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Cheating Husband – Episode 7

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© Kefas Lorrenta

Am sorry your dad blood cannot be taken..his health is unstable,it’s going to affect him.How about you madam? He turned to Maggie’ blood isn’t a match for pearl.

Well doc,please my daughter’s life is at stake, let’s buy blood…we shouldn’t deliberate on things that doesn’t matter.

I’ll donate mine…Sarah said for the first time”

Am blood group o’


The doctor came back an hour later requesting to see Richard’

I hope there’s no complication? Richard asked.

This is very important and confidential as well.

Then go ahead doc,you are frightening us all…besides we are family, so you can say anything here..Maggie said.

If you insist, while taking pearl’s blood I observed something”…Sarah’s blood is a perfect match for pearl.

What are you driving at? Sarah herself said her blood group is o” Tare said.

Yes…but apart from that I made another discovery’..which is Sarah could be a part of your family.

What do you mean? Sarah asked alarmed?

Yes….am sure of it,I want to conduct a blood test on you all to prove my point’

Doc is that really necessary? I mean I have no family or whatsoever”

What do you mean?

She took a long sigh…before she said”

Years ago I lost my son to a bomblast, since then my life took another turn..I became unstable mentally.

What do you mean?Maggie asked frightened.

I lost my son on june12 1984 to an explosion in magyag park.

Maggie almost collapsed at the sound of that…

She placed her hands on her head as she screamed “jesus”

you mean june12 1984.?

Yes…What’s wrong?

mum? what’s it?


As Tare watched her sleeping daughter, tears overshadowed her eyes’,she couldn’t believe all this were happening.Dec 13th were one of the favourite days of her life..she had thought know one was as lucky as she was’..having her wedding anniversary and baby’s birthday on the same day.It had always been celebrated in a grand style.But it was different this time around ‘..everything had changed, she doubt Richard even remember it’s their day, she hadn’t seen him since two days ago..since he found out his biological mother he had disappeared into the thin air…poor pearl! She had clock 3today but unfortunately in an hospital bed.

Happy wedding anniversary’ her mother said beaming at her.

Thanks mum’..she said giving her a bear hug.

Before her wedding, she had started getting along with her mother’..she was even suprised when her mother apologised for all the pain she had put her through in the past.

Dear marriage is never a bed of roses,I know you are not in good terms with your husband but don’t ever forget there’s a reason for everything’..and every marriage has it own test.It could be finances, barrenness or even a “cheating husband or wife”but just hold unto God to give you the grace to overcome this trail Edna said bringing her daughter closer to herself’

I don’t know if I can mum,is very difficult to watch someone that loved me with his life to change without any reason’…do you think everything can get back the way they were?

Yes my child,remember your father and I also had thesame issues with our finances, so every marriage has to go into his own trials’

I just don’t know what to think mum….I want my husband’s love back most expecially my family the way it were”.

Just give it time…and don’t forget to pray for God’s intervention.Edna said moving over to sleeping pearl.

Happy birthday my grandchild….she pecked her on her forehead and turned to Tare.

I’ll come back to check up on you later,before I forget try talking to your husband he might be going through a tough time knowing his biological mother’

Okay mum.


Richard stood at the door for what seemed like ages before pushing it open…knowing his biological mother had made him realise his mistakes”…he couldn’t believe he hurt the daughter of the man that had loved and treated him like his own’…and he even went as far as laying his hands on her causing his only child to be hospitalised. ..he cursed the day he met Betty.He had gone to set things right…terminate her appointment and pay her off but would his wife ever forgive him? Nothing mattered to him now than gaining her love and affection back”.

He had come a little too late because his wife was already asleep beside their daughter’….he placed the bunch of flowers on their bedside. .and pecked her.

I hope you forgive me for hurting you”…Happy anniversary”.He whispered to his sleeping wife and left.


Tare woke up to behold the sight of her favourite flowers….she needed no soothsayer to tell her it was her husband. .he alone knew lilies were her favourite…she smiled when she read his note.

