The Game Changer – Episode 9

The Game Changer Episode 9

� Tisa Phiri

“You have to know the working of your enemy’s mind. Know what to expect from them before you strike a strategy to attack them. You have a better chance of success if only you can maintain a step ahead of them ” the words echoed in my mind as i silently worked on the keys to the rear gate of the building. It was a nicely elevated and well maintained outside.

From the look around, i could tell Jacob and his friends were really pulling huge deals and there was no disputing some individuals or organisations were behind their huge wealth accumulation within a short period of time.

I smiled seeing his posters printed with his image labelled ‘vote for Jacob Tatila president.’

” President over my dead body!” I cursed as i went up the stairs inside the building, dresses in dark overalls and shades on my eyes suitable for working with in the dark.

I sighed seeing the switches on the right side of the wall. Steadly i walked up to the top office. Taking my time, it was 30 minutes passed 03 am and i had managed to put all the gaurds to sleep. After giving them some good kicks and punches as they tried to resist my entrance, then i injected them with a powerfil sleep drug that would knock then off for almost 2 hours. ofcourse that was after one of them disalarmed all the buildings security systems, by force.

” Jacob, Jacob man, this is a good life you chose, unfortunately you used the wrong man to get to the top” i whispered looking at his photo as i sat in his comfortable office chair swinging around as i smoked warming my lungs..

I looked around lifting and placing down some small items from the table. I tried to open the drawers but they were all locked.

” what are you hiding in here?” I scoffed moving the chair back and getting the tool from my bag to force the small doors open.

I struggled a bit and when it finally opened, i almost screamed with anger seeing my latest photos placed in an envelope. The guy was really watching me and Ackim was right. They had me followed since the day i came back to the city.

I looked at them one by one, i was at the street buying my dope, the other one i was seated talking to some guys who hooked me up to Chanje.

” son of a Bi**h!” I cursed. “He had me followed all this time”. I shook my head furious. I knew that meant only one thing, someone was on my tail twenty four seven and it was not just about tracking my phone. Even when i had it changed i was meant to believe that they would be watching me again.

I looked outside the building through the window feeling a panick urge. I had to come up with a plan and that was to be quick. I had to outsmart whoever had me under surveillance be it human or machine.

Quickly i switched off the lights on Jacob’s office. I got my phone and mad a quick call to Chama the IT guy from Ackim.

” yes man, am in now tell me what to do” i spoke through the phone walking my hands into the small bag i had.

” okey good, now take the small box i told you about earlier” he instructed through the phone.

” yeah i have it” i responded looking at a small box in my hand.

” okey. So those are small undetectable cameras and recorders, have them placed in the spots where they cannot easily be spoted but can capture most of the room view. ” he added.

” then what?” I asked standing up and finding spots i was sure where perfect and plugged the cameras using the touch light i couldnt risk having the lights on yet.

” then get out of there man, we will do the rest from here, the guys and i are almost in the city we will meet up to discuss the rest.” He added

” yeah!” I whispered and cut the line placing my phone in my pockets and looking arund one more time.

I needed to do one more thing before i left. I sat down taking out a plain paper and drawing something. It was am image of myself and Jacobs when we just started the military training. I remembered it vividly cause it was the day we become friends with him. He was purnished by our instructor one day and i saw him lifting heavy logs from one point to another. He stuggled to walk as he came to the 6th one and thats when i went past the area.

” hey soldier, i have been ballocked man, these guys are really making it tough for me. I still got 10 logs to move for no reason at all and look at my hands” he said showing me the brouses he had.

” i feel you, its hard out here. Let me help you with a couple of those before anyone comes this way” i walked towards him feeling pity.

We were just getting the last ones when we heard a camera click followed by a flash.

” i give you work and you decide yo call your dog for help!” One of our instructors spoke making us stand at ease.

” sorry sir i was just” i almost defended myself and the next thing i felt was a strong whip on my back.

” you saying something soldier?” He asked pissed off.

” no sir!” I stood up right looking at him.

That day he made us stand straight and took a photo of us. He gave us another task harder than the one he had given Jacob before and we had to work the entire night.

The following day, he came to give us two photos as a reminder of out offence. Everytime you look at that photo you ought to be reminded that there is a large cost to friendship, if you are going to decide carry the burden of your fellow soldier, then you will survive the jungle and any war, because being each other’s keeper is what gives you the courage to overcome” he smiled and walked away.

” was that supposed to be a complement?” Jacob laughed looking at me.

” yeah i guess we did the right thing and got purnished for it” i laughed as we walked back to our dooms tired and dirty. That was the beginning of our friendship till we went for Commando trainings and met with Jose and Makasa.

I smiled looking at the sketch i had placed on his desk. I wanted him to know i had got in and that he didnt have me under his sleeves anymore.

I looked around before heading out. There was no one outside i was glad no one had followed me yet. I just hoped whoever it was had lost track of me.

