The Game Changer – Episode 5

The Game Changer Episode 5 by Tisa Phiri



” hello guys!” I raised my hand to greet the four men.


” hello.” They all responded their seriousness evident.


” This is Steven Banda, former Captain Zambian Army. Worked under special ops too” Ackim introduced me.


” Steve, meet Jim, from special ops still active , this one


Is Chama, ask anything about technology this is your man,” he laughed pointing at a tall slim guy with a serious face.


” these two gallant men are good soldiers who I trust because I have called on them several time s.” he finally introduced them all and sighed.


” well I bet Ackim has brought you to attention on the matter at hand, I need people I can trust and since he sort you out I trust him and I know you all are what he says you are” I started, after Ackim told me to go ahead and brief everyone. I told them about my mission, ” I want to find out first of all what happened years back and who ever is involved. Then, we can talk about the way forward. About the money, don�t you worry about it. I lived my service life off my small businesses and saved up all I earned, adding to the sums I got for the covert operations, I can assure you all a good pay. ” I sighed still standing still as I took in their faces. Ackim had leaned back on the vehicle listening. I for a moment wondered why he kept so quiet and like to answer my question, he cleared his throat.


” am not going to go with you guys, this is as far as I can go” he spoke when I was done talking.


” what? ” I asked surprised.


” yes Steve, I cant am sorry. I will help connect you to the people I can like these guys here. I will help you sketch the plans from here and from here on, am out. I told you I retired and Its not my wish to get back. Besides I have a family to protect. Unlike you all who are single I don�t live for myself anymore.” he looked at us all with a serious face.


” don�t worry you don�t need me. I know you can pull this. This is not my story man, I lived my own and told my story and now is your time. You man are the #game changer, go out there and do what’s right for your own integrity and for the betterment of this country” he smiled patting my back.


He later on talked us through some things we needed at hand. Guiding me and giving me the names of some of officials I could trust and how to get them. He gave me details of a man he told me was a good investigator he had hired before, telling me he could work hand in hand with Chama to get all the info I need to confront Jacob and Mberere, specifically them cause they were the ones already embedded in the government system. I knew I had Makasa at my watch list and him being in prison was easy to monitor.


We were almost concluding our talks when another car drove by, ” expecting anyone else?” the guy called Jim asked first. ” NO, You?” Ackim answered.


” no ” I responded and pulled out the gun from my pockets ready to attack. The other guys too stood steady as we looked on to the car now slowing down.


We watched in silence as the car lights drew closer at a great speed and kept the lights at full beam blinding u.


The silence that covered us for a few minutes made my inside turn on my fight instincts, something was definitely wrong. Before I could think of what to do we heard gun shots firing at us.


” sh*t!” I shouted shooting back and getting down as the rest of us did the same. The car in front of us drove forward being followed by shots as we ducked trying to take cover from the truck.


” dammit, who the hell is that?” Ackim screamed too as he joined in the shooting. I went to the other side crawling down and found myself a spot away from the beam light. Myself and Ackim were the only ones with guns so the other guys had to stay put away from the gun targets.


Slowly I moved towards the strange car rolling down the small drainage as Ackim was keeping them back.


” I got you bas***d !” I whispered to myself as I aimed at the guy who was standing by the window shooting right ahead. I fired one aiming for his hand and we heard screams as the shot landed in him. ” get them!” I shouted to Ackim who ran quickly to the car as the driver of it tried to reverse back. It was clear the guys in the car didn�t except any kind of reaction when they started shooting. Our sh00t back seemed to surprise them.


The car was almost taking off but Ackim and myself ran faster towards it seeing the gun the guy was using left on the ground. I assumed there was only one shooter.


” get the car now!” I called out to the guys behind and before I could finish my sentence they were already behind us, we jumped in and the driver cruised forward closing the gap between us and the other car.


I moved up the window and fired several times aiming at the tires, the forth shot turning the other vehicle tires flat I saw it sway aside and stop instantly. We jumped out and ran towards it before the two men inside could get away.


” Who the hell are you?” I kicked the shooter who was bleeding were I gave him a shot.


“Jim was holding the guy who was driving and the 6 of us were now surrounding the two guys after giving them some good blows.


” there is no way you idiots are going to keep us out here after disturbing us thinking we are going to let you give us extra work of interrogating you” Ackim spat hitting one of them in the head with the edge of his gun.


” speak now or you die” he threatened


” no they wont talk man” I sighed shaking my head seeing the tattoo they both had on their left hand.


” well they will I can assure you” Ackim frowned angrily.


I took him aside and whispered to him, ” I know these guys Ackim. They belong to some dangerous group used to run deadly errands for some high ranked men of the military also used by some top guys, they are part of the intelligence and some are former soldiers trained to resist pain and they are only called on for such mission as to ki*ll. We can keep them for interrogation and maybe break them but trust me, that will take days. If my instincts are right Makasa already told Jacob about me and he sent them here. They probably know where I am now and how am not sure. We need to get the hell out of here soon man” I explained as he nodded silently.


” my family! He exclaimed, ” if these guys followed you then they know you came home and that puts my family in harm`s way” He spat angrily.


” tell me what you know and how you found us here!'” he rushed back to the guys as they were still tied up.


One of them with a deep cut in his face that had dried out and turned dark smiled. ” you have no idea who you up against you fools, this aren’t your game and you better back off before you all die” he groaned .


” well, i know you who sent you and soon he will join you both in hell!” I screamed before shooting them both in the skull.


All the guys looked at me in awe, ” lets go now!” I indicated jumping in the car. ” the police will do their job tomorrow” I added pulling out my cigarette. We drove back as we came Ackim and I in the same car and the other guys their own ride. Ackim shouted to the guys to stay in touch as he would give them details of what would follow after giving them caution to be alert. ” there is no backing out at this point, you know how this works guys. You all know too much” he warned them as the car slowly moved the other guy`s still parked.


” we on Sir” the guy called Chama answered this time as the others nodded in agreement.


” what do you think?” he asked me after several minutes of silence.


” I think someone is trying to mess with my head and am so pissed. I will spend the night at a lodge man, I don�t want to draw them to your house” I told Ackim and he shook his head.


” This sh*t is real man and its just getting hot, I swear the thrill is inviting but I promised Paula I will not put them under such stress so am taking them out of this country for a while. For tonight though, I need you to stay at my place, its too late and we never know who else might come. You help me guard my family then we leave first thing in the morning while you find your way back to Lusaka. I will give you the contact details for the guys and am sure you can work out something together. Just make sure you keep in touch” he added as we got in the front of his yard.


” what the hell!’ I shouted looking at the yard before we could get inside.


” they were here” Ackim shook his head.


“dammit!” I kicked the tires immediately I steeped down.


” check the house for your family man, let me search the yard” I told him drawing the gun from my back and running steadily to the back yard.

…to be continued



  1. so scared of what might have happened to Ackim’s family..
    Getting tough..
    Weldone Tisa..
    Nice write up.

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