Other Episodes Of Beauty And The Mechanic

The tall curvy fair skinned attractive lady in a fitted short-sleeve, knee-length buttoned-down, red and pink striped gown, turned around and saw the pastor standing three cars away from hers.
�Good afternoon sir,� she smiled broadly and walked over to his side.
There were two other ladies standing beside him. She recognized them, they were both members of the choir. She waved at them and turned to the pastor.
�Edua, it�s being a long while,� Pastor Victory smiled back at her.
She started to laugh. She knew exactly what he was referring to. She hasn�t been coming to church regularly since she started working.
�How are you coping with your new job?� he folded his arms across his chest.
She nodded and held unto her pink hand-bag. �We thank God sir.�
�Why haven�t you been coming to church?�
The ladies grinned and started to walk away. Edua tucked back a stray strand of gold and wine coloured hair back into the pink hair-ruffle behind her neck.
�Sir, you know I work on the mainland. I get home on or before eight every day. The weekly service ends at seven-thirty. It�s hard to come home that early, especially with the crazy traffic on third mainland bridge.�
He sighed heavily, watching her closely. �But, what about the Sunday services? Do you work on Sundays?�
She shook her head instantly, �No, sir. Thank God no.�
�Why haven�t we been seeing you?�
She averted his concerned gaze. �Sir, sometimes, I get so tired��
He started to shake his head, �Edua Imasogie.�
She chuckled, �Sir,� she tried not to look at him.
�I know it�s quite difficult adjusting to your new schedule, but, you should at least try.�
She nodded quickly. �Yes, sir. I will sir.�
�Even if you can�t attend the weekly services regularly, try and come on Sundays.
The church is just about two streets or so away from your house.�
She nodded again and met his caring stare. �Okay sir. I will try harder.�
�Your spiritual growth is my biggest concern,� he gave her a knowing look.
�Yes sir. Thank you sir.�
�Okay then. Going home?�
�Yes, sir,� she sighed with relief. She dreaded being scolded by her pastor. He was like a father figure in her life.
�You look good,� he looked her up and down.
She blushed. �Thank you sir,� she spun round and hurried to her car. She unlocked the door and got in.
About three other ladies hanging around the car park rushed towards the vehicle and asked for a ride. She agreed to drop them at the estate gate and unlocked the car doors. They all thanked her and climbed in.
Seventeen minutes later, Edua parked her blue Toyota Corolla in the large compound and walked to the back of the house. She halted in shock when she found Barrister Kolawole standing by her front door, clad in a long-sleeve white tee-shirt and a pair of blue jeans with marching white sneakers.
�Where have you been?� he looked her up and down.
She recovered and walked to the door. �Church. Why didn�t you call?� She unlocked the door and pushed it open.
�Why should I call before checking up on my girl-friend?� he eyed her and followed her into the one-bedroom flat.
�You should have called. I would have come home immediately the church service ended,� she pulled off her pink high-heeled sandals and strode into the bedroom.
She dropped the shoes beside a stack of others, threw the bag on the bed and returned to the sitting-room.
�You look delicious,� he beckoned at her. He was seated on the two-settee, making eyes at her.
She blushed and sauntered towards him. He made her sit on his laps and claimed her lips immediately. She kissed him back passionately. It�s being three weeks since they started going out and things had been running smoothly. No hiccups. Kolawole had showered her with both monetary and expensive gifts since their first outing. He made her to understand that regardless of the fact that she was working, he wanted to take care of her every need.
The kiss deepened and when she felt his hand slipping beneath her dress, caressing her thighs, she became alarmed. Since they have been dating, they had never gone beyond occasional kissing. She liked it that way. Even when she was dating Chidi, they didn�t go beyond kissing.
She had slept with countless numbers of men in her past life, and since she gave her life totally to Jesus, she had not slept with any man. She wanted it to remain that way until her wedding night. She remembered that Pastor Victory emphasized that sex before marriage was part of God�s list of �Don�ts� for every Christian single. Now that she was completely sold out to God, constant obedience to his words and instructions was her aim and daily goal. She didn�t want to compromise in any way, no matter how much she liked the person she was going out with.
She felt a finger or two sliding into her underwear. The unforgettable sensations that flooded her, made her jump to her feet and step away. He held her by the elbow and tried to pull her back to his laps, but, she broke free from his grip and marched into the kitchen.
�I am famished, I made chicken stew last night. What do you prefer, white rice or boiled or fried yam?� she brought out the frozen chicken stew from the refrigerator.
