A new year has come so soon
It broke out of its shell with a deafening sound -booom!!!

Autumn leaves have started falling
The day which was benighted is now morning

It didn’t come as a surprise
As we’ve been expecting it like we’re expecting sunrise

It will be a year everyone will rejoice
We shall make a whole lot of joyful noise

The new year shall be great in all ramifications
I believe, cause we’ll get lots of bank notifications

Twenty eighteen here we come,
Treat us good or even better in a forlong

Dirge songs shall sour in our mouth
As no-one shall kiss the dust no not in our doormouth

Eulogies shall not be sang with our lips
As we will be too occupied singing sweet melodies

No aura or iota of conundrum shall compete with our heart
They will not disturb our eardrum not to talk of our fragile heart

The new year shall bring peace and sanity
Even to that lunatic who had eaten from the fruits of insanity

We’ll live to tell tales of how we tholed all around
Making sure success, bliss, fortune and peace all abound

But all glory to God almighty in the highest
As he had led us successfully to a wonderful new year

All the best…

Modest King


  1. I welcome u all in this blog to 2018. what you lost in 2017, the Lord shall restore double unto u.
    Ur destiny shall not be trampled upon. Favour from God shall locate U. Where others fail, you shall succeed….

  2. Happy new year to u all, I pray dat d Lord will locate us with his Mercy, Favour and Grace, this year is tagged, my year of Breaking forth,u shall break forth 4rm d east, west,south and north in Jesus Name Amen.

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