The Undisputed – Episode 21

The Undisputed Episode 21


© Tisa Phiri

” Kelly, he confuses me” Mattie started.

” oh yea?” Sali nodded trying to encourage her to go on.

” yeah, i couldn’t understand him. Why would a man take advantage of someone and later on claim he loves the person?. When he first told me at the hospital i felt good for a moment. But then i realised it wasn’t what i wanted it to be.

When we both walked into the lodge he went mute on me like he had no idea why he even wanted me there. You know what i thought that second?” Mattie looked up.

Thandi and Sali looked on at her smiling.

” well, i thought he wanted to sleep with me once again. I asked what he wanted to tell me and threatened to leave but he held my hand back.”

” Mattie, he started looking at me in a rather different way than he usually deed. It was like i was seeing that part of him for the first time. Not the Kelly full of lust and desire to sleep with me. But this time it was different, he had this deep tense look that made my insides move i had to look away.” Mattie smiled as Thandi and Sali smiled too.

” what look?” Thandi asked, ofcourse Sali seemed to understand what she meant.

” i don’t know how to call it. But at that instance i started believing his words.

He told me he loved me from the beginning but he too wasn’t sure of himself. He said his body took the best of him and he forced himself on me. He went on to explain how much he regrets what happened there on and was willing to work so hard to make things better for me.”

” but Mattie, what about Joy, his wife? ” Sali asked concerned.

” yeah, thats right my friend. What about Joy?” Mattie sighed.

” i asked him and you know what he told me? He said his wife was just that, a wife. He never fall in love with her and he was certain Joy feels the same. Its like the two were arranged by their parents. Given that Joy was heart broken by her first love from some foreign country, Kelly said she agreed to marry him. He was quick to mention that the two got along well because they were friends before.”

” Mattie, one thing is Kelly not being in love with Joy, but the fact is that he’s married. How on earth is he going to work out his feelings for you? Besides that, are you going to be with him knowing he’s married? ” Thandi asked this time shifting in her seat.

Mattie shook her head sighing sadly.

” i hate to say this girls but i swear i fall in love with that man. He’s all i have been thinking of the past days and i cannot get over the kiss we shared”

” oh no!. You kissed him?” The girls asked at the same time.

” i didnt see it coming. Kelly was on his knees begging me to give him time to figure out a way. He said he knew it was complicated but he asked me to hold on to the love i have for him, claiming he knew i felt something for him too.

I insisted he left me alone and went back to his wife. He then asked if he was laying about my feelings for him and i told him i felt nothing for him.” Mattie paused

” then? ” Sali asked.

” he stood lifting me up from were i sat and asked me to look into his eyes and tell him i didn’t love him. I tried to, i did try to say but i couldnt hold myself. He knew i was lieing and just to prove it he pulled me into his arms and kissed me like he has never done before. I was so taken i kissed him back. It was the best moment of my life girls. He tasted so good i swear i didnt feel like he was married at the time. Thank God i quickly found myself before it was too late. ” Mattie smiled closing her eyes as memories of the passionate kiss spread her mind.

” well, it was so inevitable given how crazy you already are about him” Sali teased giggling.

” what happened next?” Thandi asked after looking at her phone realising she was running late for her dinner meeting.

” well to sum up all. I told Kelly i loved him but i wasn’t going to accept being with a married man. I honestly told him how i grew fond of his wife and kid and that no matter how much i felt for him, i am not going to entertain him in my life. He looked hurt quite alright but am sure he will be fine. He however told me with time he will prove his love for me. He asked me to give him time but i will work on forgetting him. It hurts but i have to right? ” Mattie nodded her head sadly pushing back a strip of water clouding her eyes.

” yeah sweety thats the right way to go. Like i said ealier you are still young and beautiful. God will give you your own man and with time i believe you will forget about Kelly. Don’t worry yourself okey?” Thandi patted her shoulders.

” yep! I only hope this feeling goes away soon. ” Mattie lifted her shoulders.

” well, guys let me take a quick bath. I need to go to that dinner. Am certain am going to delay by a few minutes though” Thandi stood up.

” maybe Harold has arranged a hot guy for you! ” Sali raised her voice at Thandi who was getting off her dress.

” oh no i hope not. Mine, like i always say is not a love story. I don’t think i need any man right now. Maybe in future, but definitely not now. I don’t know, i don’t think i will make a good lover even, am always out and the kind of things my job requires sometimes is an issue too. I don’t think i will find that man who will understand me anyway. ” Thandi spoke walking to the bathroom as Sali and Mattie looked on.

” you know my greatest fear though?” She stopped brushing her teeth as she looked on her friends.

” what? ” they asked in unison.

” well, since my step father started raping me. I fail to even look myself down there. I feel like am a mess and i fear what i would do if i engaged myself with a man and then he asks to sleep with me. No way” Thandi shook her head now trying to stop tears on her face as she told her friends the major reason she had not wanted to engage a man in her life. Her fear was still deep and every time she saw a man she liked, the very thoughts made her shiver and then she would lose all interest of getting closer to a man.

” oh sweety, am so sorry. That man was an animal. But you are not a mess down there believe me. You are so beautiful everywhere Thandi. Trust me, one will come who will love you as you are” Mattie held her wiping the tears that now rushed down Thandi’s face.

” Mattie is right sweety. You can’t shut yourself out like that for life. Open your heart to love someone, who knows that person might just be the one to help you heal” Sali added as they all hugged her.

” i don’t know guys, i really dont know, but that aside” she sighed pushing them away.

” i have to concetrate on my Job now. Make the best of what i have. Plus i have you two beautiful souls. Your love is enough for me. I don’t think i will allow a man to ever touch me again” Thandi smiled walking away.

