Cheating Husband – Nothing Like Love Season 2

If you’ve not read Nothing Like Love, I advise you read it first.


Kefas Lorrenta (Blair)

Story so far…..

Tare a poor girl with ambitions of making it in life fell in love with a son of a business tycoon. Richard never believed in anything like love,he rather flings who take turns in warming his bed.

The story took another turn when the ever cute Richard fell inlove with Tarehow would their love story look like?Is it possible for a flirt to change completely without been enticed by his past deeds? care to find out ?

Episode one

Tare took a glance at her diamond seemed she was running late.she needed to pick her 2years old daughter from school,she smiled as she remembered who had gotten it for her.It was a present from her husband years back when she had said yes to him in a garden he had taken her to

All that were beautiful memories she never wanted to forget. She was greatfull to her creator who had given her the best husband she could ever ask for,caring understanding and romantic.

Back to the present she made a mental note to call her sweatie pie as she fondly call him.She had loads of work on her desk and couldnt pick pearl from school.

Hi sweatie pie She spoke to the phone once she heard his musculine voice..the voice that could make her fall over and over for him.

Lovemissing me already? Richard said sweaty.

Nahnah. .dont get it all wrong am not.

Supposing you werent too stubborn I wouldnt mind coming to have a quick romance you know?

Tare laughed at the sound of that.It was a fun thing working with her hubby but not when he started the office romance thingshe had to put an halt to it.

sweatie pie..not now okay? are you less busy,it time to pick pearl from school

She said glancing at her wristwatch

Their daughter had just started school and they didnt trust people enough to pick her from school

I thought of that too love..I will be there in a minute okay?

Thanks sweetie pie

It nothing

She blew a kiss to him and ended the call.


Mrs Yakubu,how are you feeling today?

Am not bad doctor. Please can I ask you for a favour?

Whats it ? the doctor asked adjusting his spectacles.

Please call me Sarah.


Please doc,I will appreciate it.

Okay. .he noded in affirmative.

So tell me what the latest development?

I feel natural. .I dont think of him anymore.Have learnt to accept my loss and move on.If only have done this earlier I wouldnt have lost my family they all abodoned me. I wish had been a good mother to my daughter Mitchellbut I let my weaknesses take the better of me.

You are going to help me sarahand yourself too by not taking blame for anything.It will help you heal faster.


Richard tiptoed to the kitchen and held Tare by her waist. .

Hi honey pie

LoveWhats this aroma am percieving?

It marshed potatoes and egg..I will soon be done.

Its so enticing. .cant wait.

Excuse me he said and tucked his ringing phone out of his pocket.

Hi dad..what? why. .shes here.cant it wait till tomorrow? fine owk.

Was that dad? Tare asked immediately he dropped the phone.

Yes love..he wants to see us now and is urgent

Oopsdinner is almost ready..

Am sorry love,well eat dinner over there.


Wowisnt this too much? is just a family dinner.

Is it? should I change the outfit.

Tare wore a pink gown that clung to her body like a second skin complementing her endowment.

No might waste another hour or two..but you look extremely gorgeous.

Thanks sweatie pie

He carried pearl while she walked behind them.



good evening mum..they both greated.

Son have missed you..and Tare you look too beautiful tonight.

Thank you mother

I can see Richard is taking care of you..

Richard beamed with smiles..sure mum.

She took her granddaughter from Richard

You both rarely visit,and you wont bring my granddaughter to spend time with me..

We are sorry just our busy schedules. Richard said

But well make it up to you..Tare added.

Thats the silly excuse you both makewhen are you going to make it up? A thousand years to come?

MotherRichard said teasingly

I dont have your time son,all I want is for you to let my baby spend time with meis it too much to ask?

No mum..

Fine let me call your father

she headed upstairs with pearl.


Am sorry for this impromptu meeting. .but it cant wait till tomorrow.

Whats the matter dad?

Tare asked

The company branch at Abuja is falling..the manager stole a huge amount of money without my knowledge.

What? you mean Dankaro temipo did that?

Yes son..thats why have called for you.As we speak he has been imprisoned.

So how do we come in? Richard asking growing impatient

Have thought of it and decided to send you over thereatleast you are capable and can help the company stand to it feet again.

Dad I cant do that.I cant leave my wife.

Richard..see reasons with me.I dont think I can trust anyone soon son.

I cant family means the world to me,I dont want to be away from them.

Am not asking you to leave your wife and daughter,it only temporary. things would work out fine.After that you will have them all to yourself.

Am sorry dad..we have to take our leave now.

