Nothing Like Love – Episode 16

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Episode 17


Tare passed him like she had seen a ghost,she exchanged number with Andrew before entering her apartment. Richard looked like someone who had catched a cold,he wasn’t wearing any jacket and there was cold outside’

Why was she bothered anyway,he was a womanizer and they could never happen’. She pushed away the painful thought as she prepared to go her aunt’s,it been a while she saw the jo’s.Besides she badly wanted to talk to someone.


Angella dropped the magazine she was holding and went for the door

‘Tare’ She gasped in excitement before spreading her hands for an embrace.

Have you missed dear,you know longer visit is there a problem?

No aunt it just school stress and have been busy’ she lied.She didn’t want to visit because they were too generous. They always make sure she lacked nothing whenever she was going back .she didn’t want to look like some charity project.

Oh dear I really understand.please get something to eat,you aren’t a visitor in this house.

I know aunt but am not hungry

Are you okay? I mean is anything bothering you?

Nothing aunt.

You know you can tell me anything at all.

She kept quiet for sometime.

Honey something is eating you up and I know it,common dear share’

Tare told her everything from the onset while she listened with rapt attention.

you are inlove with him,that’s the only thing that explains why you hurt so much.

I just don’t know what to do aunt she said with unshed tears in her eyes

Richard is human dear,we humans are likely to make mistake . Don’t forget his been womanizing even before you met him,so you can’t really blame him.Besides you aren’t his girlfriend so he doesn’t even owe you an explanation. But the other difference is the “kiss”,he might be harbouring some feelings for you. Don’t judge him for his flaws,help him get out of it. Besides you are a Christian,show him the light rather than condemn him.

She pulled Tare who had started crying to her arms.

Shhh,it’s okay honey.You don’t have to cry,love can happen to anybody. It isn’t a crime to fall in love but don’t forget you are here to study that should be your priority not “handsome Richard”

Tare managed to give a smile.

Give him time he will change and whenever he ask you out,don’t think of his negative side and push him away’.Think of those things that make you wanna be with him.

Thanks aunt,she said wiping her tears.

Are you sure you don’t wanna eat anything,I prepared your favourite.

Am off to the kitchen she said and winked at Angela.


After talking to Angella she felt lighter,she realised it wasn’t only Richards fault.She never gave him chances to explain himself. she took a deep breath before pressing the doorbell but there was no answer. After waiting for a few minutes she dailed his line but it wasn’t answered either. She pushed the door,luckly it wasn’t locked.

She could hear his phone ring but there was no answer,after searching all over the house,she did the only option left which was checking his room.

There she saw him shivering’

her clutch fell from her hand,she knelt down by his bedside to feel his temperature.

Oh my God’ Richard can you hear me?

She pulled the blanket over his body.She felt guilty,it was all her fault he went over her house too early to apologise and end up catching a cold’.just then her eyes fell on her portrait on the wall,she never knew Richard drew her and it was beautiful’

Maybe she meant something to him afterall’. she smiled at that thought.

She left in an hurry to get him drugs.


Mummy I thought you said there will be no more of this in this house. preye complained pointing to the watery soup.

Preye mind the things you say to me.

But am only saying the truth.Beside what of our inlaws? are theý not giving you money again?

it’s your foolish sister, I don’t know what she did this time around mr Thompson changed his mind

Hmmm, am just tired of this kind of life mummy. imagine all my classmates have phones except me,everyone get to have two to three pairs of uniform but I have just one torn pair.Am tired of other kids making mockery of me.

preye I didn’t choice this kind of life either. stop running your mouth anyhow,should I cut my fingers and sell for you to live in luxury? why are you so different from your other siblings? just stop disturbing my life

But mum…i..

Don’t but me,am tired of your complaints.


Mitchell smiled happily seeing her mother in this mood.She had come with Godfrey to check up on her

Mitchell is that Ray?

No mum,I told you Ray is gone.This is Godfrey.

No,this is Ray..Ray my son.She stood immediately and advanced towards him.


Chell you don’t have to feel embarrassed at all,believe me I understand how you feel. Godfrey told Mitchell who had been crying since they left the psychiatric hospital.

You don’t frey, I don’t think mother will regain her self again

Please don’t say that, all she need is time.

Time? for how long,I lost my caring and loving mother 16years ago.Don’t I deserve to be happy at least.Am tired of seeing her that way,would she….ev..

Godfrey drew her into his arms before she completed her statement.

Shh…don’t cry,am hear for you okay? and I will never leave you again.


I promise.

She placed her head on his chest,both lovers feeling the rhythm of their heartbeats


I dare you to feed me.

Richard said calmly.

What?? Tare asked alarmed.

Rich you can’t be serous

Come on Tee,this is a game no rule breaking.

Richard….you can’t be serous,you know I can’t do that.

And why won’t you? he smiled showing his sparkling teeth.

Tare felt embarrassed,if only she knew the game would have gotten to this extent she wouldn’t have played’

Richard had woken up feeling much better,all thanks to Tare who spent all night taking care of him.They had prepared breakfast together and were currently eating before Richard brought the crazy idea of playing truth and dare’ They had asked themselves random questions before Richard dared her to feed him.

Come on,am still waiting

Fine! just one spoon.she

filled the spoon to the brim and fed him.

One more please.Richard said teasingly

You’r arent serous,it now my turn.

okay go ahead’Richard said with his tongues out which made Tare frown lightly.

Why do you womanize?

Richard jaw dropped and Tare regretted why she had asked the question.

Am sorry,I should have respected your personal life ‘

It okay Tee,I..

Richards statement was cut short by the fair skinned lady who hugged him from behind.

Baby,why didn’t you tell me you’re sick? she placed her hands on his neck trying to feel his temperature.

Mum,you worry too much.Who told you I was sick?

Tare felt relieved at the utterance of ‘mum’ from Richard.

She looked to young to be his mother,though in her forties.Her still was still glowing,she smelt ‘wealth’.

Tare greated the elegant looking woman but got no response. She brought an extra plate and dished out some food for her.

Mum meet my very good friend and namesake ‘Tare’

Maggie just waved her off.

Story continues…


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