Instead of driving away immediately i went and parked the truck a few meters away and came back placing a hood on my head and standing hidden across the road.

I had to stalk around a bit and see any signs of someone on my tail.

I looked at my watch, a few minutes to 5 am, soon vehicles would start parking around the buildings. I saw some guards walking around looking lost i could bet they were trying to figure out what happened.

” you won’t remember a thing my friends. That drug did you bad” i smiled to myself folding my hands around my body.

” here we go!” I whispered seeing Jacob’s vehicle pulling over the building. The bas***d was being driven and he looked all bossy in his black suit and a merroon necktie that blended well with a cream white shirt he had inside the suit.

I waited for some few more minutes and i saw him run out to his car calling to his driver the sketch i left him in his hands.

“Couldn’t resist the pics eeehe?” I spoke to myself. And turned back to the car i had.

I needed to know where he was heading to.

Through some main roads in town i went behind him leaving two vehicles between us.

” hey man did you get anything from that office? ” I called Chama.

” yeah he made a call to a guy named Jose and some commander i can’t recall his name” Chama expalined.

” did he say where they are meeting from? cause am on his tail roght now” i asked looking through the side mirrows to ensure i want being followed too.

” no he didnt, he just side lets meet but didnt say any more” he replied.

” okey man, go on with organizing those people i will tag them a bit longer and see how it goes. Anything happens to me get the rest of the things done” i added and hanged up paying attention to Jacobs car which was now joining the road to ibex hill.

The road ahead cleared and there was no car ahead of between our vehicles so i decided to reduce my speed and follow at a distance.

After almost 10 minutes of driving i saw it pull over some huge wall fence and the car drove in. Another vehicle drove past me at a high speed and too turned at the same place. I couldn’t tell who was in it, but i could bet it was either the commander Jacob called or Mbe?ere Jose.

” okey atleast i know your meeting place” i whispered to myself driving past the house.

An hour later we were seated with the guys from Chingola in the bushes we had created our hide out. We had decided to lodge at a very cheap motel outside the city where no one would suspect anything.

All in total plus the investigator Ackim recommended and the guys Chama and Jim came with we were 15.

” are you sure all these men can be trusted?” I asked Chama in a whisper.

” sure man, i can assure you of that fact. These men are mostly ex militants who had issues and were either fired or demotted and got pissed with the system. They do their own thing now and this is the right group you need for the job man” he smiled pulling on the cigarette as i did too.

” good. Just one thing before we start, i have nothing to lose guys, i have been to the dead land before and am not scared of going back. So if you think for a second you are here to preserve your life then you ought to back out now. I will not accept any sign of weakness in this Job. So we clear, you will get your advance pays at the end of this meeting and the rest if you come out alive.

This mission is dangerous i will warn you before hand. We are dealing with someone who will be going to be the head of this nation and he has security all around him. This is the beginning of our mission and from now onwards it shall get bloody. Do it for money of for your country i dont care! All i want is you to work with me and prevent a wrong man taking over the highest office of our country. Am going to turn around the tables and trust me, i will achieve it even if its the last thing i will do on this God forsaken place.” I spoke standing up and looking at everyone’s face and eyes to make sure my words got into them deep and clear.

” i will for a couple of days walk alone, i first want to know who is tagging on my back and then we excute the highest attack after i uncover the entire truth” i courageously added.

” you will all stay hidden and train until i say otherwise. any questions before Chama gives us the plans?” I asked siiting back down.

” yes sir, only one” one of the guys stood up.

” go on” i nodded.

” what is to come of the presidential elect? We killing him or what?” He asked.

” whats your name man?” I asked instead standing up and pacing towards him.

” Albert sir” he responded.

” Albert, if you dare lay a finger on him even when you come in contact with him whatsoever, i will make sure i ki*ll you with my bare hands.” I held his chin up.

” clear?” I asked him and looked around other s to make sure the message got to them too.

” yes!” He replied and i pushed him back.

” that man is mine to handle, do anything else you are told and leave him, Mberere and Makasa to me” i pointed a finger at each one of them.

” good!” I sighed satisfied i was clear enough.

” now before you start going through the staff with them, show me that video i want to see whats going on back there” i spoke to Chama and he gave me his room keys. I walked away leaving everything to him and went back to the motel.

” where are they? Find the jeep dammit and get me Chanje !” I heard Jacob yell on the phone i knew he was aware he goons were dead. Luckily i handed the jeep to the dealer guys in exchange for a truck and they would work on it. Painting it and taking it out of the country i cared less what would happen afterwards.

” have someone else on him, find him and report to me! we cannot afford to have him sneaking around. We are a few months towards the main election” Jacob added as i watched him move about his office. He looked in all corners i would bet he was searching for some cameras. ” you won’t find them anytime soon my old friend” i whsipered placing my palm on my nose as i pulled in the drugs into my nostrils. Jerking as it reached down inside i felt revived.

…to be continued



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