“I owe you alot…for all the pain,I won’t mind using all my existence on earth to apologise to you …Am SORRY,there should be a bettet way to say this…only if you give me the chance. .am too filthy to face you”.

Tears of joy streamed down her eyes”

..was this for real…her husband had finally realised his mistakes..Thank you lord’..she whispered.


She let the water from the shower romance her body, luckily she had just loosed her braids….the warmth of the water dod magic to her skin and dark long air…she dried her body and walked out of the bathroom unclad only to see her husband lying on the bed.She hadn’t expected him,he left immediately he dropped them off from the hospital and hadn’t said anything to her.


The sight of her aroused every organ in his body, he hadn’t touched her for what seemed like ages’…since he started cheating. Tare was quite shocked to see him in their room,she hastened her footsteps back to the bathroom and tied her towel…but it was a little too late..Richard had wrapped his hands around her waist..As much as she badly wanted to push him away”…every organ in her body screamed yes…his touch sent sensations down her spine..she closed her eyes in excitement as he ran he hands on her body’….placing soft kisses on her lips.She moaned softly..she had missed him…every aspect of him.


What’s happening to you hu? I should be mad at you now…you f—-d up big time…I just hope she never accept him back…vannesa said to Betty who had been drinking non-stop.

Let me be…u rained my life……yes that’s what you did.I told you from the very start I wasn’t intreasted..but you insisted..I did.I fell for him irresistibly and now he dumped me for good..but you know what hurt me most? The fact that am carrying his child..

What? You are carrying Richard’s Ayiba-emi’s child?

Vannesa asked happily’

And what are you so excited about Vanessa? My life is ruined. ..which responsible man will take me as a wife? Am finished she said bitting her lower lip.

It’s for our own advantage dear…she patted her back gently”…even if he doesn’t marry you…we are having a share in his properties because of his unborn child.

I hate you vannessa..I curse the day I met you. ..I’ll never do any dirty thing for you again…have lost Richard and I accept my letting him go for good..and am telling him nothing about this pregnancy”.

Then you are an ingrate…get ready to leave my house…and don’t forget you are leaving the way I brought you”…even your certificate is mine.

what?? Betty screamed.

yes…that’s what you get for being stupid. You can start packing now.


Now that we have a son now…I was thinking of something Mitchell said caressing her husband’s beard.

What’s that honey?

I think am ready. look for my mother”

very well honey…ur wish is my command,we can start searching for her already.


After the mind blowing romance, she couldn’t just face him…was she this cheap? she just couldn’t deny the fact that his touch melted her…she shifted from him as she covered her unclad body with the duvet.

Richard pulled out a pair of boxer from the drawer…and got clad in it,before kneeling in front of her…

Baby am so sorry for everything I did,I don’t know what came over me? I just can’t believe myself I did all that. ..Please forgive me…for the sake of the love we once shared and for the sake of our daughter….I ended everything with her already…am a changed man,I promise never to hurt you again. .if you want we can take our vows again,just anything to make you happy”.

All this while Tare sobbed quietly. .she said the first words that came to her mind.

Tell me Richard. .was my sex not good enough? Wasn’t I a good wife? was there anything I was lacking? she said sobbing harder…

I loved you wholeheartedly but you choose to throw all that away”…and look for lust.

Am sorry…Please forgive me…he found himself saying in between tears.

I have forgiven you. ..but I can’t TRUST you anymore…

Richard found himself sobbing like a baby”..for the first time in a long while he realised how much he loved her…she was his everything. ..perfect in her imperfection…but what went wrong was what he couldn’t explain.

His tears pricked her like a sharp knife”..she couldn’t watch him sob that way’..she drew him closer to herself. .as he placed his head on her laps.

she muttered”lets give our marriage another chance”.


