The Undisputed – Episode 17

The Undisputed Episode 17

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” if not for the fact that i missed you so much i would have slapped your beautiful face for making us go through so much to find you!” Thandi yelled at Mattie not letting go of the hug.

” Mattie we missed you so much sweety. Please never leave like that again” Sali smiled at her.

” i won’t i promise. I just wanted to figure myself out for some time and i didnt intend to dispear on you guys for long” Mattie explained leading them inside.

The girls instantly stopped talking when they saw the sight of a very sick woman laying on a mattress placed on a rid mat.

” girls this is my mother.” Mattie casually introduced her mother her expression showing she wasn’t feeling any pity for her mother.

” how are you mom?” Sali tried to greet her but the woman just looked at her and her eyes went back down without responding.

” she has been like that since i came yersterday. The only thing this woman managed to say was scolding me for coming to see her. She needs me here and i, just like herself, can’t stand her. This woman hates me like am the cause of all her problems. Even in her sickness she won’t see me as her child. “Mattie told her friends.

” i dont understand” Thandi shook head feeling bad for her friend.

” guys lets talk from outside.” She indicated grabbing some stools and walking outside.

” i met my mother’s friend three months ago and she told me Mother was sick. She handed me her phone number that i call her.” Mattie started explaining looking at Sali and Thandi as they sat outside, Joe was still in the car.

Mattie went on explaining how she ignored the news of her sick mother. She told them how she wasn’t ready to forgive her for everything she did to her and her sister. But changed hef mind after some time.

” i knew whatever was wrong with her was as a result of the kind of life she has lived. Making money out of prostitution. I told myself i wouldn’t bother to see her but i dont know” she sighed.

” we understand Mattie, She is your mother no matter what happened.” Sali held her hand.

” yeah maybe that” Mattie shrugged.

” i tried to call her and you know what that woman in there did?” She paused looking behind her to the door and back at them.

” she called me names, that i was a witch who wanted het dead. I burried all my children ” were her own words towards me. I decided then never to bother myself. I felt she could die for all i care. But yesterday i just woke up and felt i needed to come anyways.”

” am sorry Mattie, you had to go through that all alone. I wish we knew what was going on ” Thandi spoke.

” i know dear, it was my fault i didnt say bye to you guys. I just thought i would have time to heal and start over. I was going through a lot of pain and living with Kelly was becoming hard everyday, i wanted you guys to be free from my burdens and concetrate on chasing your dreams. I didn’t want to bother you. I decided to start over. Using the money that i got from Kelly and the savings i had, i went to start doing some fish business in siavongo.

Seeing how well i was managing buying fish and kapenta from the fishermen and selling it to the buyers from different parts of the country, I decided to stay there longer. In months i was doing fine thank God.

Business was okey for a year. The unfortunate part was that they stole my phone the same day i got to Siavongo. You know with the kind of phone i had before, i couldnt get my contacts back. Besides i never wanted Kelly to find me so i decided to get a different sim card with the hope that whenever i got back to Lusaka i would simply look for you two. ”

Mattie explained

” oh Mattie we waited for you to come back. A lot had happened in that year. I was given the contract for modelling and Sali moved away from Mrs Numba’s. We now stay in the apartment the company is renting for me” Thandi cut in.

” yeah no wonder i didnt trace you back at Harold and Leticia’s house. With the kind of people your bosses are, i never had a chance to find out about you. Its like they were never home ” Mattie shrugged

” oh am sorry, i know those two. Besides just last year they moved to their newly built mansion in Lusaka west.” Thandi said.

” its like we missed each other everytime” Sali added with a chuckle.

” sure, i decided to go and stay back at our little heaven not wanting to miss you two again in case you decided to go back there since Mwila (the woman left in Thandi’s old house) told me you went to look for me there before” Mattie went on explaining.

