Cheating Husband – Episode 6

� Kefas Lorrenta

3days later.

You�r back, Richard asked suprised�

Yea�I had to, she�s been burried, and I really don�t wanna think about it.I might end up hurting myself so I wanna keep my fingers busy��

That�s nice, you shouldn�t think too much.

I guess work has been hectic for you with my absence.


What are you working on? She said moving closer to him.His eyes were focused on his system.

There�s this contract. ..though their many competitors but I hope to get it��


For the first time, he stared at her��he never knew his secretary was that pretty�..he got carried away��staring at her beautiful eyes�.their faces were just inches apart..she kissed him.He was resistant at first but eventually gave in��her fingers carressed his dark curly hair, his centre of attraction�.she had always imagined doing that.. he unbuttoned her blazer,as he carressed her b**bs.she gave out a loud moan urging him to continue�


He remembered his wife at the mention of sweatie�..that was her favourite word whenever they were making love�

He pushed her away�

Am sorry, am sorry for taking advantage of you.This is not right�

But why? She asked pained.

Am married. ..and am sorry once again.

She wore her blazer and stormed out of his office angrily�


Tare felt a light touch on her body. .frightened, she turned to see Richard�

My love ,when did you get back�without waiting for any response,she went on her


Am sorry, I should have told you what happened. .that pics isn�t real, his trying to destroy our marriage. .why would I cheat? you are the perfect husband for me.And I value you and our daughter. .Please love believe me.

Then how did he come about it? I can believe someone would just frame you up like that.

Please believe me love, remember that night we had isues..when I caught you with some lady..then we haven�t even started dating��I ran away. that was how I met him.

I do remember. ..but why did he show up after many years?

she explained how he went to pearl�s school and took her�

love please believe me, I don�t know anything about it.

it okay honey, I believe you.Am very sorry for doubting you all this while.

He opened his arms and she hugged him happily�

Am sorry love..for everything�..for keeping secrets,I was scared.

I understand�

make love to me..she said in a whisper�

I��s pearl?

Our baby is fine, love please make love to me.

she leaned forward and gave him a kiss.

Am tired dear�can we do this tomorrow�

okay�..she said pained.

I guess you are stressed out now, let�s go to bed.She said to him.


He felt guilty�..he kept seeing images of what transpired between himself and Betty .He regretted what he had done�of all people why his secretary�.But before he could close his eyes�..his phone rang..

Unfortunately it was closer to Tare.,she handed it over to him..

as the name rang in her ears.


Richard placed the phone on his ear..his hands quivering against his wish�


Tare stared at her husband in she thought of the next possible action to take�

You would have just told me, you weren�t going to eat�I shouldn�t have bothered.

You are my wife, don�t ever forget that it�s your duty to cook the meals, eaten or not

But Richard�he cuts her short.

I don�t care, just do away with them�he said standing to his feet and walking away�

Tare parked the dishes to the kitchen and placed them in the microwave.

She couldn�t fathom the possible reasons for her husband�s recent attitude��was he still mad at her? They had settled their differences but he had been acting weird for 2weeks..coming home whenever it pleased him�..his refusal to touch her for just no reason�.their marriage was crumbling before her very own eyes� and there was nothing she could do about it��she asked him times without number if something was wrong but he had remained adamant to speak up�she missed her sweetie

pie�..this wasn�t her husband. .he wasn�t the Richard she fell for..things were getting awkward on daily basis. .she placed left the kitchen and headed to her baby�s room to spend some time with her .her marriage wasn�t working fine but she didn�t want her baby to be brought into their mess.


What�s with this car?

why did it have to stop at the middle of nowhere� Tare said angrily and slammed the bonnet.

She dailed her mechanic number times without number but it remained


oh no..What�s all this na.

Hello beautiful� need an helping hand I guess..she turned to see her nightmare �ANDREW�

What do you want this time around? are you stalking me? Stay away from my life.

why should I? do you know why I let you be this past weeks, because I thought your husband was a good man and you deserved the best..but am d–n wrong because his hurting you and making you unhappy�

you don�t know anything about my husband, so please stay away from me.

And what makes you think I dont? I love you very much that�s why I had him investigated privately and I assure you..your husband is nothing but a cheating b—–d.

The next thing Andrew heard was a resounding slap on his face�she pushed him hard that he almost fell.

how dare you? you demon possessed human, stay out of my life�

Andrew held his chick with his left hand�he never expected a slap.

you are been fooled angel, and if you don�t believe me..I have an evidence.

I don�t need your crazy evidence, as much as I know you can manipulate anything to get what you want.

He laughed sarcastically before droping the disc on her car..without taking another glance at her, he entered his car and drove off.


she stared at the disc as fear ran through her veinn,she had thought of breaking it earlier but her curiosity had taken the better part of her�

Trust is an important ingredient in every relationship but could she still trust him when he received calls at unholy hours of the night?she opened the disc and inserted it into her p.c�Her eyes almost popped out of their socket with what she saw�

O.m.g this isn�t true..

she screamed out loud inviting the presence of her baby and nanny�

mummy are you okay? pearl asked in her angelic voice?

I am okay�she said cleaning her tears with the back of her palm.

Madam are you sure?

just go�take pearl and leave.


I said get out..she shouted in rage.

Sarah carried a crying pearl out of the room.

she sobbed louder when they had left the room . different thoughts ran through her mind like what had happened to Richard? there was no doubt that what she saw wasn�t faked�her husband recent behaviour had explained it all�the lady in question was a beauty to behold..but why had he chosen to cheat on her? after their wedding vows..she felt empty and betrayed by the person she loved most on earth.


she washed her face as a crazy idea came into her mind�she was going to show Richard Ayiba-emi her other side.

she grabbed her clutch as she headed out of the house..she halted at Angels Botique and stepped in.

