The Undisputed – Episode 13



� Tisa Phiri


The girls spent a night together with less talk after the talk about Mattie was over. Mattie knew her friends where right, it was crazy she felt love for Kelly. She didnt recall how or when it happened she just realised when days past wihout him sneaking into her bedroom or calling her to the spare room she begun to miss him.

He would steal glances at her when his wife was around and hold her from her back whenever his wife was out of sight. That used to irritate her very much before, but now she looked forward to it.

Initially she had vowed not to love any man but this one caught her unaware.

” what am i to do” she asked herself as she lay down. Thandi and Sali who were now dozing off besides on the other bed had gone quiet.

” i can’t tell Kelly about how i feel” she shrugged, the struggle within her was creating some pain which made her shed tears. Recalling how Kelly always told her he loved her, whether it was true ot just a manipulation didnt matter anymore, For some reason she started believing him.

Thoughts of running away from her work place started occupying her mind. ” i have to leave. I won’t stay close to him anymore” she whispered in her heart.

The following morning, Sali was the first to woke up. She walked to the bathroom and back just as Thandi was waking up.

” good morning Thandi” she greeted her.

” morning Sali” she responded yawning and stretching herself.

” Leticia and her husband are right” Mattie spoke from the pillow. She had slept on the other bed as they had two beds in that room.

” about what?” Thandi asked turning her sleepy face to her.

” about you doing modelling. Look at you Thandi, you have it all. That dark skin, the small curved body. Those ti*ts which seemed nit to grow any more from the time you were 15 are just what we see in those modelling girls and in some movies too” Mattie chuckled.

” look whose talking, you are beautiful too why haven’t you consodered it?” Thandi frowned throwing a pillow on Mattie.

” well, am not like you. I dont have those long stretched legs. Besides its you who got the offer, come on sweety take it already” she added seriously this time.

” she’s right you know, this is good for you” Sali joined in. ” i feel this is your chance to make it in life girl, wait, i know it is. Its not everyone who is picked by a millionaire and offered a job Thandi” she sighed.

” you both are forgetting one detail guys. Am not educated. How on earth do you think am going to fit in that modelling world. I can bet my english is below standard. Harold said its an application and who knows i might just fail to get in” she shrugged.

” hey hey, come on Thandiwe!” Mattie who was now fully awake sat up her night dress pulled up her thighs.

” remember who we are, we are the undisputed nothing will break us. We have come this far and we have to fight through till we reach our destinations in life. If i was in your shoes i would take a chance. Go out there, be optimistic and forget about your weaknesses. Use what you have my girl and shine! ” exclaimed Mattie now standing and taking some modelling steps in front of them.

” show the world that a girl child can pass through hell and walk back head held high. Your beauty and integrity displayed out there. See?” She smiled posing as Thandi and Sali laughed loudly.

” are you sure? I won’t make a fool out of myself out there? ” Thandi’s smile faded looking at Sali then Mattie.

” you will make it sweety, i know that for sure” Sali smiled patting her back.

” now if you won’t listen to me get it from our seer” Mattie shouted pointing at Sali.

” what a title!” Sali burst out laughing

” okey fine. I will tell Harold i will give it a shot. I pray you guys are right” Thandi smiled nodding her head.

” thats our girl! ” Mattie exclaimed.

” well now that my issue is solved, our dear Ms long hair here is in love with Mr Roberts Kelly, lets hear what is going on with our Seer” Thandi spoke sitting back leaning her back to the wall.

” thats right Sali. Tell us whats up with you. Like when did you start peeping into our pasts for example and what else has been going on out there” Mattie agreed.

Sali frowned looking at them both. ” i will but first…” she couldn’t finish her sentence and the girls laughed.

” first we find something to eat!” They screamed in unison and laughed loudly they held their mouths realising they were in a lodge and not their back yard.

” you are crazy, but yes food first. My big body is starving. I need strength to talk” Sali giggled

The girls took turns bathing as they talked about several other things.

” there’s first of all this guy who burns my skin whenever he touches me” Sali started making her friends stop in their steps as they walked out of the room.

” burns your skin? ” Thandi asked surprised.

” oh no, not that kind of burning come on dummy!” Sali laughed

” a good kind of burning.. hou know what i mean?” She skitted shaking her big body as she moved her shoulders.

