The Undisputed – Episode 14

The Undisputed Episode 14

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© Tisa Phiri


3 years later……


The night was chilly, the cold breeze touching my face as i stood outside the building on the neatly mowned lawn, my shoes which had pointed heels pricking through the soft wet ground i didnt seem to mind my feet felt stuck in the grass.

It was one of those days i just had a moment of reflection even between my busy schedule. I just escaped a dinner party inside Intercontinental hotel wanting a break from everything around me.

Not that i was complaining of the change i had come to experience, in fact i was glad i decided to take the opportunity and try modelling. 3 years back, i was accepted as one of the girls to be trained as models for Harold’s association and though it wasnt any easy path, i fought through it all and managed to get myself a contract of two years to work as a model.

I recall my first experience to walk in front of a cloud was 12 months after training. I was so scared i could feel my feet tremble. Thankfully Sali was present with me and she encouraged me to forge ahead and do my best.

” don’t worry Thandi, you will do this trust your inner self and stay confident she whsipered to me after the markup dressers were done patching up my face.

We were standing in front of the mirrow and i looked at my image sighing.

” you look beautiful girl. Those people out there will love you” Sali smiled assuring me.

” the previous year’s winner of this pergent is around and she’s so stunning i feel intimidated ” i frowned.

” i don’t care about who won last year all i know is that you will do it in your own way.” She let a smile.

” okey, thanks for being here sweety i wish Mattie was too” i sighed sadly remembering how much we had tried to look for Mattie over some months but didnt see her. She ran away from Kelly ‘s house and we had no idea where to. Her line was off.

” i know Mattie is strong Thandi, she will come around and i believe She’s fine” Sali responded.

” why cant you use your powers to trace her?” I asked her for the hundredth time and she frowned looking at my image.

” you already know the answer to that sweety. I told you Joe wouldn’t allow me to do that and for some reason i feel like am blocked from seeing anything. In an attempt to get me delivered by that pastor, i feel everything that came with that gift is gone. ” she shook her head somewhat looking sad.

I knew after Sali and Joe started their thing a year back, thats after she moved in with me, she had not paid attention to her powers. I could bet all she talked about was Joe and who would blame her, the man was a charmer and so caring.

” look Thandi, i swear we will find Mattie one day. But today lets concentrate on getting you on that stage and making it through the night” she smiled widely.

” of course ” i agreed checking my outfit again, a red jumpsuit outlining my small body and showing off my curves and black sandles i wore on my feet for the introduction stage of the pergent.

I definitely knew i looked great, with the wig i had on neatly falling on my shoulders covering part of my bare shouder.

” ladies and gentlemen, welcome the contestants for the 2015 Ms Beauty pergent!” I heard the voice of the presenter on the loud speakers and the other girls started moving into the line as planned.

” okey go now!” Sali gave me a push to the queue as the first girl matched behind the curtain to the stage.

” i gave Sali a quick hug and she walked through the back door to sit with the audience.

That day was a success, like Sali said, i felt stronger and dertermined and as i did my thing on the stage i heard people cheer for me.

Harold and his wife who sat in the front row looked at me with pride. Especially Harold who i noiticed over time had grown fond of me.

The rest of the night went on well and at the end of it all i manager to scoop the title. Beating the old contestants was not easy, but it seemed i impressed the judges and made myself a star for the night.

” you are supposed to be with others inside, we are almost concluding the contract ” came Harold’s voice from behind splashing me from my memories.

” yeah!” I turned to look at him. ” i just felt compressed in their and i needed some fresh air ” i told him honestly trying to pull myself from the grass and stepping forward towards the pavers.

” i understand this month has been hectic but thats what we do right?” He shrugged holding my hand to help me out.

” yeah i understand Harold. Am not complaining much, just that i could really use a week off” i shrugged honestly.

” you my dear are the star of the day. Most of the companies are crying for you to feature on their product adverts. You have to endure a bit longer. We are on the verge of making it big together ” Harold spoke proudly.

I knew he was right but i wanted some time to look for my friend. A week’s break would do me favours.

He held my hand as we walked inside which i noticed he proudly did whenever we were at such gatherings. Something like he wanted to show me off, one would mistaken him to be my boyfriend but i knew better. Harold was like my elder brother. He always insisted on me doing this and that and somehow i noticed he sieved the kind of guys to get around me which i was somewhat glad for. I wasn’t intrested in any relationship, my focus was on making it big and no man intrested me anyway so i felt safe around Harold.

