Nothing Like Love – Episode 11

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Tare frowned her face even with her eyes close,who could be knocking this early?She stood up sleepily still on her nighties and opened the door.
Good morning sir.
Sorry it afternoon already,so I would say good afternoon miss.
Afternoon?she must have over slept after doing T.D.B.
Sorry Sir,how may I help you? she asked after looking at the dark skinned man trying hard to place the face.
Tare, I must say you are beautiful girl.please let me in we have lot to talk about.
Sorry,how did you know my name? and what do we have to talk about?
Just let me in,will you?
She moved away from the door and gestured to him to take a seat on the only plastic chair in her room.
Am suprised your mother has not said anything to you,we are supposed to be married soon so I came to meet you in person
What?? Tare flared up with anger burning through her eyes.
This can�t happen,I am not going to marry you for any reason. Besides my mum will never do that.
I see you trust her.But there�s nothing you can do,as a matter of fact I have paid your bride price to your mother. You can call her now if you wish
Please leave, I don�t ever want to see you again.
She pressed her body against the door the moment he left.
No this can�t be,the thought of her mother selling her was killing her.How could she?Marriage is a life time thing.The man in question should be in his late forties. She ran her hand through her hair as more tears clouded her face.
There was another knock on the door,she ignored it. She didn�t want another person adding to her problems. But when the knocking became non-stop,she had no choice than to open it.
Her mouth went dry seeing the figure before her.This guy was just too handsome,without him saying anything she felt happy with just looking at him.
what do you want? and how did you know live here?She asked after composing herself.
Have you been crying?Richard found himself asking.
Are you stalking me?I thought I made it clear I don�t want to have anything to do with you.
Hear me out first,for crying out loud why are you so self centered. Can�t you help a fellow being.
There are so many people in our department so please ask help from them and stop stalking me. She closed the door at his face.
What was this guy anyway? Can�t he take no for answer. Why does he have to keep stalking me.Why am I feeling happy all of a sudden after seeing him with all the issues I�v got.
Richard smiled as he drove back home,Tare didn�t know he had followed her the previous night. He was supposed to be angry but he couldn�t explain why he was smiling like a fool instead.Maybe it the joy of seeing a girl get mad at him!.No girl had ever done that before not to talk of scolding him.That makes him get more interested in knowing her.But for now I have to give her some space he said to himself.
Angella pulled her husband by the arm as she led him to the room she had prepared for their baby.
Wow this is nice,jo exclaimed.
You sure our baby will like this?
Yes honey,it beautiful. But did you have to stress yourself,I would have called someone to do it.
I didn�t honey,have been lazying around all day so I decided to keep myself busy.
Even at that love you should rest and eat plenty please.
I don�t want my baby thinking am lazy.
Ha ha,Is that so?
He carried her in a bridal style and placed her on the sofa in the living room.
Honey don�t you think you should settle your disputes with my family members.
Dear I would do that but when I carry my baby in my arms.
It okay I�ll be waiting.
He didn�t have to argue that,they had made her life a living hell during the early years of their marriage so he respects her every decision.
Thank you for understanding love.
she claimed his lips with hers as they engaged in an hot romance.
Mitchell emptied the glass of drink in her mouth.She had been drinking,ever since she left her house earlier.She felt betrayed and pained.
But why am I feeling this way? afterall I have Richard.Could it be am still inlove with Godfrey. can�t happen. They say first love never dies,I guess that�s why I feel this way.
Mitchell wasn�t sure if she really wanted vannesa out of her house
The girl had betrayed her but for some reasons she couldn�t do without her.Who would do the cooking? cleaning and even her laundry. She was going to get her back and punish her in some other way.
Tare tried out the third outfit,she had planned to pay the mystery guy a visit and apologise. She wasn�t that kind of snub,she just didn�t want to get involved with people.Expecially someone like him,the guy was just too cute!
just when she was about turning the door knob,it beckoned on her she didn�t know his house,or even his name. She threw her clutch in anger regretting her snubby attitude.
How did you find me?
That�s not a problem at all,you know people like you are never rare.wait a minute is this where you leave?
Yeah. .I..I..she stammered.
It okay, this place looks terrible vanessa,you can come and live with me again.
Do you mean it?have you forgiven me?
For now let�s don�t talk about that.Just come back today.
Vanessa smiled in between tears.The last two weeks had been hell for her.She had managed to rent a flat in the outskirt of jos,currently she needed money. she was d–n broke and had returned to her type of dressing since all her expensive clothes had been sold off to buy some necessities. It was a miracle seeing Mitchell in her house,the same person that had ignored her for 2weeks like she didn�t exist anymore.
Just as she had expected everywhere stinked,she couldn�t count the maggots that welcomed her in the kitchen. The dishes hadn�t been washed for ages.That was just a tip of the mess,her mouth flew open when she saw the toilet and the untidy bedroom. Mitchell was such a spoilt brat.She needed no soothsayer to tell her Mitchell only wanted her cleaning services.

Story continues…


  1. Still arranging marriage in this 21st century?? This is serious..
    Tare be strong..
    Weldone Blair..
    Nice write up..

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