There is something out there

Something lurks in the dark

It is not a shadow

Its a hollow

An emptiness

And, it all began with that painful exclamation! Ahhhhh!!!


The trauma, the struggles, the pain, the tears The painful journey of two months started that perfectly normal night where everything seemed right with the world. Under a grey starless night, they all lay happily, basking in the euphoria of togetherness; little did they know that the tide was about to change. Who could have thought that a day so free and peaceful could lead to a whirl-storm of pain and sorrow? But it did! And a family once happy and carefree was plunged into the shadows to thread the path of pain and turmoil. Two months! Two months of darkness! Two complete months of struggles, agitation and sorrow It all began that dark fateful night, under the blank expanse of clouds. The storm came in with a formidable force, sweeping away the joy and peace they held so dearly. Their lives changed indeed their lives changed, forever

Written By Adeola Nissi


  1. The prologue did not move me but when
    I saw the Author Adeola Nissi
    I�m interested
    Great Author

    Waiting for it pls

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