Kolawole followed her into the kitchen and stood by the doorway, ogling at her. Since they had been going out, he had been looking for a way to show her how much he really liked her, and he had been dying to cross over from their �just kissing� limitation to a deeper intimate experience. His girlfriend had the face of a fairy queen and the body of a Roman goddess. Night after night, he had fantasized how he would rip her apart and chew every single ounce of flesh on her body. It�s being three weeks. It was high time they solemnize their relationship. He didn�t understand why she was playing hard to get. A dozen ladies would have jumped at the opportunity of being with him and they would surely allow him to do whatever he liked to them, but, his new girlfriend was different. Aside her beauty and mouth-watering physique, that was what attracted him to her in the first place. She was one of the first few ladies who didn�t parade around him in desperation.
�Yam or rice?� She looked up at him, holding a tuber of yam in one hand and a bowl of rice in the other.
�All I want at this very moment is you,� he walked up to her and kissed her again.
She groaned inwardly and backed away. �Stop now. I am hungry,� she walked to the sink, placed the bowl of rice on the table and dropped the tuber of yam on a pile of about four five yams.
�I am hungry too,� he joined her at the sink and wrapped his arms around her.
She stilled her emotions when she felt his hardened sexual organ rubbing against her buttocks.
�I want you,� he whispered in her ear and licked her earlobe.
She swallowed hard and pondered on the best way to tell him �no�.
�I want to eat you all up, I know you want me too,� he held her by the waist, then walked his hands to her chest and squeezed hard.
�Kola please stop,� she pushed his hands away. She needed to make him stop.
She liked him a lot and it would be easy to give in to his sexual pressure.
�I know you want me,� he loosened his belt and unzipped his trouser.
The moment he tried to lift her dress, she turned around and faced him squarely.
�What is the meaning of this now?� she eyed him and noticed that he was naked waist down. Irritation flooded her.
�Are we doing anything wrong?� he grinned at her, hoping that he would be able to break down her wall of defense.
�Yes,� she hissed and stepped away. �This, this is not what I want. Not right now, anyway,� she marched out of the kitchen.
His brows came together in a frown. He pulled up his trouser and followed her.
�What are you saying?� He found her seated close to the television.
She eyed him again, �We need to take it slow.�
He came to sit beside her. �Why? What are we waiting for?� It began to dawn on him that he wasn�t going to get what he wanted that day.
She sighed heavily and looked at him sternly. �For starters, we are barely four weeks in this relationship. We are still getting to know each other��
He smiled and took her by the hand. �It doesn�t matter. You know how much I like you. I know you like me too, a whole lot.�
She nodded and swallowed hard. Her throat felt suddenly dry. �We can kiss once in a while, but, I will really prefer if we abstain from sleeping together��
His smile turned to a frown, �Why? Making love is a sign of our true affections and it will� it will definitely bond us,� he tried to convince her. he had no idea that she harboured such ideas. He could swear on his grandfather�s grave that she wasn�t a virgin. What was she waiting for?
She placed a hand on her forehead and just stared at him. She knew he was a Christian and had thought that he also followed the same biblical rules, but, it dawned on her that they had different perspective to the same issue.
�Come on love. Let�s get down and smoothen this beautiful relationship. This is also part of getting to know each other,� he leaned forward and tried to kiss her.
She turned her head away and hissed. �You are not listening to me.�
He looked at her for a while. Her unyielding stance made him feel a bit angry. What she was asking for was impossible. Was it possible to date someone without sleeping with the person?
�Lady, assuming we were in the stone age, I might have agreed with you, but, for Christ�s sake, this is the 21st century.�
She glanced back at him. His dark face was expressionless, but, still cute.
�What are you really saying? No sex or sex once in a while?� his serious stare observed her pale face.
�We both know that sex before marriage is a no-no in God�s dictionary,� she looked back at him.
�I see,� he got up abruptly and zipped his trouser.
�I know that it is going to be hard, but, we can do it. God will help us,� she tried to encourage him.
�My dear, I don�t agree with you.�
She folded her arms across her chest. It didn�t matter if he saw reasons with her or not. Her mind was made up. There was no going back for her.
�I know you are not a virgin. What�s all this rules and regulations for?� his harsh gaze remained on her face.
His statement felt like a slap on her face. He had no idea what he was talking about. Her virginity was stolen from her. Sold off to men older than her father.
�I thought we could spend time together and have fun, but, obviously, you are not interested,� he backed away.
She sighed heavily and shook her head. �Look, if you really like me, if you really want to get to know me, if you really want a relationship with me, this are the terms.�
He eyed her again. �You are not thinking straight.�
�I am as clear headed as the sun at dawn,� she crossed her legs, picked up the remote and switched on the television.
�Suit yourself,� he hissed and headed for the front door.
When she heard the loud bang of the door after he left, she threw the remote on the table, and placed her head in her palms.


  1. Don’t give in cos 4rm d title d of dis story I dnt think u two will last, dnt worry ur man d mechanic will soon locate u okay?

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