” so now do you agree with the terms and conditions written there?” The marketing manager for a perfume company we were signing a contract for asked me. I realised i had not started reading the papers in my hands my mind wild off yet again.

I cleared my throat..” let me finish it i looked up at him.

” take your time Ms” he smiled at me.

” um am Harold” i turned to face Harold who was still going through his copy of the agreement.

” have you read this?” I asked him pointing at the phrase which implied i will have to pose nude photos too.

” yes” he answered unconcerned.

” you mean you are okey with me posing naked?” I starred at him surprised at his lucky of concern.

” my dear Thandi, this is what we do. We cannot afford to lose this contract, besides its not like they will display your entire naked body. They just want your perfect body to come out on this product” he shifted his eyes to the other guy.

After a good number of minutes of talking , Harold who was my manager and i sighened the agreement. Even though i was assured of not exposing my entire naked body, i still didnt like idea of nudenes.

As Harold drove me to my apartment which the association was renting for me, i was Silent.

” what’s wrong?” He asked parking in front of the apartment.

” nothing i just feel uncomfortable with that contract” i told him honestly.

” look at me Thandiwe” he ordered seriously turning my face to meet his. ” you will do juat fine. This is the kind of work you have to get used to. Don’t let your moral perceptions hinder your progress as a model. Besides, look at the brighter side of all this. You got yourself a two years contract with the most prestigious ladies product producers. You are the star girl, now give me that smile!” He exclaimed excitedly.

” whatever, i just want to rest now” i sighed opening the car door to leave.

” wait” he stopped me.

” you can have that week off you so much longed for” he smiled , i knew it was his way of cheering me up.

” good night !” I paused looking back at him.

” good night!” He waved at me and i could feel his eyes on my butt as i walked my heels hitting the conret as i walked. I pulled down the pencil skirt i was clad in as it moved up my thighs as i walked.

” hey Ms World!” Sali welcomed me immediately i got inside.

” hey Sali!” I responded throwing myself in the couch and bending to remove my shoes as Sali sat next to me.

” how did it go?” She asked me seeing how exhausted i looked.

” i got a week off finally” i sighed closing my eyes as i placed my head on her laps.

” you know am talking about the contract right?” She frowned rubbing my head in the forehead sides as i lay my head on her laps.

” i know. Will talk about it tomorrow okey?” I responded not opening my eyes.

” so how was your day?” I changed the subject.

” well, it was good. Joe came over and suggested we let his parents know about us. ”

” really?” I quickly flashed my eyes open.

” yes Thandi but..” she paused

” what now?” I asked her still enjoying the softeness of her laps.

” remember how i left, am not sure that woman will accept me Thandi. I can almost bet she hates me” she shook her head.

” listen sweety, that woman has no right to judge you, she was there when those her grand children pushed you to the urge, you were almost quitting school because of too much work. You deserved better and am glad her son sees the best in you. Don’t stress yourself so much now” i tried to talk her into in but she seemed tense.

” okey i will go with you” i suggested

” no Thandi not soon. Let me get myself somewhere. I can’t be going to college now i feel too old for that. I want to start some business and Joe is going to help me establish myself” she smiled

” well, thats okey too but tell Joe he will not give you any money for business. We dont want boyfriend drama when you get yourself there. I will lend you some money for you to start. You will pay back whenever ” i told her and she pulled me in a hug kissing my cheeks happily.

” you will do that for me?” She asked excited.

” you are my best friend, my sister, if i don’t do that for you who would?” I smiled at her.

” you and Mattie are a blessing ” she smiled and her smile faded instantly as we both realised who was missing in the picture.

” oh my God, where is this girl? I miss her so much” i shouted raising my hands.

” i have an idea. Lets go and see Kelly tommorow since you have a week break. Remember he talked of looking for her maybe he had some lucky” she suggested.

” yeah right.” I nodded standing up.

” am off to take a shower and later on my bed, it has been a long day” i yawned.

” sure sweety. I have an hour to go. My show is coming up in a few minutes ” she shrugged grabbing the remote control i shook my head.

” you need to start going out for sure. That TV is becoming a problem ” i laughed walking to the bathroom.

” you need to watch some too and relax your nerves!” She shouted.

” nope, thank you!” I called back turning on the shower.


To be continued


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