The Game Changer – Episode 7

The Game Changer Episode 7 by�Tisa Phiri


The drive back to Lusaka went as planned.

I sat silently in the back seat with the kids and only answered to some questions the twins were asking. The girl who i had placed on my laps was fast alseep.

My mind went back to the jungle thinking about the two people that saved my life.


” its been a week staying with you here and you have not told us anything about yourself” Queen asked me as she sat opposite the stool i sat on. Her long skirt covering her legs.

“What do you want to know?” I asked her mending the fishing net that i got from her grand father to help him out.

” you must have a family or friends, you can say something about your work, just anything you can tell about yourself” she smiled.

” i have cousins and and their parents but rearly talk about them. There’s is nothing exciting about them anyway. About my Job, well its over i guess, by now whoever planned to ki*ll me thinks am dead.” I shrugged

” why do you insist someone wanted you dead. It was probably an accident and your friends left thinking you died inside the cabin” she argued innocently.

“Cause that’s not how we work Queen, soldiers never back out on their friends like that. They would have stayed to make sure i was dead for real. Their rushing out makes me feel they were in a hurry to get rid of me” i explained to her and she continuously shook her head.

” is it in your nature to distrust people around you?” She laughed ” its not everyone that isn’t trust worthy. You have to learn to look at the better side of people steve. Sometimes it helps to have positive thoughts” she smiled lifting herself up the rid mat and walking to get some wood from a heap under a small tree and placing them on the fire.

” the bottom line is that its not easy trusting people especially after what i have seen some man treat a fellow.” I chuckled.

She looked at me and back at the pot without saying a word. Her rough hair all over her head she didn’t seem to mind her looks.

” tell me why you are here in this deserted place?. How come you decided to stay far away from every one. I mean i can understand the old man has some attachment to this place and really he has nothing to look forward to in the cities. But for you, i don’t get it, you seem to be knowledgeable enough to make me think you have gone to school before. So why her�?” I asked and she looked down her fingers turning silent..

” Qeen? ” i called her looking at her face.

” well lets just say i tried to see the good in people and i paid a high price for it” she shrugged sadly and went on cooking.


” we are here man” Ackim spoke pulling me off my thoughts.

” okey. Am taking a bus from here. Thank you again man” i told him stepping out of his car.

” yeah like we agreed keep in touch. I will hit your line when i get to our destination. ” he added shaking my hand.

” have any cash on you? ” he asked

” yeah i had my wallet in the pocket thankfully. ” i smiled.

” right, watch out man and be careful ” he patted my hand and got back to the car.

“I waved at paula and the kids as they drove off.

I boarded a the bus after 10 minutes of waiting. In 5 hours we landed in the capital city.

I walked around getting a few staff i needed for the house and got home just before it got dark. I searched around the house immediately i got there and satisfied all seemed in order, i changed my clothes and walked out leaving it locked.

Instead of spending the night home, i decided to lodge a room. Taking caution someone might have been watching my place.

Immediately i sat down my phone rung.

” helo!” I responded not recognising the caller ID. ” Its Chama. ” i heard a voice on the other end.

” yes man, what do you have? ” i asked stranding up and walking to the window opening it.

” i have accessed the details of the those guys, as per data in the system, there’s nothing suspicious except one thing” he paused.

” go on” i encouraged him.

” the accounts of the three guys shows large transfers of cash between 2015 and 2016. ” he added.

” well that is the same period we were out, it could be the allowances.” I told him still peeping outside the window.

” yeah thats what i thought initially but the money is almost 4 times what you guys were entitled to”

” is it what am thinking?” I asked him now paying attention to a strange vehicle i saw drive in the car park outside. Two strange looking men walked out and as one one them pulled up his trousers my eyes touched the gun that was tucked in his belt. I saw them look about as i kept Chama briefing me on his findings.

” someone paid them off” he was saying.

” good work man, just do as you said. Let me try find their current cell numbers and will give them to you to keep track of them” i told him now pulling off my own gun seeing the guys heading to the reception.

” how did they find me again?” I asked myself sliding the window aside. I climbed out and squat down at the back of the room waiting for them knowing they would come for me.

It was silent for a while and then i heard a large bang on the door. The hinges to the door clicked as it hit the wall.

I gave them a few seconds and one of them saw the open window, he slowly pushed the curtain aside his gun pointed.

I needed a silencer not to attract attention so i removed the shirt i had on top of the vest luckily i had unbuttoned it when i reached the room.