” no we don’t! ” Thandi and Mattie shook their heads their eyes pooped out as they noticed a wide smile on their friend’s face.

” oh you still kids girls. What i mean is i like him a lot and i like it whenever i talk to him. And i feel some crazy things when he touches me” she expalined her hands going up and down

” wooooo! Sali eeheee?” Mattie chuckled looking at her. ” touching ka?” Thandi added laughing too.

” God, you two are a hand full. Come on, not what you thinking. Atleast among us here am still a virgin” Sali smiled widely.

” anyway it doesn’t matter because he’s not my type. Besides he is more like..” she paused

” like what?” Mattie asked impatiently

” he’s Mrs Numba’s son.. you know what i mean right?” She shrugged.

” Oh no, another forbidden man” Thandi shook her head.

” and who else is forbidden?” Mattie smirked knowingly.

” mmmmmm ” Thandi murmered teasingly as they walked out the lodge.

They found an open restaurant within town and sat down waiting for their orders to be served.

” anyways enough of men. I told you guys about my powers” Sali explained the details of what her mother told her.

By the time they finished catching up, it was past midday and the girls decided to go round doing some shopping.

Back at Kelly’s house, Mattie walked in the house coming to the sight of Kelly’s wife who was feeding her 2 years old girl.

” helo!” She greeted them.

” helo, Mattie” Kelly ‘s wife responded smiling.

” how are the girls? ” she asked as Mattie played with the baby’s hand.

” they are okey ” she responded and past her to go and place her hand bag into her room.

She looked around the place sighing deeply. Now it was clear what she wanted to do. She wasn’t going to stay and continue feeling the strange feelings for Kelly. His wife was a good person who she had come to like so much. His baby girl was adorable she grew so fond of her.

” oh my God, this is gonna be hard but i have to leave” she thought to herself.

She knew the idea wasnt going to be welcomed by the girls so she didnt tell them.

That night after she was done preparing dinner, she waited until Kelly ‘s wife left for her room leaving her husband in the living room watching some movie.

Mattie walked to him staring sternly at him before speaking.

” Excuse me”, she started

” what is it Mattie. I missed you by the way. I wanted to be with you last night you know” Kelly smiled seeing her.

” stop it Kelly am not here for your games” she faked a serious face.

” well, i always tell you the truth even though you never believe me my sweet Mattie” He shrugged

” well i am here to ask for some money” she answered instead.

” what for?” He asked

” well am not feeling well, and i haven’t felt like myself for the past days. I feel i need to go and see the doctor for some stomac check up: she lied knowing anything to do with the abortion will get Kelly’s attention.

” are you okey?, how are you feeling? ” he asked concerned.

” sometimes i feel some pains and remember the doctor said i ought to see him everytime there’s an issue with my stomac. Can you help me with something i go and see him tommorow?” She asked him.

” of course sweety. You know am not a monster. I want you well and beautiful like always. So how much do you need?” He asked

” i am not sure, you know how that doctor is with his charges plus i will need money for moving about too” she shrugged making a happy dance in her mind, he was falling for her trick.

” lets see, go to your room am coming” Kelly patted her shoulder as he stood to head to his bedroom.

A few minutes later he went to her room and handed her a stash of cash.

” here, there is 4 000 there, go and do the neediful and keep me updated okey” he held her hand. ” I will be with you when you feel better” he rubbed her cheeks.

” thank you i will do that.” Mattie smiled and Kelly looked at her face for some seconds and kissed her forehead before leaving.

” get well soon” he spoke from the door and disappeared.

Mattie sighed with relief, she removed her bag and started packing. What she had from her savings and the money Kelly just gave her was enough for her to start her living sonwwhere else and she made a mental note to tell Thandi and Sali when things were as she planned.

“Well Mattie. Your journey continues” she whispered to herself as she packed the last item and closed the zip to the bag.

She took the bag and placed it in the corner of the flowers where no one could see them until she waa ready to take off the following morning.

She silently went back inside locking the door and going to her bedroom. She felt sad with what she had to do but at the moment she felt her options were limited. She wasn’t going to live besides a man she had grown fond of despite everything he made her go through not to talk of him being another’s.


To be continued

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