Sali shook her head looking at Mattie who shrugged before they both sat back down feeling sad for Thandi.

” she’s so delicate but strong outside. I know she will get better” Mattie murmered.

” she will ” Sali agreed.

A few minutes later Thandi was saying bye to her friends as Harold’s driver waited for her outside. As promised, Harold sent a driver to pick her to the meeting place.

She was quiet the entire way as she was driven to the meeting point lost in her mind she didnt realise they had stopped in front of Radisson blu.

” Ms, we are here” the driver spoke startling her.

” oh yeah, am sorry i just feel tired, well, thank you so much. You can stay around here i don’t think i will take so much time in there” she smiled at the driver lifting her long dress she had on as she stepped out the car.

” take your time ” The driver smiled.

Thandi smiled at him and grabbed her phone before walking to the entrance, glad she decided to wear pumps on her feet as she felt rather tired after a days work.

She looked around the tables to see a familiar face but she gave up trying concluding she had never seen whoever she was to meet before as no face looked any familiar.

” Good evening ” she heard a voice call from behind her and she sprung around to see who it was.

” Good evening to you Sir” Thandi responded politely coming face to face with a figure light in complexion with a wide smile that showed off his neatly pilled clean teeth.

” call me Alex!” He smiled again.

” i bet you the person am meeting?” Thandi asked instead wanting to get going already. Nothing about his great features intrested Thandi anyway, so all she needed was to hear why she was set for that date and get back home sooner.

” yes i am, shall we sit?” Alex entended his hand leading the way to a table in the corner of the room.

Thandi looked around and saw a couple seated on their far right they kept smiling and giggling at each other. On the other side were two white men having their dinner and a set of couples further away near the counter. She turned back at Alex who just cleared her throat to get her attention.

” so um am… am a lawyer by profession, i just flew in the country but i have known you for some time now” Alex started straight up.

” hold on” Thandi sighed faking a smile.

” i was told this morning i had to come have dinner. I honestly didn’t like the idea but i couldn’t say no to Harold . So please, before we go any further, can you tell me what this is all about? ” she looked at him and Alex looked down slightly embarrassed.

” yeah, you are right am sorry. ” he looked up at her.

” Harold is my brother, we have been talking about you. I was away for some studies in England but i keep track of what my brother does here. He sends me magazines of his models and you caught my attention the first time i saw you.

Since then i have followed every record of your work and i am proud to say am pleased. You are beautiful and intelligent too. A true African beauty” he smiled at her.

” Okey? ” Thandi asked after looking at him more like telling him to go on. Her heart not liking where it was going.

” i came back a few weeks ago and i have been watching you. I like you a lot and i persuaded my brother to arrange this meeting. The thing is i felt kind of shy to just come straight to you. Besides you completely ignored me the other day at the company. ” he let a laugh.

Thandi looked at him questioningly trying to remember him.

” i was in Harold’s office a week back when you walked in..” he reminded her.

” yeah, i remember you the funny guy that said something about my skin” she sighed recalling seeing a guy who kept staring at her as she talked to Harold and when she sarcastically asked why he kept staring he told her he was admiring her caramel skin tone. However, Thandi shook her head and walked away without making any comment. Of late she had come to understand that lots of men wanted to say one or two things about her body and she shoved them all away. Knowing the kind of thing she did was bound to attract such attention.

” am sorry i didn’t take time to see you. Dont take it personal though. I rarely pay attention to what people, especially random men say. You know my Job” she shrughed casully.

” i understand don’t worry” Alex smiled

” well?” Thandi asked

” tell me about yourself Thandi, i wanted to know you, i hope you don’t feel offended by this arranged thing” Alex raised his eye blows.

” well you got that right i wish i was on my bed right now. Not with some crazy polished lawyer” Thandi thought to herself.

” oh no am not. I was just worried i had to meet a complete stranger and Harold didnt tell me of me meeting his brother ” she managed to say at last.

” what do you want to know? It seems you know lots about me already” she shrugged sitting up as their table was being served.

” Tell me anything. Sometimes what we read and hear isn’t the truth about people ” Alex made a funny face.

For a minute Thandi was quiet. In her mind she re-lived the many times she had to endure at the hands of her step father. His face messing her mind she felt her hands ran cold. She felt her legs shake with what she couldn’t understand whether it was rage or fear of the dark memories.

” are you okey?” Alex asked concerned.

” excuse me” Thandi pushed back the chair and rushed to the ladies room carrying her clutch bag.

She stood in front of the mirrow panting heavily her forehead developing some sweat. She pulled some tissue and wiped it away looking deeply at her scared eyes.

” oh God help me forget him” she sighed pushing away the images of her step father pouncing on her body.

She lifted her hand and she shaking terribly.

That usually happened whenever she remembered the past only this time she had to break down in front of a stranger.

She tried to calm herself down but she knew she wouldn’t last there. Walking back to the table, the worried Alex stood up upon seeing her walk towards him.

” are you alright, you look pale” he asked.

” no i don’t feel well at all. Am sorry but i have to go back home. Lets me again some other time” she told him.

” of course, let me take you home then” he moved to her side.

” i came with…”

” don’t worry, he will go alone. I have to ensure you home and safe” Alex insisted as he held her shoulders leading her out to where he parked his car.

They drove in silence and when they were in front of Thandi’s apartment, she stepped down slowly.

” can i help you in?” Alex asked

” no i honestly feel better now. Thank you for the ride. And sorry for the bad turn out” she stopped in front of him.

” yeah its okay. Just get well soon and i will see you soon,” he smiled and said his good bye walking back to the car as Thandi walked to the door.

To be continued


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