Blue Light – Episode 3

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A Story By Abhynha Yankey

She jumped when I tickled her. “Are you always this jumpy after s**?”,I asked. She gave me a half-hearted smile. I realized there was more to it than she was letting out, but I let it go.
“Why don’t you get dressed so we can go eat something?” She suggested.
I tucked my tongue in my cheek.
“You mean get dressed and still eat you for dinner?”
Sometimes I wonder if my mother dropped me when I was a baby. The words that came out of my mouth made me feel that I either needed a mouth surgery or brain surgery. She must have been getting used to me now so she only shook her head and padded my shoulder.
I sometimes feel we are the perfect couple who just are not in the perfect situation. If I would have to marry her, then it means my parents would hate me forever. Then it means my generation yet unborn would be poor.

Aside all these sh*t, I loved my girlfriend. Anyway, Dela understands so it’s no big deal.
Her smile had many untold secrets. I couldn’t give her a breathing space. O this girl…
“Strawberry, would you be around if I invited you for the marriage ceremony?” I enquired.
“Sure, why not? Come on, I would rather be hurt if you don’t invite me. Jealousy is not a part of me okay, so forget it hotty hotty,”she said.
I just loved her. She always found reasons to make me smile. This continued for several days until we had just a day to spend together.
“We’ve been indoors for quite a long time. How about we club tonight?” she suggested. “Why not? I’m in, but you would have to do something for me. Stay with me. Just be by my side. Be glued to me like a chewed gum stuck on the soles of your feet please,” I pleaded.

“Kobby hotty, you don’t need to make that request because come what may, I’m not going to allow anyone get any close to you tonight. You would be mine tonight. I give you my word,”she said and smiled. That was the first time I saw that she had a diastema. That was cute.
“Okay, go wash down and prepare as I go do same. We’ll meet downstairs okay,” I instructed and left for my door.
I didn’t waste much time in washing down as i was a little too hasty to get back to her.

“Strawberry, I’m done,” I shouted while rushing out of my room with my comb in hand.
She was already downstairs waiting when I got there.
She looked more glamorous than ever. I couldn’t but get hold of her and kiss her once again.
“Mmm Mmm no noooo,” she pushed me back. I realised she didn’t like it. “Hotty, your wife to be would be touching down in the next 48 hours or less. I’m not and don’t want to be jealous. I don’t want to admit the fact that I’m finding a reason to love you. Come on,let’s go”, she said and held my hand. Trust me, I wished I could do something but her words could not have been overemphasized.
I followed her out to the club, more like a zombie… Who even cared anyway?

“Hei, let’s walk side by side to the club. No car today please. Let’s go natural on this last day,”she suggested.
“Sure strawberry. Who am I to say no to you? How then do we return because I know you would surely get drunk,” I said. “No no no, not at all. I’m not going to get drunk. I need to spend much time with you tonight,”she replied.
Strawberry skipping a drive to the club and alcohol… What more was in her Pandora box?


It was a nice moment for both of us. I couldn’t take my eyes off her just for a second. We teased each other, we laughed, apparently, she shed tears.
Upon enquiry, she said, “everything seems to be happening in a flash. I mean from the first day we met here, to the day we had laid and finally this day. I can’t believe I won’t get anyone to be cooking for anymore. I can’t believe we are going to be so far away from each other that I would have to be buying my own strawberry shampoo, that probably would only be if I wanted to maintain that name.”
I smiled, though sad as well and replied, that name can never change. No matter what. Your life won’t be like this. I want you to be around even when I marry. I want to see you as a very close and loving sis. Don’t ask me how because that has already been figured out. I told my parents how nice you are to me. They are expecting to see you once they come around so like I said, I’ve gotten you a room at the hotel down the street. I’ve paid for your stay there so feel free and stay at that place till my request has been considered. Don’t worry about food and other things. I’ve paid for everything. I’m hoping to get you out of that place sooner than later. Don’t think much about me, let me do the thinking for now.
I hope you have packed your things because first thing tomorrow morning, I would be dropping you off at the hotel premises.

“Yes, I have. I’ve kept every place in order like a stranger never stepped a foot there. I prepared something for you and I’m hoping that can sustain you for two days. Hoping by then, they would be around,”she said.
“Wooow thanks but one more request. You will have to prepare something nice for me the day they would be arriving. I would come and pick you very early in the morning. That way, you wouldn’t be seen around. I’m hoping you would be done before they arrive. Just do that for your hotty hotty.”
“I can never say no to you okay. I’m always at your service,”she replied.

We got up and walked home. “Hei hotty, shall we spend the night together? No touching whatsoever,”she requested.
“Your wish dear. I promise you. No touching whatsoever…lol,”I replied.
She got up very early and cleaned up the whole house. I was surprised when I woke to see her already dressed with her luggage right beside her. Which time did she wake to do all those? I hurriedly got something nice on and rushed out with her. I didn’t want to take my bath and waste her time since she was already done.

We got to the hotel reception early enough. I introduced her to the attendant since they were already expecting her. I helped her with her luggage to her room, sat down to chat for a while and asked that she followed me out to a place. She wanted to know where exactly, but I played dumb to her request. I called a friend to meet me up . She arrived with the luggage as I had asked for. It contained everything I had desired. Dela did not see what I had in there. We went back to her room where I handed the bag over to her for her to open. I told her everything in it belonged to her. She was surprised when she opened it and saw the dresses and realized they all fit her. “How? how? I mean how?,” she asked surprisingly. I told her to calm down and explained to her that I picked two of her dresses and gave it to the dressmakers. I wanted her to look good in all ways.

“Hey I need to rush home and wash down. You know I’m stinking real bad. Aha, take this money and get some groceries. I will be expecting you very early tomorrow morning to prepare some strawberrylicious meals. I’m not telling you what you have to prepare, but do it well and be quick about it. I don’t want them to come and meet you around okay,” I said and kissed her as I made my way to the door.

I couldn’t believe she was no more with me. Funny how I got addicted to her so easily. I washed down and did justice to my food. It took long for me to wake up after eating. I decided to call strawberry to remind her of the groceries but oh la laa, dad called. I couldn’t wait to have them around.
I went to the kitchen to get some of the food prepared by my Strawberry. It really tasted good.



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