Are you sure you don’t need an helping hand he asked’

she stared at the young man who had done everything just to see her smile,were would she had been if not for him…she could still remember that cold night Vanessa threw her out setting her certificate ablaze in front of her very own eyes”.. but she had stood to her words of not asking Richard for any assistance or letting him know. .she had done enough damage in his life and she had to let him go…

That was exactly a year ago, he saved her life and his help wasn’t for an exchange of anything in return’…even when he found out she Was nothing but a prostitute who slept around. .someone who couldn’t even provide the biological father of her child’….yet he never left her.

No I don’t…and I guess you should start going already. .you need to rest for tomorrow’

instead of doing what she had expected. ..he went on his knees and brought out a small box from his pocket, revealing a ring…

Betty couldn’t help it as she shed tears..

I don’t deserve this ..she whispered in between her tears.

All you need to say is yes…just say yes please he said looking into her blue eyes’

I just can’t, you deserve someone better Ibu…am a nobody, and a mother of one already please understand”

what I feel for you is beyond what I can explain. ..meeting you has made me understand there’s “nothing like the power of love”…let me be your armour in your darknight…and cater for your child like mine..and if you are worried about what people would say, you are damn wrong cause am gonna stick with you forever”.

she didn’t know what to say,indeed life gave people second chances…she made up her mind that instance to live for christ… she tightened her grip on him,she knew she could trust him and learn to love him.


As frey walked around the waiting room. ..many thoughts ran through his mind, one could tell just how much he loved his wife’..if this is how pregnancy was,he wouldn’t mind having just their adopted child. Hearing his wife scream scared the Living life out of him. ..but he was happy to discover he wasn’t useless at all …happy he could impregnate a woman after what yhe doctor had said’
Doctor please how’s my wife? he asked the doctor who walked past him with fear written all over his face..
Mr man calm down, your wife is still in the labour room.
for how long doc? he said wiping off the drip of sweat that fell across his face with the back of his palm.
finally…he’s asleep Richard said smiling
I know that smile…Tare said pricking his nose. ..
ThankGod you do. ..your baby seems to be taking you from me. ..I married you for myself not him
Tare burst into an uncontrollable laughter.
Am not joking her Tee’..I mean it.He shares you with me like he paid your bride price with me.
haha. ..Please leave my baby alone, afterall he took after you.
me? Richard exclaimed.
yes…you.Besides your mum told me you were worst than a towncrier when you were a child.
That’s conspiracy. that’s what you too discuss when am not at home. ?
more than that honey’ ..she said rolling her eyes.
fine…I give up, beside am in the mood for the main action of tonight he said claiming his lips with hers….
But unfortunately the phone rang. …Richard reached for the phone and placed it on loudspeaker
Hello …
Hello. .your sister just delivered a baby boy frey said happily.
congratulations man….am so happy for you…we’ll visit tomorrow….and you can leave me and my wife to make more babies he said while Frey laughed aloud hailing him..
So where did we stop baby. ..he turned to his wife who had smiling all along’
Vanessa stretched her bowl immediately she saw the man…his attire smelt wealth but she was disappointed when he walked past her without dropping a penny’…she couldn’t tell how she became a beggar in the market of Tobia ….life had never been fair to her…if only she had been contended with what she had she thought as she stared at her herself. …who would have thought she would turn an handicap. .life has really paid her back in her own coins. ..making her loose everything.
And now I have no choice than to drop my pen… can complete it with your imaginations.


Thanks to Lorrenta for sharing this piece with us. Drop your comments and tell us what you think about the story.



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  2. Wow..such a smooth ride..
    Sorry Vanessa but karma had to carry out it inevitable duty…
    Am happy that God visited Godfrey and Mitchell.. Betty, it is a thing of joy that you realised your mistakes..
    Nice story Lorrenta(Blair)..
    Thanks very much for this..
    Anticipating more from you..

  3. Vanessa droved Betty out of her house and she find someone better and a place she can call home. It’s a good thing Richard realized his mistake. after all does days Sarah was with her son and granddaughter working as nanny lol blood is thicker than water indeed. Tank God for Chel and her husband. Tanks to d writter God bless and strenghten you in Jesus Name Amen.

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