Welcome madam�the sales girls greated one after the other..she was a regular customer though she ordered most of her clothing�s online.

she shoped all sort of seductive dresses. .and got clad in one.

The red shoulder gown was quite exposing�showing her cleavages,but she didn�t was a pay back time,she was going clubbing�.and for the first time in her life she drove out of the exotic Botique and headed for the hottest club in town.


Come on baby’…What’s wrong?Betty asked concerned massaging his body..


Baby dont tell me it her again? We’v been through this many times.

Richard ignored her…deep in his thoughts.

She kissed him lightly on his neck but he made no response.

Richard…she called angrily’..What’s all this? Why do you keep ignoring me and treating me like I don’t matter but we both know you enjoy it too.

Betty please…am not in the mood.

Tell me..what else will I do to make you mine completely? Just what hu?can’t you see it isn’t all about the sex? I love you for everything.

Betty just let it go…let’s talk tomorrow,you can take your leave now.

What? Richard are you asking me to leave?

I need some privacy..let’s just talk tommorow.

Am going nowhere, I came to spend some time with you and nothing will stop me…

He reached out for a pair of trouser and wore it. ..without taking another glance at her he left…



Richard threw the newspaper as he tightened his fist…what was wrong with this wife of his..he didn’t even bother to read the news in details or check the lover they claimed she was with’…cancel all my appointments for today….he said to his secretary/lover’

Where are you going to? Betty asked alarmed.

just do what I asked of you…and don’t question me..I hope you haven’t forgotten am still your boss.

Richard? what’s with this attitude.

without taking another glance at her he left.

Many thoughts ran through his mind has he boarded the his wife could dress so shamelessly and act around with a low life….that hurt his ego.He wasn’t ready to share her with anyone she was his only”.


Tare still couldn’t believe she slept for hours, her body was yet to adapt to that amount of alcohol. ..she bit her lip regrettably as she remembered the events of the previous night..she was totally drunk

and all moses effort to restrain her from touching her drink was to no avail. She was mad at herself for taking such crazy action…she wished she had ignored Richard instead.Could she? she pushed away the painful thought. ..she wasn’t ready to cry that moment.All she wanted was a good rest,and make it up to pearl for scolding her for the first time. ..but she turned the moment she felt she wasn’t alone only to see her HUSBAND”…anger ran through her veins…as their eyes locked But before she could blink her eyes’…Richard had slapped her.

Richard”…she called softly still shocked.

you slapped me?

will you shut the hell you shameless prostitute. dare you…

He gave her another thunderous slap which sent her to the floor’

Tare stood up the moment she saw him removing his belt’…but he was faster as he sent the first one accross her back.

Richard please you are hurting me…she sobbed loudly taking steps backward.

you are such a prostitute. .

how dare you call me a LovePeddler? you are the one sleeping around…even after everything. ..tell me what I didn’t give to you? is my body not good enough? …tell me she yelled..running up the stairs when Richard had started flogging her again..

Dad…mummy…pearl cried…she ran after Richard who had started climbing the stairs. .she held his trousers with her little hands but unfortunately Richard in an attempt to shrug off her grip..hit her that she fell…stumbling down the stairs.

jesus!.oh no..pearl….the poor little child was already bleeding in her forehead.

Richard’s noise made Tare unlock the door and hurried downstairs only to see her husband carrying their bleeding child in his arms…with her nanny running after them.

pearl!…what happened. ..she couldn’t think property as she ran after them

Richard drove like a mad man till he got to the hospital. ..all through the ride the two women were crying’…most expecially when pearl was motionless. …


Doctor please how’s my daughter. ..? Tare asked still crying.

she’s still unstable. .what happened to her? he said looking at both parents for an explanation but known said anything.

Doc,please let us know what we should do. Richard pleaded ….with fear in his voice.

she lost so much blood. ..and we need a donor because she’s currently unstable.

I will…doc…lets get started already Tare said.

Am sorry mrs Richard, I won’t be taking blood from either of you because you are both not in your right state of mind. ..we can buy blood or your parents can help us out’…Please get them informed.

no…we can’t involve them on this…Richard voiced out.

And why not? my daughter life is at stake here…I promise you this,if anything happens to my daughter….consider this marriage over”…With that she walked away to call their parents.


As Mitchell carried the todler in her arms,she wished he was hers’.She had turned the orphanage to her second home, despite her busy schedule she made sure she checked on the children,assisting them in her own way..many of the children had gotten used to her visits, she always got present for them expecially the todlers”

Baby…she handed over the little todler to her husband who had just arrived’

How was work today?she asked him.

Fine my love’…have come to pick you up, we can do this

Okay love.she said beaming with smiles.

She pecked the todler on his forehead before bringing him down.

Honey do you want to keep this one? I mean adopt him.

Mitchell looked at the baby tenderly before nodding in affirmative.

Okay…we will go about the processes.

Mitchell hugged him happily”

Thanks baby. .am so happy,I can’t wait to be called “mummy” she said as tears trickled down her eyes’

Me too love…I love the sound of papa and please don’t cry honey he said placing soft kisses on her forehead when they had disengaged.

Thank you for giving me another chance.

She smiled in between her tears before saying “anything for you love”

To be continued


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  1. Mitchell and Godfrey are here loving up..
    Anger,to me is the worst emotions.. It’s too possesive..
    Weldone Blair..
    Nice story..

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