Placing my shirt in front of the pistol after folding it, i silently moved. Am sure he thought i was not there cause i saw him peep his head out and i took the chance quickly pulling the trigger and blowing of his brains blood sprashed on the window and some of it touched my face.

The other guy ran to the corner and fired one shot which went direct in the wall fence outside. We both went silent and i knew he wasnt going to move until i did, so i crawled slowly crossing the window.

Assuming i was still on the same position, he too moved i could hear his steps. I saw the corned of his hand. I fired one but it missed him as he flinched back.

Before i could act further i felt a sharp scratch on my shoulder i stood up instantly and pushed him down the floor inside as i quickly jumped back inside before he could get to where his gun was. I got to him and we engaged into a hand fight.

He pushed me down hitting my face a couple of times before i could managed to pull myself up.

“I pounced on his head, repeatedly hitting him but he was as strong as i was as he gave me his own too. He skilfully banged my shoulder which was bleeding due to the deep scratch from the gun shot and i screamed in pain.

Holding my shoulder panting as he held the gun to my head standing upright.

” who are you?” I asked trying to figure out a way of distracting him so as to come up with a way of defending myself.

He smiled spitting the blood from his mouth.

” you messed with the wrong gang, soldier. You should have stayed dead” he teased me shaking his head whilst smiling like an idiot.

” well since am going to die anyway, do me a favour man” i sighed faking desperation.

” you want me to call a priest for you to confess your sins before dying?” He laughed loudly.

” yeah i would love that too but no, i want to know why me? Why did they choose me? ” I asked my hand sliding from my shoulders

” i don’t ask questions man, i get paid and i do the job, end of the deal. ” he smiled and pointed the gun firmly at me i was sure he was going to release the trigger any second.

In an instant i jumped up kicking his hand and the shot went into the ceiling followed by the gun.

I kicked him again to the wall this time and before he could stand again, i rushed to his gun and fired a straight one right through his skull sending him back to the wall his head hiting it and staining the wall with his blood.

I panted sighing with relief as i sat looking at the two dead bodies before me.

A few seconds later i was searching their pockets for anything but they had nothing on them. I pusshed them one after the other and pulled off their shirts.

” same idiots” i whsipered seeing the same tattoo around their arms as that which the other two shooters had in Chingola.

The only thing apart from the guns was the car keys. ” well i could use this huh!” I spoke to myself and looked out side for any sign of a person but the place was quiet i knew whoever was near had taken off or was hiding after hearing what was going on in my room.

I ran to their black SUV parked in the car park, hearing the police sirens from a distance. Driving out at a greet speed i took off going the opposite direction as the cops.

I placed the gun on the passager seat and concentrated on taking myself far away from the lodge heading to the outskirts of the city.

I parked after driving for almost an hour west of Lusaka.

” lets see what we have here” i sighed opening any small closures in the car. I found one ID indicating a name and rank. ” okey, a common officer huh? How low guys” i smiled sheepishly.

” there was nothing else relevant in the car. I sat back trying to think. ” how did they find me again?” I asked myself the tenth time.

I recalled patting ways with Ackim, as far as i was concerned i didnt tell anyone where i would be lodging. Something was out of line and i hated how i was failing to connect the pieces.

” hey man sorry am calling this late but something came up. Am being followed and i want to know how” i asked the tech guy.

” you might have told someone of your whereabouts” he responded.

” i didn’t, am just from having a head on with two killers. ” i sighed holding my hand and letting a small scream as i touched the sore spot.

” are you okey? ” he asked.

” just a scratch and the threat has been eliminated. So tell me how possible is it that they are on my tail”

” well, am thinking they have you tracked, maybe your phone or something you have on” he suggested.

” what, bullshit! How did they get my phone man i have been with it the whole time. ” i told him.

” they could have tapped into it or maybe your clothes?”

” i got the ones i had on from Ackim and changed into something else when i got home…. oh wait!” I whispered realising it.

” son of a b***h!” I screamed

” what ?” Chama asked me.

” that bas***d, it has been him all the time” i spoke more to myself.

” okey man let me get back to you.” I cut the line turning on the ignition keys.

” i got a son of bit*h to pay a visit!” I cursed feeling so angry i ignored the pain in my shoulder.

…to be continued

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  1. Dont u b in haste to think its Achim dats after u man.. Jux b calm steve n try to eliminate anytin dat mite b on u dat can b bugged.. Nice piece, enjoyin every episode. Lets ride on..

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