobo see for thief like you.

She had thought Richard would never come for her,but there he was staring at her.

Please seat.He gestured to her .She sat facing him not sure of her fate.

Did you take it?

I swear Rich,I don�t have anything to do with it. I was surprised to see him find it in my handbag.I took that handbag to your place but I didn�t take it.

It�s okay Tee,I believe you.It just mother that�s proving stubborn,she had threatened to make me regret if I bail you out or have anything to do with you.


It�s your safety am worried about,I can�t bear it if anything happens to you.

You don�t have to worry Rich,nothing will happen to me.

How can you say that? you have no idea of what you mean to me.I love you very much Tee.I can�t bear to see you hurt.

Richard couldn’t believe he had said that. .now he understood what his high school friend meant by flings could fall in love’

On a normal day,Tare would have jumped on him for that statement. But not in the predicament she found herself. She held his hands in her�s

Nothing will happen to me Rich.

He stood up and pulled her into his arms.

I promise to get you out

Tare smiled as tears fell from her eyes�

Story continues…


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