Nothing Like Love – Episode 13

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I insist Tee.
Tare followed him slowly.
Who could that be she asked a little bit frightened seeing a figure seating at her doorstep.
Don�t be scared,let�s find out.
He took her hand in his as they moved further.
�Mum� What are you doing here?
Are you suprised,is it because of this small boy you refused to marry Thompson.
She removed her hand from Richards
she was cut short by a slap.For some minutes she was dumbfounded.
You are such a flirt,how dare you Tare? so you�v been sleeping around ehn? afterall the preaching and method of upbringing you had.
Mumm..she couldn�t complete her sentence as tears streamed down her eyes.
you useless thing,am going to show you I carried you for nine months.
She pulled her by the ear and started raining insults on her.
Richard couldn�t take it anymore,he started pleading with Edna.
you better start leaving you son of an animal,at 8pm my daughter is coming from outside and you expect me to keep quiet.How dare you?
Mummy please let me explain.
you have nothing to explain,am giving you three days.Your traditional wedding is on Saturday it either you come to keffi yourself or I will come and drag you from here.
She said and left in annoyance.
Tare went into Richard�s waiting arms as she sobbed loudly.

Richard watched Tare cry in his arms, he didn�t want to leave her in that state. He wanted to be a shoulder to lean on.
Tare gave Richard the key to her apartment when he asked,she wasn�t in her right senses to argue,all she needed now was someone to cry her heart to.
Tell me everything please,I promise it going to be between you and I. Richard said when they had gotten to her room.
Have you ever regretted been born? or should I say been born to a poor family? have never cared about the life I lived,I never cared about the food I ate,or even the kind of clothes I wore before I met aunt Angela. All have ever wanted was to study hard and make my own money when the time comes.But what I can�t take is been insulted and called names by my own mother because she wants me to get married to a man as old as my dad.
She sniffed,and cleaned the tears streaming down her eyes with the back of her palm.
Richard stood up from where he sat and enveloped her in his arms.
It�s okay Tee,everything is going to be fine I promise.
His words only made her sob louder,they remained that way till she slept off.Richard checked his time and it was already midnight. He couldn�t live that night,it was too risky.After few minutes of thinking on what to do,he placed Tare on her bed and covered her with her blanket. He had no choice than to sleep on the plastic chair.
Tare woke up earlier than expected,she had forgotten all about the event of the previous night till she saw him on the chair.
Rich wake up,she tapped him gently.
Richard yawned weakily.His neck hurt,he twisted it back and front before looking at Tare.
How are you feeling Tee?
Am better now.She gave him a weak smile.
Am sure your neck hurt,am sorry I put you through this stress.
Am not complaining and please don�t think about it too much.Am here for you anytime.
Thank you so much Rich.
Are you cooking? he asked Tare who wore an apron over her gown.
yes,I�ll be done in a bit.we will eat breakfast together.
can you cook?he teased
Rich did I�she was cut short by the knocking on the door.
A minute,she said to Richard and went for the door.

Sorry do I know you? Tare asked the beauty queen standing before her.
Am not here for you,get the hell out of my way.She pushed Tare who almost fell down and stood in front of Richard with her hands on her waist.
Are you stalking me chel?
you can call it whatever you want Richard,what did you take me for? Some sort of lady you treat like trash? for 2weeks you have ignored my calls and messages. And do you know what hurt me more,the fact that you asked your gateman to never let me in.What do you want? is it money? s-x? name it am ready to give you but don�t treat me like this.
Mitchell let�s talk outside he told her calmly.
Why not here? Because you don�t want your bedwarmer to hear right she said pointing at Tare.
This is the last time you call her names Mitchell he said with rage.
And what will you do if I call her names? what do you see in her? she isn�t even as preaty as I am.The earlier you know the better for you,this piece of trash you have as a bedwarmer is nothing but a gold digger.
Richard lost it and slapped her.
You slapped me? she held her already reddened chick in her hands as tears streamed down her eyes.
Yes I slapped you and I will add more if you don�t get the hell out of here.
Richh..ard..she stammered.
Get out chel,have tolerated enough of your craziness and we are over. you can�t do this to me .she
held his arm.
Richard shrugged off from her grip.
Knowing well she had lost the battle she turned to Tare and said
Watch out,he will dump you just like he did to me.He never fall in love,you are nothing more than fun to him.
With that she opened the door and left.
Tare am sorry for this
Just when I started trusting you,you brought your girlfriend to insult me.please get out.
Tare please hear me out
Get out Richard,I don�t ever want to see you again.
Richard left knowing fully well she won�t listen to him.
She felt the urge to call him back embrace him telling him she knew she wasn�t just fun to him..but went to her bed and cried her eyes out.

Story continues…


  1. Arrrhh. Mitchell ur crazy oo.
    Mrs Edna,we’re in the 21st century for God’s sake..
    Weldone Blair..
    Nice write up

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