Nothing Like Love – Episode 15

© Blair

What’s up with you man?is she the only girl in the world?

Let me be sam.He said counting his every word’

for crying out loud don’t tell me you came to this club to bore around.

What part of let me be don’t you understand?

how things change,the same Richard that bragged about laying any lady without feeling a thin for them,what’s it this one? she isn’t even as preety as your numerous flings.

Get me a girl’

Now you are talking,I will be right back.

Maybe sam was right,he needed to forget her.

Sam reappeared with a fair slim girl,she looked no different from a model.

She had started licking her lips.jeez the guy was handsome,she wouldn’t mind doing it free for him.

Do you want it here mr?

No let’s go home.

That excited her,it was rare to see guys who took them home.She would make good use of this opportunity by stealing a thing or two! he looked wealthy.

Tare searched through her clothes for a suitable cloth,she had made a mistake by chasing him out.she had chased him out of her house not heart.She wanted to see him again not considering the time of the night.

She settled for her favourite dress and headed for Richard’s.


Tare couldn’t understand what the gateman meant by’my oga no wan see you now’.

How can he possibly say that when he hadn’t left her presence.

Don’t worry,he isn’t going to get mad seeing me now,I know it late though but he understands’

No abeg,just commot I know my oga pass you.

She searched her handbag for her phone but unfortunately Richard’s number wasn’t reachable. she needed to act fast since the gateman wasn’t making any sense with what he was saying. Afterall God didn’t give her this portable body for nothing’.Before he could blink his eyes she had pushed through and ran off.

Ahmed ran after her but she was faster.Out of frustration he sat on the floor weeping for his job’ he was sure of it,his Oga wouldn’t spare him for this not when he had been warned.


In no time she was upstairs,she was about to knock when she heard the noise from inside.

For some minutes she stood transfixed,no no no she shook her head vigorously’

To confirm her fears she pushed the door open.

Tears streamed down her eyes,it wasn’t a good sight to behold.Richard must be enjoying himself since he didn’t even notice her presence’ the lady was moaning on top of her voice like a pregnant woman whose baby was finding it difficult to come out.

She found herself screaming Richard’

Shocked to the bone,he ran after her after wearing his boxers

Tare please,let me explain’

How dare you, what do you have to explain? oh my God I was such a fool.

she continued running as fast as she could.

She could still hear Richard’s voice

please let me take you home it late already’

Tare I know I’v offended you big time but please it too risky for you to go by yourself.

All she wanted was to get the hell of his

sight,Richard couldn’t follow her outside his compound since he was just on a boxer’.He ran back upstairs to dress up but Tare was gone when he came down.


The man had been kind enough not to ask questions.This was the weirdest thing she had ever done,or maybe not.Accepting a man’s ride without thinking. All she wanted was to be miles away from Richard’ he brought nothing but pain to her world.Gone are the days she hardy cried,he had turn her to a vegetable’.She cries for everything little thing.

We are here’

surprisingly she hadn’t even notice when he pulled up in front of a house,lost in her thoughts.

Am sorry miss,I brought you here since you never mentioned where I should stop.

You should have asked me,she said.Her voice a little bit shaky.

Am sorry,you can spend the night here.My mum wouldn’t mind.


Anything was better than been close to Richard.

She knew he would go for her not minding the time to sort things out.

The unknown guy led her to a room where she assumed to be the guestroom.

Please let me know if you need anything. He said and closed the door.

Happy she had been left alone to drown in her thoughts.

I made a mistake by falling for you Richard. I would have taken her advice,guys like you only had flings.

How could she have thought the kiss meant something to him! she had been stupid enough to think he also felt the beautiful feeling of that moment. More tears streamed down her eyes as realisation hit her

Richard had used her’ she cried uncontrollably at the thought of that.


Good morning my daughter

how was your night?

it wasn’t bad ma’am.

Please have breakfast with us,we would be glad to have you here.

Tare nodded in acceptance,she had woken up and had come out only to find mother and son setting the table for breakfast.

They must be really close she thought.

The breakfast was delicious,she wasn’t only beautiful but a good cook too.Mrs Theresa as she later found out was a widow.They were the middle class family,who were contented with what they had.

All through the breakfast she asked questions meant for people in a relationship. There was no doubt she had fallen in love with Tare and was doing a matchmaking for her with her son’

welcome to the family she said when Tare was set to leave.

Let me take you home Andrew offered.


Richard mouth flew open the moment he saw her coming with another man.How could she? he had come to explain things to her the previous night but she wasn’t around. He blamed himself continuously all through the night and found no sleep. He had been waiting for her as early as for her to pay him back.

Jealousy ran through his veins,he wanted badly to pick up a fight with the man.But that will only make him loose her.

Story continues…


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