The Game Changer – Episode 10

The Game Changer Episode 10


© Tisa Phiri

I watched as a tall guy pushed Chanje into his car trunk. I bet he was following instructions from Jacob. Letting them ki*ll him didn’t seem right for me. Even though i knew the guy was a corrupt jerk, i felt he had to stay alive for his family. Besides he had helped me once and i never forgot a favour.

I had given him a task the night i confronted him. He was to get the tracker on my phone to a place i had defined for him, that way i would easily spot anyone who was after me. He had successfully done that and on his way back that’s when a vehicle stopped in front of his car and a guy pulled him out as i watched at a distance.

Following the Gray Subaru that had Chanje, it came to stop in front of the same house that Jacob turned in two days earlier when i followed him.

” okey i see” i sighed getting closer to the house as the gate closed back slowly. It was almost dark as the watch showed 45 minutes past 18 hours.

” to hell! ” i shouted in my head after almost 20 minutes of waiting. I knew the more time i took trying to save his life, the more danger Chanje’s life would be.

I looked around one more time and proceeded to the back making sure i kept close to the wall fence.

I pulled up my cargo pants which were almost sugging down my bottom since i had not put in a belt to have it hold around my waist, just the way i loved pants on only that now i was thinking how inconveniencing it was going to be for me that day.

I sighed heavily placing my gun in the inside pant making sure my sleeveless t-shirt covered it and pulled myself up the wall. In a few seconds i fall down inside coming to the full view of the mansion built inside.

The pavements on the ground were well layed out up to the front and the rest of the house, i wondered who the house belonged to. Definitely not for my three friends as i was aware of where they all lived and had hired inside men to watch from inside their assumed heavens.

” yes Sir, he is well secured awaiting your further directions” i heard a voice speak on the phone as i hid at a corner watching the guy i saw earlier holding a phone to his ear.

” sure sir, will wait for you Sir!” I heard him affirm and walked back inside.

There were 3 vehicles parked in the open garrage in the front, one of which i had seen carry Chanje.

If i was as normal as i was years back, i would be panting with anxiety and probably fear of being caught as i pushed the slid door slowly getting inside, but not this time. Be it the dope i had taken in earlier or the fact that i was ready to face even death for my cause to be complete. I felt completely nothing of such sort except for the urge to fight whoever would get in my way.

I ducked hiding as i saw two guys walk to the other room. ” dammit! This house is so huge how do i get to know which room they took him in?” I asked myself inside.

” i was still trying to read my instincts to figure out which room to go to when i saw the general walk to a wide room with long couches i assumed it was a living room. A couple of seconds later a good looking woman walked behind him talking.

” why are they there?” She asked pointing at a room across where she stood which was adjustcent to where i was standing.

” Sweet heart i told you to never mind my boys. If you see them here it means something serious is going on and its not in your place to find out okey?” He smiled i could see from the slight peep i had on them.

” i just don’t like this your business in our house Sweety, the kids will be back from the bording schools soon i don’t want them seeing Strange looking men walk around this place” she complained and he held his hands to have her closer to him.

The way i saw him look at her and smile i knew i had one of his weaknesses and if i had to get out alive i needed her as my shield, i thought to myself watching her intently. I counted how many steps i would take to get to her before the other guys would come on me.

” come on Steve, you can pull this one out ” i encouraged myself.

Like to answer my plea, the lady walked towards me and i took the chance grabbing her by the neck and poiting a gun to her head before the general could contemplate what was going on.

” who are you ? What are you, you doing in my house?” He asked his eyes wide open as i smiled at him shaking my head.

” helo general, remember me?” I smiled rubbing the gun to his womans head.

” what…… you are.. you, you.. ” he stammered as realisation struck him.

” yeah me Sir, you know i once respected you? But now no, ” i chuckled getting my back to the wall making sure i was not in an way getting compromised without putting the woman in a way of a clear shot from whoever would want to sh00t me.

” boys!” He yelled instead and the guys came rushing to us their guns pointed at out. There were three of them.

” tell them to drop their weapons or i sh00t her brains out!” I warned clicking my tongue, this time with my serious face, he knew i was done jocking.

” tell them now dammit!” I shouted

” do as he says you fools dont you see he has my woman!” The general screamed his red eyes deep and scared.

” good, now one of you go in that room and bring that man you have tied up out now” i ordered pointing to the room i assumed Chanje was with my head.

” what!” One of them screamed and i instantly shot him in the leg before anyone could anticipate it.

” ooooouch !” He yelled in agony.

” do as i say or i will shot one of you in the head i sighed deeeply tightening my grip on the woman as she moaned in pain.

The general also gave his order seeing how much struggle the woman was in.

” do it !” He shouted panicking.

I watched as one of the guys went to open the room and a few seconds later came out with Chanje who luckily was not yet hurt.

” Steve, wat are you doing?” He asked me surprised at the scene i had created.

” saving your stupid life dammit! Go to the car outside now! ” i ordered him and he looked shocked for a moment looking back to me as he went out.