” well to cut the story short. I continued the fish business. Only this time i only go to order after some weeks and supply the town market traders. Its been well my friends not that i make a lot, but enough so much that i manage to sustain myself. Mwila has become like an aunty to me and we get along well, though it hurts that i quit school, i still feel i can do something else to better my life. My mind was too clouded for me to contrate on studying. Guess its not all of us meant to persue education right?” Mattie let a laugh tears of joy and relief clouding her eyes.

” yeah right, look at me, am doing well with Modelling, who could have known that a grade six drop out would one day mingle with the rich” Thandi smiled shedding tears too.

The girls talked and laughed together for more than an hour. Telling each other how they had been and laughing and smiling through it all.

” well am so happy you guys are doing well, Sali, the idea of business is great too. Just start and God willing we will get some where ” Mattie exclaimed with a smile.

” our Ms Zambia here can work on making sure she’s on the spot light whilst we will work on the ground with what we can do best. Together we are undisputed!” She smiled proudly raising her head.

” yeah. See, now we are complete ” Sali smiled.

” hey you guys we have been talking here for hours you cannot even introduce me to that handsome gentleman in the car” Mattie looked at the direction where Joe was parked.

” my friend, the lover boy you heard Sali talk about is that dude in the car. ” Thandi smiled.

” you dont say!” Mattie stood up.

” you mean that guy we have practically ignored here is the Joe from the story?” She asked.

Sali nodded with a laugh.

” oh my God Joe! Come out man, am sorry i didnt know you are the man who stole the heart of my fat saliya!” She ran to the car speaking to Joe by the window.

Joe who was now sitting up smiled at her.

” am sorry i was carried away, these girls just told me about you, am so happy to meet you” she smiled hugging him as he stepped out of the car.

” you so cute you know that?” She teased him and they all laughed.

” i told you” Sali moved to Joe laughing .

” she’s the craziest one of us all. The lighter of every moment ”

” shes great!” Joe shrugged with a laugh too. ” your friends were sick worried about you. Am glad they found you finally. You guys are a definition of true friendship. ” Joe recommended in his deep calm voice.

” yeah sure. I missed them too and am so happy you have no idea how it feels to see these two kids again” Mattie pulled Sali and Thandi closer and held their shoulders.

” i wonder why she missed me if she was blessed with a dude like yourself” Mattie teased again this time making Joe shy and he brushed a little.

” Matilda stop it now, you embarrassing me” Sali giggled shaking her head.

” watch out though. Mattie is back and if you hurt her, no, ” she paused searching for a word.

” if you even think of hurting my Sali, you will have me to face!” She warned faking a serious face.

” i know, don’t mess with the undisputed!” Joe laughed and the whole group joined in.

After talking for a while Longer, Mattie who seemed unconcerned about her mother at the moment went inside.

She shook her head at the sight of her groaning mother. She seemed to be in so much pain and Mattie was contemplating the idea of dragging her to the hospital as the girls had suggested. She had tried to persuade her before but her mother only threw insults at her and asked her to leave her alone claiming Mattie only came to laugh at her for what she did in the past.

Even when Mattie knew it was a self defence technique, that her mother was too ashamed she had turned out better than she had thought. The shame that came with her own evil haunting her even in her sick bed.

” mom, my friends and i are taking you to the hospital now” she informed her when she saw her open her eyes to look at her.

” i don’t want to. Just leave me to die already!” She snarled angrily.

” well am sorry, but we are taking you still. Its not like am happy to be here mother, you should know that for sure. I can’t let you die here though, am not like you. So whether you like it or not, we are taking you to the hospital” she talked as she moved her mother dressing her preparing her for the hospital.

A few minutes later she asked Sali to help carry her to Joe’s car and they drove off.

It was past 18 pm by the time they completed the admission procedure and Mattie’ s mother was given a bed.

The girls decided to stay with her. Unknown to them, Kelly who had followed them was watching from a distance.

He was looking for an opportunity for Mattie to remain alone so that he could talk to her.

Seeing Joe’s car leaving without Sali and Thandi, he knew the girls decided to stay together so he drove back making a note to see her the following day.

” i will have to see her, come what may” he whispered to himself as he joined the main road heading back to Lusaka.


To be continued


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