Cheating Husband – Episode 3

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Andrew? Tare asked suprised.He had helped her years ago when she had a misunderstanding with Richard before they started dating.She spent the night at his place.

Are you suprised? I guess is pleasant enough? he said and drew closer to her.

I don’t understand…

you should..he said before placing a light kiss on her neck.

Please stop am married’..she moved away from him.

I know. ..who doesn’t know you are married to Richard Ayiba-emi the billionaire son.So tell me did you marry him for his wealth?

Please give me my daughter.

He laughed sarcastically. .answer me he yelled.

I didn’t ,I married him because of love.

oh is that so? what happened to all my calls you never picked? I guess I wasn’t upto your standard. But am back now,because you are mine alone.

Please give me my daughter. She pleaded with unshed tears in her eyes’

mummmmy….pearl screamed.

She ran towards the direction of her daughter’s voice and pushed the door open.

My baby’

she hugged her tenderly and carried her.

Please let us go she said to Andrew who watched their little display

you will be mine soon he said inwardly’…

Not when he divorced his wife because of her’

Am not done with you yet he said and pushed them aside

Tare took her heels and flew from where she called the devils deen



Sister welcome.

Thanks. Have you been here for long?

Yeah. ..I was

worried.The way you sounded on the phone wasn’t pleasant at all

.He said carrying pearl from her.

It nothing to worry about.

Sis…you know you can tell me anything. ..he said concerned.

I know’ just confidential. She said not too sure of how to explain to him.

You are so secretive’….emmm food dey? He asked trying to change the topic when he noticed how uncomfortable his big sis acted’

Yes…there’s some leftover rice in the microwave.

Am famished….pearl do you want some?


Baby are you sure? Tare held her tender hands.

Yes mummy’

Mummy you’v done that countless times today.

Tare released her from her grip.

I know. ..are you tired of me hugging you already? I thought I was going to loose you baby’

Okay mummy.


Mitchell wiped the tears that fell across her face with her handkerchief’

She had lodged in an hotel after wondering on where to go for sometime’…she needed to be far from her husband,and most expecially space to think properly’.

Come in….she said almost in a whisper. She didn’t know what the attendant wanted, she had waved her off when she came the first time asking if she needed anything’

Emmmm…emmm sandra stammered not knowing how to tell her. she knew something was eating her wasn’t like it was her business anyway but she felt she could help her’

What? Mitchell asked after waiting for the lady to say something.


Am preying too much. …but am concerned.

About what?

I know you have a burden, but I want you to know you can tell it to God,and also I know someone who you could tell your isues to,his a specialists in doing this.

Am not interested. ..Please get out…


Wuyep what’s the matter? Frey’s mother asked concerned.

Mama my marriage is at stake.He said with his hands on his head

Ha…wuyeb,don’t talk like that.what happened? Where is your wife?

Mama she left me,and am the cause.

What did you do my son? Remember I told you marriage is not a bed of roses,you two should seat and talk like matured adults.

Mama this is different’…am infertile.

What? Wupeb don’t you say that again. ..I rebuke such words.

But is true mama,have known for 2years.

Ehh…..they’ve succeded,the enemies in my village have finally succeded…in making my only son infertile.Am finished.

She screamed wailing on the floor


So what position do you want? He said looking at with lustfully’

Secretary’…I want to be the Secretary of your boss.

Consider that done angel’…but you know that’s not a position one can easily get”

Atleast not with me…have done all you asked of you just have to give me what I want”

Well one more time,he said licking his lips.

Betty was disgusted. can a man old enough to be her father behave this way’

She pulled the duvet over her unclad body’

That’s what I want…he moved closer to her .

Betty closed her eyes as tears trickled down her eyes”

Okay she said and let him have his way’


How was your day? the young doctor asked sarah’

it was okay…except the fact that I still didn’t find a job.

that’s okay…atleast you look cheerful today.

yes doctor.

Don’t worry,I’ll look for one for you.

Thanks doc.

I hope you don’t mind been a nanny?

not at all,beside I love children.

okay’…he said as he thought of the Richard’s family. He was sure they will be needing a nanny expecially now that Richard has been transferred to Abuja.He would just ask the next time they come for their monthly checkup.


After the incident of the previous day,Tare couldn’t concentrate at work.Several thoughts ran through her mind. what Andrew really wanted from her? he didn’t look like someone that could give up anytime soon. She had intend changing pearl’s school but was waiting for Richard opinion. She couldn’t do that without his consent. But will changing pearl school stop Andrew from coming after her family? Friday was 2days away’..she couldn’t wait to tell her husband everything.

Come in…she said to her secretary.

This came for you ma’am.

humm. ..why didn’t you open it? Since it a business deal?

it isn’t a business deal ma, a man brought it.He said it’s a parcel for you.

A man? she asked with her heart beating against her chest.

yes ma.

okay,let me have it.

she collected the envelope and asked her secretary to use the door.

Her hands trembled as she opened the envelop.

What.?? she almost screamed as she saw the contents.

pictures of her and Andrew kissing”

With his handwriting written in bold letters

“I will send copies to your husband if you don’t meet up with me at TARIS eatery 6pm”


I swear,she got it by sleeping around. one climbs so fast in T-High without getting dirty’

Betty closed her ears with her palms,if only she could keep them shut with the gossip she had been hearing all day’

people really don’t ever learn to mind their own business. just then her intercom buzzed, it was her boss..he had work for her.She had been sitting all day waiting for his call’.filling her ears with gossip from co-workers…like the boss never had time for anyone. some say he must really love his wife, while others claimed she(Tare) used charm on him.

Sir…you sent for me?

He didn’t even take note of her presence,his eyes were focused on his p.c.It took her ages to summon the courage to speak up.

Yes I did”…I guess you already have a copy of my schedule?

Yes sir.

Good,then you get to work already.there’s this company named Vianna ltd…do some reschedule for me.I wont be free anymore by 2pm tomorrow’

okay sir.,I will do that right away’

Okay, you can go.He said and raised his head for the first time.

Their eyes met and she looked away immediately. .maybe Richard Ayiba-emi wasn’t photogenic at all.He was more handsome than she expected.

Vannesa’s words rang into her ears,she needed to act as fast as possible.

To be continued


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