Is It A Sin?

IS IT A SIN? –Prologue

My name is Nnena, I am the only child of my beloved parents. I am writing my story in tears. Please if I may ask you guys, is it a sin to be loyal? Is it a sin to be honest? Is it a sin to be faithful and diligent? Sigh. I am suffering from emotional trauma within because of my sincere actions, which I thought is the only way to life and to have everlasting happiness. But hell No, I mean capital NO. Human beings are unrecognized devils they are talking about, our hearts are filled with evil, human beings are the prosopopoeia definition of devil.

Why am I asking you guys if it is a sin to be good or not and what are the reasons human beings deserve all these series of qualifications? Find out in the episodes of this interesting story.

Starts on 15-01-2018

To be posted on Mondays, Wednesdays And Fridays.


Is It A Sin?


  1. Looks like am alittle bit late but seems like I managed to take the front seat on the front row. Bring it on

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