The Game Changer – Episode 11

The Game Changer Episode 11


� Tisa Phiri



The silence that hovered around me as i stood in the dark bushy road made my mind so clear i could almost hear my heart beat.


I sighed deeply throwing the cigarrate butt and stepping on it to make sure i completely put it out.


” there is a vehicle approaching us” the snipper i had put to watch over the area called on my phone.


” good, keep track of it and ensure there’s only one person in the car. Any surprise shot to ki*ll” i told him and walked ahead to the place i had told Mberere to come.I recalled making a call to him the previous day.


” helo who is this?” He asked when he picked my call.


” hey old friend!” I whispered to him making sure i sounded calm and relaxed.


” Steve” i heard him sigh.


” yeah am glad you still recognise my voice man. Its been a while, lets see how long was that?” I asked a rhetorical question.


” oh i remember, that was about 5 years and counting.. oops i almost forgot it was that long man” i teased with a laugh i could hear him pant nervously.


” what do you want?” He asked sounding sarcastic.


” whats with the altitude ? I thought of calling you and find out how you are doing and you sound like you are not pleased to hear from me” i responded taking my time to get to the point.


” i have nothing to say to you man, i heard that you betrayed your own country. Am not intrested in your petty calls. So drop it already dammit!” He spat sounding pissed.


” oh easy easy man, you don’t want to piss me off right now man, so lets do this in person. I will give you the address and i want you to come meet me” i told him blankly.


” you are out of your damn mind if you think am playing this game with you. ” he answered


” mmmhmhmh.. i will text you the address as soon as i hang up and i know you will show up without anyone tagging behind you. No guards, no cops. Just you and me ” i told him.


” if i don’t? ” he asked


” well, listen i have this itinerary for you, you will be meeting the vice President for a meeting in a couple of days at Pamozi, then you will hold campaign rally at…..” i couldn’t finish going through his programme and he cut me.


” dammit Steve what the hell do you want?” He shouted.


” lets say we meet up tommorow at 8pm. Choose otherwise and i will make sure your programme is trashed and everyone will know what kind of man you are. What you did to get where you are am sure the social media woukd love such details ehee.. A poor soldier that conived with the mercenary terrorists to attack his own country and president” i added and cut the line before he could say a thing.


I with no doubt knew he would show up. He wasnt going to risk his campaign given the period left towards the elections.


So here i was waiting for him with two snippers checking the entire location and ready to shot at my order.


I was still hidden when Mberere’s car pulled in. He slowly opened the door and i watched him step out.


” looked up to him and shouted without coming out of the hiding place.


” put your hands up and dont move!” I shouted and i saw him do as i said.


Slowly i walked to his back and he flinched as i patted his back and around him in search of any weapons pulling out a gun and placing it in my belt.


” what the f**k man? You think i can come over here unarmed?” He chuckled and i smiled to myslef hitting him in the head and sending him down to the ground.


I pulled him down to an abandoned building and tied him up to a chair, satisfied he was secured i sat down across him and waited patiently.


” Steve! Steve! You son of a bi*th!” He yelled trying to get lose.


” stop yelling like a child you fu*ker,!” I shouted slapping him in his face.


” you are in trouble my dear friend, or what? You thought you would burn a man to death and get away with it? Well i got news for you, fire is sometimes not meant to destroy but to strengthen. And the later is what it did to me. You killed me once and now you will pay a huge price for it” i scoffed pacing in front of him.


” what? You gonna ki*ll me?” He let a laugh.


” well maybe” i shrugged placing a touch high up to light the place and his face was seen clearly.


” you are an idiot Steve, you know this game is not yours, you have lost it just admit it. You just pissed with the fact that we left you out of a deal for our lives. We outsmart you and made it big. You are nothing but just a pathetic junky. You know very well you won’t succeed this in the end, we are the future man, we are taking this country to another level, we are the new generation and patriots” he went on bragging.


” its sad you will probably not live to see that day come man. But i will personally make sure your name is mentioned in the books of hero soldiers who fought tirelsy to serve this nation” he added with a smile.


I clapped my hands as he finished his speech.


” bravo! Bravo! Wow!” I sighed looking closely at him.


” am impressed, ” i laughed.


” yeah i am really man, the last time i talked to you were just a damb soldier following orders. Today you playing big boss huh, the minister” i paused lifting his chin up.


” well i got news for you bro, you are dammned to think am going down that easily. You killed me once but never getting away with it this time. Am here to change your games man and trust me i will change it one way or the other” i spoke straight to his face increasing the grip on his chin and i noticed him wince even when he played strong.