In a second that i looked at Chanje leave , the general wanted to come on to me and i fired a shot in the ceiling. ” watch it man, i don’t want to do something i don’t have to now” i shook my head as he flinched back.

There was a 50 % chance of leaving alive so i devised a quick plan. Shooting all the three guys in the legs and as they yelled in pain i pulled the woman out still holding a gun to her head, the general tried to negotiate for her release.

” you got what you wanted let her go now!” He screamed as i got to the door.

” no way man am sorry. You are part of the people that took my life and it seems you have every thing intact, am going to get her as leverage in case you decide to do anything stupid. Call the cops to follow me and you will get back a dead body ” i spoke as i walked out with him slowly walking towards us.

” stand back General! ” i shouted at him.

” you won’t get away with this nonsense you bas***d!” He yelled angrily.

” am not scared anymore sir, am dead remember? The dead don’t fear anything” i shouted and went out through the gate pushing the woman to my truck and driving out immediately leaving a screeching sound as my tires skidded away.

I looked back the mirrow and saw the General run to the road and look at where i was heading to. Before i could see what he wanted to do, his image got blurred as i speed off lengthening the distance between us.

” where are you taking me. Please i have no idea what you people are doing leave me out of it” the woman cried in the back seat.

” silent woman or i will help you do it” i looked at her pointing a gun at her.

I looked at Chanje who was still shaking with fear.

” take it easy man, you are alive now and immedaitely i get you to your place get your family and go far away from this city. Stay in dark for some time until all this is over” i told him ignoring the rantings of the woman i had locked in the back seat.

” you are mad, am not like you Steve, i have no money to move my entire family in minutes man. This is my home and i have my whole life here. You put me in danger the day you showed up looking for my help and now …” he cried and i shut him up.

” shut up bas***d!” I shouted pressing the emmegence brakes and we all went forwad and back to the seats.

” first of don’t you ever blame this on me, its your corrupt mind that led you here, besides you could have said no but because you are a corrupted bas***d you agreed, secondary i just saved your stupid a$$, those guys are not here for games and they could have put you out after getting whatever they wanted from you. Am trying to save your family and if you dare me i can push you out of my truck right now and see how long you will survive those fools out there!” I added seriously looking at his shaking hands.

” so what is it going to be huh?” I asked him.

” am sorry man am just so scared.. help me out here. I have nothing on me ” he pleaded.

” you are a foolish man Chanje, i gave you a lot of money less than a week ago and you have spend it all” i shook my head accelerating the car engine as i went on driving us away.

” you stay put there” i pointed the gun at the woman behind and she sat back silently still shaken with the happenings, i could see confussion and fear in her eyes.

I opened the car compartment, took out a stash of cash handed it to him.

” get out of here !” I told Chanje pointing out the door immediately we got to his house.

” if you delay as long as 30 minutes, then your family’s blood is on your head!” I shouted to him as i slowly reversed back turning back to join the road we came from.

In silence i drove away and stopped when we got outside the main city. I couldn’t let the woman see where i was taking her so i grabbed a cloth and walked to the back.

” am sorry lady, i can’t help you knowing where we are going ” i told her covering her face and tieing her hands.

” please let me go, i beg you he’s not even my husband, am just his girlfriend” she cried i looked at her trembling red lips as she spoke.

” oh too bad. I bet you will face the consequences of having another woman’s husband” i teased walking to the driver’s seat.

” his wife is dead you jerk” she screamed trying to get herself loose.

” good then. I hope you are the only woman he has so that he will be eager to have you back otherwise, he will replace you in a day” i giggled driving on.

She didn’t respond this time and i looked back at her small round lips smiling to myself.

” what the hell were you thinking bringing this woman out here Steve, don’t you realise now how much you are jeopardizing our stay here?” Chama scolded me pulling me outside after i had her locked up.

” i know, but what was i supposed to do? I needed to save that fool and get myself out of there. besides , come to think of it. Having her here will keep them busy and in their confusion i can get closer to those guys and get to the bottom of every thing.” I smilled assuring him.

” but how are you going to do that? You have been up and down the past days but you have not taken any move” he scoffed.

” well, having not told you anything yet doesn’t mean am not getting any results. Like i said earlier, get the boys ready by training them harder. Remember you only have 3 months before you are needed back for work at your unit. So before your leave days are over, help me organise this” i shook his shoulders and walked away leaving him staring at me.

” get that woman something to eat i won’t be back till dawn, i have an appointment with my ex friend” i called out as i got to another car, i couldnt risk moving in my truck yet, lest the police were informed about the kidnap.

” you got that right? ” i asked through the window as i moved past Chama.

” yeah i did dont worry ” he nodded his head and i rolled up the windows increasing the volume of the car radio and speeding out. Replaying the conversation i planned to have with Mberere who i had called earlier giving him particular instructions and i hoped he would follow them.

” am on my way now!” I called someone and hang up concentrating on the road ahead.

…to be continued


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