Twins – Episode 17

TWINS – Episode 17 ©Tisa Phiri All Rights Reserved A week later, Esther had kept her word to Mike, she had gone to the police to inform them about Jake. Even though she had a hard time convincing them about the twins, they finally believed her especially with the photos of the twins and the […]


Sacrilege – Episode 6

Sacrilege – Episode 6 © Adeola Nissi Catherine replaced the plaster with the calm expertise of a doctor. She gave a few soothing massages. “How do you feel?” Laura withdrew her fist from Catherine’s hold, giving her plastered wrist a blank look. “I feel stupid” A small sympathetic smile touched Catherine’s face as she stood […]

The Outcast

The Outcast – Episode 16

THE OUTCAST – Episode 16. Written by Amah “I have spoken to her father, she is a very beautiful maiden, her name is Marie, I guess you already knows that And doesn’t have a bad record of any wrong doing and her father can attest to that too, she came from a good family, is […]


Twins – Episode 15

TWINS – Episode 15 ©Tisa Phiri All Rights Reserved Jake`s face was wet, surprising Isabel. She flinched her eyes to see if she was seeing right. She had expected him to panic and react by hitting her or trying to scold her and threaten her for what she just told him but no, he simply […]


Sacrilege – Episode 3

Sacrilege – Episode 3 © Adeola Nissi She’s pregnant! The words echoed loud and clear, repeating itself over and over again in Laura’s head as her mother-in-law’s eyes rested disdainfully on her. Laura’s throat contrasted painfully as she stared, not comprehending anything at all. “F… For who?” she choked, staring at everyone like they had […]


Sacrilege – Episode 2

Sacrilege – Episode 2 © Adeola Nissi Deolu and Laura danced out of the reception hall with smiles enough to light up a city. Their happiness was so glaring as family and friends cheered aloud. Laura’s long train dragged on the floor behind her so beautifully as cameras clicked continuously, capturing the exquisite beauty of […]


Twins – Episode 13

TWINS – Episode 13 ©Tisa Phiri All Rights Reserved Isabel parked outside the house scared of getting off the car not knowing how she was to face the man she asumed was her husband for months. Mike’s car was parked in the garrage an indication that he was around. Her heart was racing when she […]