” to answer your question if am going to ki*ll you or not, honestly i am not sure yet, but one thing is certain, i will make sure you feel the most painful things of your life before you beg me to finish you off.” I shook his face.


” you think you are smart man, well will see. Somehow they will find you and that will be your definite end you bas***d!” he sighed spitting to the ground.


” now take this phone and call Jacob and Makasa, i know that idiot was released a couple of days ago. Tell them both to meet you here” i held his phone to his face.


He looked at me and laughed teasingly


” you are serious?” He asked seeing i stared at him without moving.


” yeah actually i am. Say anything stupid and i put a bullet in your balls!” I snapped.


” Jacob is no longer just a man or soldier you can just call out of his busy schedule to come play your stupid games Steve, come on man. He’s running for presidency and has lots on his plate plus he wouldn’t come without escort” he responded.


” well if he wants to get to the state house, then he will surely come. You think am alone huh? You are so foolish to underestimate me Jose, so stupid and that will bring your down fall faster” i chuckled scrolling down his phone looking for Jacob’s number.


” go on. Tell him something came up and you guys shoyld meet out here alone. Give him the same address i gave you and let him come alone” i spoke calmly after giving him some good punches in his face his mouth was bleeding i wondered how he had become so weak.


He did as i told him and later on called Makasa too.


” good boy!” I exclaimed sitting down next to him.


” now we wait for the President to grace us with his presence” i teased pulling on my ciggarate and looking up to release the smoke smiling as it made a meander shape in the air.


My phone rang and Mberere looked up at me.


“Yes” i moved back a little


” he’s on the move, no escort” i heard my guy’s voice.


” good” i answered cutting the call. Immedaitely another one came in and i sighed knowing it was from the guy watching Makasa.


” he’s on the move” he told me.


” good, follow him” i added and hanged up placing my phone back in my pockets.


” so, tell me about your personal life my friend. Its been long huh… did you marry that hot chick?” I asked causally.


He tried to shake himself from the seat but it was all tied up.


” don’t bother, you won’t get away” i smiled patting his leg with the edge of my gun


” eheee so tell me, how is your mother? Oh yeah, i remember, yesterday she had an appointment with the doctor.. what was that about?” I teased faking to be lost in thoughts seeing him panick at the mention of his mother.


” yeah something like heart problem” i nodded to myslef.


” well, thats even better, you know such people can die any minute and everyone will understand.” I laughed knowing he inderstood what i meant


” stay away from my mother you nuckle head!” He screamed shaking vigouriously.


” or what?” I shouted in his face.


” she has nothing to do with this Steven. She’s a good woman and you know that” he sighed angrily.


” yeah i remember she is. You know what, she was happy seeing me yersterday, infact she gave me a nice cold beer. Sad i dont drink though. She’s so sweet but unfortunately didnt do a good job raising you so, well, she might end up paying for that too” i sighed standing up straight playing with a gun in my hand.


My phone beeped and i knew what it meant, my next victims had arrived.


” well, i would love to tell you more about your mother man but i need to welcome the President” i teased with a laugh walking away.


It was very dark outside given the winter weather. I walked back to the spot i had taken Mberere from and saw the lights from a distance approaching.


I wasn’t sure yet who had arrived first but whoever it was was surely lucky he was going to be the first to experience my surprise.


I saw the doors open and a man step out, from the height i knew it was Makasa.


He stepped out and looked around for any sign of his friend i presumed. Like i did with his friend, i silently walked behind him and before he could know it, i hit him hard taking him off in an instant.


A few minutes later, Jacob arrived and since i was now sure they came alone, ine of my snipers helped me carry their unconscious bodies to the building.


” stay out and watch !” I signalled my snipper and walked back in just as the two were just coming to.


” i dreamt of this day for a long time. Welcome to the reunion soldiers!” I smiled proudly watching them as i was still standing partly in the dark, Jacob and Makasa looked around in confusion to see were i was.


” we are all here.!” I shouted coming to the light giving myself a full view and they figited uncomfortably noticing they were tied up.


” okey let the meeting begin” i chuckled looking at at them and pulling a chair closer making us all sit in a circle.


…to be continued




  1. Thank you for e update….

    Pls update earlier thank this time
    Or let us know the update time

    I�ve been waiting for more than 4 hours

    What happens next….

  2. Wow nice plan mehn, u gonna finish ’em off instantly? I wish u can coz they won’t give u alot of work to do

  3. Hmmmmm, steve man, u jux have to b careful in ur quest oo, knw dat ur now fighting a chartel of ghosts with no identities but yours is knwn even though u seem dead to all military records.. Wish u all d very best anyways, lets ride on pls.. For me, dis is my 3rd best after Tarasha and JAILBIRD

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