He stood up immediately and Tare followed him reluctantly with pearl.

That drive home was what Tare called the worst she had ever had with Richardthe car was as quiet as a graveyard..

She thought of what to do as her mind played the discussion they had with her fatherinlaw and father

Her phone vibrated and it was a message from her dad

please convince him


We need to talk..

Talk about what? Richard said feigning ignorance.

Come of it,we both know you arent good at pretending.

Is there anything to talk about. ..think of it,our marriage is still young for us to be far from each other.

Abuja isnt can always come home every weekend. Think about dad,just do this for him please.

Am tired of dad telling me every now and then what to do,am no longer that child who is scared of his dad decisions. .am a grown man now. I know what we neeed.

Please..if you cant do this for him then do it for me.

I guess you have nothing reasonable to say.

He left her standing all by herself.


Tare sighed in frustration as she pulled the duvet over her bodyRichard hadnt come to bed,he was still mad at her.She knew what that meant..he was definitely sleeping in the guest room.

The next morning she woke up as early as to prepare their breakfast. .

Good morning Richard said lazily

Morning sweatie pie..sit up and have your breakfast.

Wowbreakfast in bed,he said and sat up.

Yeahhare you still mad at me?

I knew this was a bribe. .am not anymore.

Are you for real? does that mean youll go?

Yeah if that will make you happy

Thanks sweatie pie

She hugged him tenderly

Just when their heads were inches apart Tare shifted..

You are forgetting something. havent brush today..

You should have thought of that before coming here dressed like this.He pointed at the transparent nightie she wore.

Dont tell me

Tare was cut short with Richards lips in hers..


Baby please calm down.

dont baby me..for how long ehn? I keep hearing nothing is wrong with us, then what happening? why cant I get pregnant.

Theres a reason for everything. ..we cant give up,well keep trying.

Am tired honeyam tired of people saying I used my womb to get wealth..if only they understand what am going through.

Can you just hear yourself. .it just 3years and you are giving up on us already?

I just dont know what to do anymore.she broke down in tears.

Do you think God is punishing me for abandoning my mother? I feel so guilty. I shouldnt have given up on her.

Stop blaming yourself. .you made a mistake doesnt mean things cant change. .we can go back for her whenever you are ready.

I dont think I can ever face mother again. ..I just cant not with the guilt I feel.

You will and whenever you are readywell go together.


Useless thinghow dare you BettyAfter everything have done for you..

Am sorry vanessa,I just couldnt. .the man is advanced. He can even be my granfather.

Will you shut the are talking like a VirginYouv been doing this for 2years yet still acts like an innocent brat. Do you know what your stupidity has caused me? Vannesa shouted in rage.

Am sorryPlease

sorry for yourselfthis gonna be your last chance if you blow it I will make your life a living hell

She threw a magazine to her

Thats the anaul magazine of T..High.A friend of mine gave me today,I was told the branch manager had been sacked and would be replaced in due time.The bosss son would be in charge this time around I heard.They are very wealthydont fall for him,just destroy him.

She left leaving Betty with her thoughts

I would get back at them..that happiness they enjoy is going to crumble before their own very eyes.Vanessa thought aloud


Doctor how long does it take to get a divorce? dont have to think of a divorce..can you divorce a man you havent seen for ages.Before any divorce can be accepted in the courth,it has to be signed by your husband.

But doc,this should make me have greater know very well he hasnt contacted me for ages. .he might be married or dead.

Dont say that again sarah..I suggest you should put your past behind you and move on.Better still get something doing. .I dont think the money your daughter left you will keep you for eternity.

I didnt mention that doc..besides who will employ a lady like me?no experience and an insane woman.

you are no longer insane. .stop saying negative things about yourself.

Ill find one for you even if it a little pay..atleast it will keep your mind off things.

Thank you doctor.

You are very much welcomed.


Betty couldnt keep her mind off what vanessa had told he rshe had always sold her body to men to please vanessa..they both needed the money but she was the preaty one among them with the shape men could die for. .

Life havent treated her well at all,orphaned at a young age she had gone through alot..

She had met Vanessa at the point of death..vanessa had been a saving grace..but why was she so intreasted in this client of thiers

She flipped through the pages of the magazine till she found him

Richard Ayiba-emi.the handsome artist she had been crushing on for years. Could he be the one?

To be continued


  1. Hmmm…things wl definitely fall apart 4dis one time happy family….. Vanessa,u r stil ther plotting n wrecking havoc abi? Nemesis wl soon catch up wit u.

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