Cheating Husband – Episode 4

© Kefas Lorrenta

Tare made up her mind to ignore the

pictures and act like she hadn’t seen any’..she disposed them in the trashcan and set them ablaze.She wasn’t going to let some stranger destroy her marriage’….

Am coming she shouted and went for the door’

doctor I hope there’s no problem?

No ma,I just have something to ask of you.

okay…Please come in she said and opened the wider for him.

have a seat..what should I offer you.?

Anything soft is okay’..his eyes roamed all over the living room. Though his been here a couple of times, he just couldn’t help but marvel at the well furnished room…everything smells wealth’

Here it is..she said placing the pack of juice in a stool she had brought before him.

Thanks mrs Richard’..Am not going to take much of your time,so I will just go straight to what brought me here.


I have a patient who’s in need of a job,I was thinking you could offer her one.

A job? I don’t think I need help.or do you have one in mind?

yes..a nanny’..don’t you think pearl needs a nanny? I mean you are always busy at work.

Doc,that’s a good idea. But I’ll have to ask my husband first,he’ll be back on Friday

Thank you mrs Richard, I’ll be back on Saturday’


Mitchell gulped down another glass as tears fell at ease,it was still difficult for her to believe her husband betrayed her….

Hi angel’…the tall guy said showing off his white teeth’

Am married’..Mitchell said waving her fingers at him.

I bet your husband doesn’t know what he has,leaving you all by yourself at a club.

I chose to okay’ husband isn’t aware of this..mitch said drunkily’

well since you choose to have fun..we can make it worth it you know. ..he approached her closing the gap between them.

Mitchell could feel his breath on her’…she inhaled his cologne…trying to control dizzy her self’

oh dear…we can atleast get a room..instead of staring’

Before he could complete his statement,Mitchell had fallen her asleep.

He carried her in his shoulder in an attempt to have her to his fill’


Mama what happened? I thought you said you’ll be spending a week with brother’…Rita said giving her mother and brother a se searching look.

Rita please am not in the mood for your questions just prepare Egusi and Alebo..

Before she could ask her brother..her mum gave her that don’t try it look.

she dashed to the kitchen in annoyance, not when she had planned to go on a vacation with her boyfriend. ..this mother and son from nowhere had come to ruin her plans’

What’s with the gloomy look sef…she hissed loudly’


Betty carried her handbag as she followed her boss in a slow pace’ had been an hectic day at the office,giving her no chance to execute her plans’…they were the only ones left at the office apart from the securities.

just then the cloud choose to get angry as the rain started unexpectedly giving them no choice than to run back into the building.

sorry about that sir..Betty said,pulling off her shoes which were totally soaked as a result of the rain

I should be the one apologising, I made you work extra should have gone home a long time ago’

it’s nothing sir.

silence fell upon the room as Richard tried to control his lust…it had been a while he saw a lady totally drenched making her clothings hug her body like a second skin’

Betty knowing the discomfort in Richard face,she smiled happily as she unbuttoned few buttons of her shirt exposing her cleavages’

Excuse me..I have to take this he said and went a little bit father from her to pick his call’

Hi love’

Betty bit her lip angrily…tomorrow is another she said’


Tears gathered in Mitchell’s eyes as realisation hit her..what have I done? Oh God please forgive me,she bit her lower lip in frustration. Even if she tries to convince herself that nothing happened’..she knew she was lieng,what explanation could she give to her clothes on the floor?the unknown guy had striped her Unclad, it only mean one thing …he slept with her’

Shehad been so stupid to get drunk. .thinking of the possible way to forget her problems. More tears eluded from her eyes’..she picked up her clothes and wore them

How are you angel? The unknown guy asked immediately he came in unannounced’

What do you want from me? Mitchell asked frightened’

Your pretty body…he advanced towards her.

You jerk, stay away from me.she turned the door knob before he could come closer and flew for her dear life’


She scrubbed her body till she saw traces of blood’..she wanted to wash his scent from her body’…the thought of another man touching her kills her slowly. .how was she going to explain to her husband without him thinking is a pay back’

She felt guilty. …


Tare cleared her desk happily’…it was friday,her sweatie pie was coming today. ..she had so much to tell him.she carried her blue gucci handbag and headed out of her office’

Cancel all the appointment I have left’

She needed to pick her daughter from school, get some items from the grocery store and prepare her husband favourite meal.

See you on Monday ma..her secretary said after her’

Have a nice weekend Tope.

she entered her porshe car and drove off’


sweatie pie’…Tare said and ran into her husband arms…he turned her around like a little child before giving her a warm but passionate kiss.

Have missed this…he said when he released her.

me too she said wrapping her hands over his neck.

Do you want another? he asked winking at her.

Not yet honey’ need to shower first and eat because I prepared your favourite’

And what next after eating?

Huh…you are such a spoilt big boy’

Am not…it my duty you know..have you forgotten you are mine alone? he said carrying her in his arms…

Sweatie pie..if this is a bribe,then am not giving in because have showered already’

you are kidding me right? cause you gonna have another bath right now’


There’s something I want to tell you..Tare said when they had finished eating’

what love?

I want to employ a nanny…the stress is really weighing me down.

well good..cause i don’t want my pretty wife stressed out here..he said pulling her to himself’

Have you found someone already?

yes…doc said he had someone who could do it perfectly.

okay…then he should come with her.

okay love’..and another thing. .

what will that be?

Let’s change pearls school.

why? Richard asked alarmed.

I…I..I. she stammered. emm..I want her close to my office’

come on dear,that school is the best for little kids,beside you picked it what with the change? afterall she would be having a nanny to worry about her not you’


love is there anything you aren’t telling me?

No dear, all is fine.

Alright…lets go to our bedroom he said carrying her in a bridal style’

To be continued


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